Bosco, Will and Ruth

Voyeur Sex


It was a Tuesday night in January. My name is Anna Maria. My stage name is Bosco—because my skin is chocolaty smooth like the old chocolate syrup drink they used to sell in New Jersey. I’m a stripper. I currently dance at a place called Sky Dive near Chicago. My mom was Italian. My dad was black. I take after my mom in lots of ways. Mom raised me Catholic. I don’t go to Church much, but I still have those Catholic values. I was a Catholic School Girl for twelve grades. I respect people and always try to be nice to them. That’s what the nuns always taught us to do when I was in Catholic school. Be nice.

A guy came in to Sky Dive who I recognized from November. I’m good with names. The guy’s name is Will. He had a girl with him. Interesting. From across the room she looked cute and young. Maybe 5’4″. Easily D-cup boobs. Probably a size 8. Not fat, but not thin either. She was wearing a dress. Dark brunette. Longish hair. Pale white skin. Ok legs, but not really athletic, more curvy legs. I would have to hit on her. I got the vibe she liked girls—which is why she was at a strip club with Will. Not sure why I got the vibe. Her dress was black but not in a formal dress up way, more in a way for a girl who wears black all the time.

When I saw Will in the fall I was about two months into growing out my bush. I have a big bush when I let it grow. I hadn’t shaved or trimmed my pits or bush at all since then. I had a serious rain forest going. Will liked the bush last time. Oh—and Will had a cute little dick. I pulled my iPhone out of my purse. Last time Will was in, I a took a couple of pictures of his little dick with the bouncers big man dick. I made one of those pictures the wall paper on my phone for the night.

I was about to walk over to Will and date when it was my turn on stage. I was in my Catholic school girl costume. I usually do the first song fully clothed, but decided to change things up to give Will’s girlfriend a good show. I took my top off before the fist song. Made a point of showing my raging hairy pits to Will and his friend. As it was a Tuesday, there were only about 8 guys in the first row at the stage when I started. Will and the Girl came up to the stage for song two. Perfect.

I pulled off my skirt for song two. Full bush on display. That actually got the whole first row filled. I made sure to dance slowly so that everyone got a great eye full of black bush. Third song I did my usual money-maker. Spent most of the song on my back with my bush pushed in someone’s face. Will’s girl friend got the first look. I planted my butt squarely in front of her. I spread my legs. I kicked my legs behind the girl and pulled her face right up to my clit. She was a bit shocked but made no move to pull away. I gave the girl a long show. Most of the guys in the first row loved that I was dancer fucking the girl’s face. Lots of cash showered onto the stage.

I slid along the stage and did my bush and clit show for a few more guys before the song ended. I had $150 in başakşehir escort tips when I left the stage. The boys love when the stripper plays to a girl. Almost as good as a two girl show on stage.

I caught my breath in the dressing room before going for Will and his girl date. Chugged a bit of water. Taylor my good friend—she’s a red haired girl with a big unshaved bush— had the night off so I texted her that she was missing the fun. I sent her a picture of her with Will’s dick to remind her from the last time Will had been at the Sky Dive. She texted back a red bush picture and told me to use at as may be required to hook up with the girl.

I wandered out of the dressing room in search of game. One of the guys from the first row by the stage kind of grabbed my butt. I pulled away. They guy got a strong glare from a bouncer who took a step over. I waived the bouncer off. Never initiate contact with a dancer. You will get your arm broken.

I sat on the guy’s leg, felt up his crotch, and asked what he wanted. He had a monster dick. I guessed between 8 and 9 inches hard. I was getting wet. It was plainly beer can thick and worth a good fuck. He wanted a lap dance. I promised him a dance in a bit, could be an hour I warned I had stuff lined up in front of him. He promised to stick around. I rubbed his dick and promised to make it worth his while. I also warned him not to piss off the bouncers again. He laughed. I lifted my skirt and showed him my very aroused clit and bush. I told him that clitty liked him and his big dick. I left a huge wet spot on his jeans. I got his name before I left. Bob DeYoung. Seems like the big dicked guys are always named Bob. Who actually knows his real name.

I found Will and the girl at a table for two. I pulled a chair from another table and joined them. I ordered a dancer drink for me. I learned the girl’s name was Ruth. She had been a Will student in the fall at the Community College. One thing led to another and they thought going to a strip club would be a fun date. And they hadn’t fucked yet.

Of course they hadn’t fucked because Will’s dick is puny. Will won’t take his pants off in front of a potential girl friend.

Ruth is bisexual. Ruth confessed she’s shaved to within an inch of her life. She loved my big bush. She’s reconsidering the life of the razor. I don’t do relationship counseling. But I knew the truth. Will plainly wanted me to bust him for having a small dick in front of his new “friend.” I probed more. She never thought about dating an older guy until Will’s class. He seemed cute. Ruth is twenty-three.

Game on.

I told Ruth she needed a lap dance. Will handed her a wad of cash to pay the toll and I pulled Ruth back to the lap dance room. Ruth paid the bouncer and paid me. We went to my favorite spot in the back corner. I got naked. No reason to make Ruth wait. Song one I stuck a nipple in Ruth’s mouth. Bouncers paid no attention to what dancers did with girls. Ruth obliged and sucked on my nipple. kadıköy escort I whispered in Ruth’s ear that we could have a ton of fun in a private room. Ruth sucked harder. Song one was kind of short. DJ must not like whoever is dancing on stage. I flipped around and sat on Ruth’s leg. You have to be careful sitting on girls—they just aren’t as big and strong and most of the guys. I reached behind my back and pushed Ruths’ dress up to her waist. I reached in Ruth’s panties and found her clit. I stoked it a bit while I ground. Decided it would be easier to do this if I faced Ruth. I flipped around on Ruth’s leg. Faced her and started rubbing her clit some more. Ruth was into this. Second song was ok length. Start of the third song I stood Ruth up. I shocked her a bit when I slid her panties right off and tossed them onto my purse.

“I’m keeping those,” I said.

Ruth looked a bit lost. I sat Ruth back down spread her legs. This song I more aggressively finger fucked Ruth to the beat of the music. I took Ruth’s left hand—she had no idea what to do—and pulled it to my bush. My clit was at attention and I rubbed my clit with Ruth’s hand. Song ended too soon but Ruth’s leg was damp where I was sitting. I licked my fingers when I pulled them from Ruth’s cunt just as the song ended. Ruth tasted ok.

Ruth liked her lap dance. I put my clothes on and held Ruth’s hand as we walked back to the table with Will. I had another set on stage coming up. Suggested to Will and Ruth they consider the champagne room when I got off stage.

My three songs on stage were great fun. There were about fifteen guys in the front row crowded around the stage. I sensed some energy so I did all three songs nude. Every guy wanted a close up of my bush. They tipped well. DJ was trying out a 1970s classic song by Musique “In the Bush,” as my walk up music.

Not all bush is equal. If all of the girls at Sky Dive stopped shaving there would be some really good bush and some sparse lame bush and some barely there bush. Also for girls with small pussy lips, not me, too much bush hides the goodies. The Sky Dive owner was pretty smart to just have two of us with bush.

I took a breather for ten minutes in the dressing room after my turn on stage. Came out and asked Will and Ruth if they were ready for the champagne room. They were. Will paid the bartender for the room, tipped the bouncer, and tipped me $400 because there were two of them. I locked the door, not that it mattered. I shucked my clothes off and instructed Ruth to do the same. I told Ruth she was going to be my helper. She looked surprised but played along. I guessed Will had not seen her naked before. Wills eyes were about to burst from his head.

Ruth has huge breasts. Areola are big, very pink, hard to see from a distance in stripper world but a true delight up close. Small inny pink nipples. Fun to play with. Song one started and I started in on one of Ruth’s nipples. Will was sitting on the couch, but straining esenyurt escort bayan to see. Half way through the song I also started rubbing Ruth’s clit. She was wet.

Song two.

“Will its your turn.” I said.

“Already?” he asked. Will knew what I meant. I motioned him to stand and undid his belt and zipper. Pulled his pants down to his ankles.

Rush suppressed a laugh. Covered her mouth with her hand. Will was fully hard but really small. Will is not even 4 inches most days. Will had been through this before and just had a lost puppy dog look in his eyes.

I fondled Will.

“Its cute,” I said. “Ruth, come help me play.”

Ruth seemed frozen for a moment, but joined me. She wanted to laugh and cry. She touched Will’s cock with two fingers from her right hand. I played with Will’s balls and I reached around his butt and played with his ass crack with my other hand. I had a plan.

“Blow him,” I told Ruth. Ruth took direction well and got on her knees. She gobbled Will in an instant. Easy with 4 inches.

We were into song three. I encouraged Ruth to keep at it with Will. Will was holding out well. You could feel the tension in his body as he was on the edge of cumming. Will shook. I told Will to sit down. Will sat. I spread his legs and Ruth kept sucking. Finally Will came. Ruth drank all the cum. I gave Ruth a kiss and stuck my tongue in her mouth. I wanted a little taste.

Song four.

“On your knees Will, butt in the air.” I said.

Will complied.

“You’re going to rub his prostate, Ruth.” I said. I pulled some lube out of my purse. I lubed up Will’s butt hole and two of Ruth’s fingers. I told Ruth to push her hand in Will’s butt and fuck away. She did, right to the beat of the song. Will squirmed.

Song five. I told Ruth to keep fucking. I slid under her and tongued her pussy. Ruth was soaking wet. Ruth has a cute little clit and perfectly even pussy lips. They are not big like mine, but big enough to chew on just a bit. I sucked her lips then her clit.

Song six. Ruth came right as the song started. It was a hard cum and her whole body tensed. Will liked what was going on with his ass and there was a trickle of liquid from his dick. The song was ending and I told everyone we had to wind it up. I had wipes in my purse that I handed both Will and Ruth.

Folks got dressed. I whispered into Ruth’s ear that if she came into the club some night without Will, I was sure I could hook her up with a really big dick—and that I’d also love to give her a bunch of girl love. She giggled.

I took another break in the dressing room. Cleaned myself up a bit better. I did a quick walk around the club and I found Bob DeYoung and his big dick. Bob was just getting back to his table after doing a lap dance with a chunky big boobed girl named Lana.

Quick small talk with Bob and I told him I wanted him to take me home with him. Bob said he couldn’t because he had a wife at home. I told Bob I don’t mind the wife if she doesn’t mind me. Bob got a very naughty grin. Bob lives not to far away in South Holland, a Chicago suburb. I planning for retirement so I told Bob $500 since its him and the wife. Bob agreed. Bob and I were out the door at eleven heading to his house to play.

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