Voyeur Sex


Subject: Book 8:42 AM. I so wanted to sleep late. I didn’t get in until 2 AM this morning. I had the next three days off and I just wanted to chill, watch porn, jerk off, and do absolutely nothing for three days. My dick was so hard, I absentmindedly reached down an grabbed him with one hand and reached for my phone with the other. As I picked up the phone, it slipped out of my sleepy hand and fell to the floor. “Fuck!”, I moaned to myself as I let my body fall back into the bed while still holding onto my hardon. I seriously considered trying to go back to sleep; maybe, just maybe I could fall back into the dream with that gorgeous guy. As soon as I finished that thought, my phone went off again. So much for that idea I said to myself outload. I let go of my cock and through my legs over the side of the bed. I looked down at the floor to locate my phone. I stood up, took a step towards my phone, bent over, and picked it up. I glanced at the caller ID, it said Private Caller. Normally I do not answer my phone if I don’t know who it is, so I hit the ignore button, cussing out the caller to myself. I tossed my phone on the bed and went to pee. As I was standing at the toilet, peeing slowly because my dick was still half hard, I heard my phone ring again. “Who the fuck is this!”, I yelled. I stopped my stream and went to grab my phone. “What the fuck do you want?”, I yelled into the phone, expecting the caller to be someone trying to sell me something I don’t want or need. Initially, the response I got from the caller was a sort of gasp, and then I heard, “Booker! Is that anyway to answer the phone?” Suddenly I recognized the voice on the other end. “Kins, is that you?”, I asked totally surprised. “Where are you calling from?” I heard a bit of a giggle from the other end of the phone. “Yes, Book, it’s me. My phone died, so I’m using a land line from the office. Did I call at a bad time or something? Whatever made you answer the phone like that? That’s not you; you’re always so kind and respectful”. I took a deep breath before answering. “I’m sorry Kins. I got in late this morning and I’m still tired and a little exhausted. I just wanted to sleep-in this morning and I thought you were a robo or sales call. You woke me up. And you woke me up in the middle of a wonderful dream I was having with this gorgeous blonde guy. Besides, the caller ID said private caller. You know I usually don’t answer the phone unless I know who it is.” “Oh Book, I’m sorry I woke you up”, Kinsey replied. Trying to lighten the air a little, I took a silent, deep breath and said jokingly, “Yeah, well, you should be sorry Kins, the dream was just starting to get really good and you interrupted it. That wasn’t very nice of you. But, because I love you, I forgive you Kins.” “Thanks Book. I promise that I will never ruin another of your wet dreams again”, Kinsey said laughingly. “Pinky swear”, I insisted. “Pinky swear Book. I promise.” “Well, OK then. I forgive you girlfriend. So, what’s up?” I asked. “Book, I’m in a bit of a bind and I need your help. I know it’s last minute and I hate to ask, but I am out of options. “Are you and Tommy OK Kins?”, I asked somewhat concerned. “Oh yes, we are perfectly fine; nothing like that”. I took a sigh of relief and asked, “So what’s the problem?” “Well,” Kinsey said, “I have a serious situation in Miami. My Network Engineer there is out with Covid, apparently, he’s in hospital; I don’t know how sick he is. I was just informed that he has been hospitalized. The entire system went down yesterday morning and they are dead in the water; they can’t do anything. The remaining IT staff there have done everything they can think of to resolve the issue but so far, nothing has worked. There is no one else that I can send. I am already short-staffed, so, I have no choice but to fly out and handle it myself.” “Well that totally sucks Kins, but, what’s the problem?” I asked. “My problem is Tommy. I obviously can’t leave him home alone and I’m not going to take him with me.” It took me less than a nano-second to say, “That’s not a problem Kins. Tommy can stay with me. I have the next three days off. Problem solved.” This time, it was Kinsey taking a deep breath of relief. “Thank you so much Book. You are my hero.” I gave a slight giggle over the phone. “Come on Kins, you know how much I totally love and adore Tommy. I may not be his biological dad, but I love him as if he was my own son; you know that. I think of him as my son since I was there with you when you gave birth to him.” “I know Book. I know you think of him as your son. I know how much you love him, and he you. You are the only dad figure in his life. I just appreciate you stepping up considering this is such short notice. Well, actually, no notice really; my flight leaves today at 1:42 PM Book”. “No worries Kins; I’ll pick him up from school, go over to your place and pick up some of his things. He can stay with me until you get back. Easy-squeezy. I love the idea of having him all to myself.” Kinsey let out a little groan, “Oh Book! Promise me you will not overindulge him. I know how you guys are when you are together. You let him get away with murder. Have fun, yes, but don’t get carried away.” If Kinsey could see my face, she would have punched me. I had the biggest shit-eating grin on my face. “Kinsey, I assure you that I don’t know what you mean. When have I ever overindulged our boy? I swear you have such an imagination my dear friend.” “Bull-Dinky Book! You know exactly what I mean. Hey, I mean it, Book. Keep it down to a dull roar with him will you please”. Suddenly I was wide awake and totally stoked. “Kins, you have to learn to trust me. I promise, we will both be on our very best behavior. Don’t worry. We will both be just fine. We are going to have so much fun together.” “I love you Book. Thank you so much. I’m so glad and eternally grateful that Tommy and I have you in our lives.” I could feel the sincerity in Kinsey’s voice. “Me too Kins. You and Tommy are my family and I love you both immensely. I’d be lost in this world without you. Tommy and I will be just fine. Now, go to Miami and be their hero. Off you go and we will see you when you get back.” As I hung up the phone, I grabbed my now soft cock and gave it a little tug. It is now 9:14 AM. I was totally awake and totally excited about having Tommy for the next few days. I decided to jump in the shower and go to the market to get some of Tommy’s favorite foods and snacks. I made my way through the condo courtyard and noticed Graham, my neighbor next door, in the pool. I waved to him as I made my way down the sidewalk. şişli travesti “Book, you handsome hunk of man!” he exclaimed across the courtyard from the pool, “Come here for a second please” he continued as he waved me over to him. “Good morning, Graham” I said. “What’s up my friend?” I asked. “Pam is coming over for dinner tonight”, he said. I thought you might like to join us. She has been in Las Vegas for the last week or so. She arrived in town last night. She’s staying at The Abby downtown. I know she would love to see you.” “Oh Graham, thank you so much. You are right, I’d love to see her but I have Tommy, my God son, for the next few days. In fact, I am on my way to the market right now to fetch a few of his favorite foods and snacks.” “How nice Book. He is such a lovely boy. He is going to be an absolute knock-out when he gets older. He is already such a handsome boy. Why don’t you bring him with you? I’d love to see him.” I quickly gave Graham’s suggestion some thought. “I will let you know Graham. I’m picking him up from school this afternoon and will talk to him about it. When we get home, I will let you know straight away so you can make definite plans. Is that, OK?” “Oh yes, Book. That sounds fine. I won’t hold you then”. * * * * * * * * * * * When I returned from the market, I had about three hours before I had to pick Tommy up at school. I decided to run a few errands that I have been putting off for a while. I returned some Library books, had the car washed, filled up the tank, and dropped off some clothes that I never wear anymore to Revivals, a local thrift whose proceeds benefit people living with HIV and AIDS. My neighbor Graham, volunteers there Wednesday and Thursday. As I dropped off the two bags of clothes that sat on the floor of my closet for the last four weeks, I decided to pass through the store to see if there was anything I just had to have. I was just killing time until I had to pick up Tommy. As I ambled my way through the store, I spotted this cute blonde guy looking at jeans. I just got a quick profile view of him before he moved and I got a view of the back of his head. I suddenly felt the need to see him face on. I walked around to the end of his isle to get a better look at him. As I made my way into his isle, he turned away from me again and selected another pair of jeans from the rack. He turned towards me and held them up to look at blocking my view of his face. He is not making this easy for me. I don’t want to be obvious. As-of-yet he hasn’t even noticed me in the isle. He seems to be quite focused on the jeans. He placed the pair of jeans over his right arm and looked up. When he looked up, he caught me staring at him. I was rather embarrassed that he caught me looking at him, and felt a flush of heat in my face. So much for not being obvious. In less than a second, he gave me a slight smile, as if to say, Ha! Ha! I caught you looking. He nodded in my direction and his smile grew wider. He had the cutest dimples. I’m a total sucker for dimples. He took a couple of steps towards me. I was frozen in place. “Are you OK?” he asked. “You look a bit red in the face.” I looked at him and said, “I’m, I’m sorry. I did not mean to stare. You just look so familiar to me.” Then suddenly, it dawned on me, this guy looks like the guy in my dream this morning. Here he is in the flesh. He let out a slight giggle, I got the impression that he didn’t believe me and I was just giving him a line. He transferred the jeans hanging over his right arm, to his left, and offered his hand for me to shake. “Hi handsome”, he said, “My name is Brayson.” I gladly accepted his hand, and responded, “Nice to meet you, Brayson. My name is Andy, Andy Booker, but everyone calls me Book. I have lived here a long time Brayson; I haven’t seen you around before. Are you new to the area?” I asked. He squeezed my hand a little tighter and said, “Well, I just moved here from Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago, however, I have been coming out here for about 8 years now. When I decided to move here permanently, I applied for a job and fortunately, I got it. I was just thrilled over the top when I got the call. So, here I am.” I could sense that he has an interest in me and it made me feel more comfortable. “I am sorry for staring. I did not realize I was gawking at you like that. But, it’s your own fault for being so damn cute.” He pulled me in close to him and wrapped his arm across my back. I could feel the jeans dangling from his arm on my ass. He leaned in and whispered in my ear, “the feeling is mutual sexy. Are you single?” he asked. I was starting to chub up in my shorts so I took a step back and released his hand. I smiled and nodded my head yes. When I stepped back, he very quickly took a full body scan of me with his eyes. He looked back up at me and said, “You have such nice legs stud.” He then looked back down towards my crotch and smiled. I looked down and it was obvious that I was getting hard. He pulled his arm holding the jeans to the side so I could see his crotch, he too was sporting a growing bulge. I was very appreciative of the fact that no one else was in our isle to see us. I reached down and cupped my hand over my cock. He stepped over to me and replaced my hand with his and gave me a light squeeze. I reached over and did the same to him. How badly I wanted to drop to my knees and suck him off right there. Instead, I stepped away. I had to put a stop to this before my dick started to leak profusely in my shorts. I tend to leak a lot when I get hard. I always have. Suddenly I came back to reality. I checked the time and said, “I’m sorry Brayson, but I have to go. I have to pick up my son from school. I mean my God son. He is going to be staying with me for a few days while his mom is out-of-town on business. I’m so sorry, but I have to go.” Brayson suddenly looked like he got punched in the gut. “Wait! Wait! He exclaimed. I want to see you again!” He quickly pulled his phone out of his pocket and said, “Quick. What’s your number Book?” I stepped up to him and quickly gave him my cell number. “Call me” I said. “I will call you back as soon as I can. Don’t forget, I have my son with me for the next few days. I’ll call you back when I can. I promise Bray.” Brayson watched Book hurry out of the store trying to cover himself and conceal his extended bulge. Brayson noticed what a nice, tiny, little, round, ass Book had as he watched him leave. I can’t wait to eat that Brayson thought to himself. To give himself sufficient time for his own dick to calm down, he brought his attention back to the jeans beylikdüzü travesti rack. * * * * * * * * * * * Book pulled up and parked about two blocks from the school to avoid getting caught in the insane traffic when school lets out. The school has a U-shaped driveway for parents to pull thru and pick up their kids and it gets jammed so quickly. It’s complete insanity. As Book approached the school, he noticed several kids on the sidewalk already waiting on their respective rides. As he walked, he felt a distinctive wet spot in his shorts. He prayed that it wasn’t too obvious. As he approached the front steps of the school, he was delighted to be early. Tommy was no-where in sight. He decided to stand to the side and watch student after student come through the school doors. Some on their way to the school bus, others to the waiting cars in the driveway, and others to the street to walk home on their own. Book had not been waiting long before he saw Tommy come out the door. “Tommy” he yelled. “Tommy! Over here!” Tommy stopped in his tracks and looked in the direction from which he heard his name being called. He spotted Book standing there at the bottom of the school steps. “Uncle Book!” Tommy yelled out in excitement. Book held out his arms as Tommy ran to him and embraced him hard around the waist. “Uncle Book” Tommy said excitedly, “What are you doing here?” Book picked Tommy up into his arms and gave him a big hug. As Book put Tommy down, he said, “Your mom had to go out-of-town on a business emergency so she called me this morning and asked if I could pick you up from school today. She is going to be gone for a few days so you are going to be bunking with me for the next few days. Is that OK with you bud?” “For real Book” Tommy asked. Book placed his hand on Tommy’s head and said, “For real bud. We’re going to be roomies for the next few days if that’s OK with you. What do you say Tommy-boy, wanna be roomies for a while with your Uncle Book?” “Oh man! Sure, do Book!” Tommy replied enthusiastically. “Good. We’re going to have a lot of fun together. Just you and me Buddy. We can do whatever you want when you’re not in school. Sound like a good plan to you son?” Tommy shook his head excitedly and grabbed Book’s hand as they started off together towards the car. As they approached the sidewalk hand-in-hand, Book noticed a couple of kids Tommy’s age engaged in conversation standing on the sidewalk in front of the school. As they got closer, one of the boys said, “Hey Tommy! Is that your dad?” Tommy did not respond verbally, he looked up at Book and then returned his attention to the red headed boy who asked the question. “See you tomorrow, Paul.” Tommy said to the boy and pulled on Book’s hand to continue their walk to the car. Book did not say anything but secretly, took pleasure in the thought of the boy assuming that he was Tommy’s dad. Book unlocked the car with the remote and opened the door for Tommy to get in. Tommy had not said a single word since they left the boys standing on the sidewalk. Book could sense that Tommy’s wheels were turning around and around in the boy’s head. Tommy got in the car, and immediately grabbed for the seatbelt as Book closed the door. Book walked around and took his seat behind the wheel. He knew something was going on in Tommy’s head. Tommy was still holding the seatbelt in his hand just sitting there in the car. He had not buckled it yet. “Hey Bud, can I ask you a question?” Tommy looked up at Book and shook his head yes. “Are you OK son? I know something is troubling you, Tommy. I can feel it. You know that you can talk to me about anything right. I’m always going to be here for you Tommy. You know how much I love you right? You can talk to me about anything; no matter what it is, no matter how bad you think it is, no matter what the subject is, you can talk to me. Whatever we talk about stays between us. Just you and me. Just the two of us. I promise I won’t get mad, or angry, or think any less of you. So, what’s bothering you Buddy? What’s the problem? You can tell me.” Book never took his eyes off Tommy and he knew that the boy really wanted to tell him what he was feeling. Book pulled the car seat back from the steering wheel as far as it would go. He reached over and placed his hand on Tommy’s shoulder to comfort him. He waited patiently until the boy was ready to speak. Finally, after waiting for what seemed like hours to Book, Tommy blurted out “I wish you were my dad!” Book reached over the center console and pulled Tommy into his arms; Tommy’s legs extended across the seat. Book hugged him tightly as Tommy started to weep silently. “Oh Tommy, I love you so much my boy. I love you more than anything else on this planet.” Book started kissing Tommy on the side of his neck to comfort the boy. Tommy clung to Book and crawled over the console and straddled Book’s lap. He buried his face in Book’s neck and continued to sob. Book wrapped his arms around Tommy’s waist, held him tight, and let the boy silently sob to expend his emotional energy. After a few seconds, Book started to caress Tommy’s back to calm him, whispering in his ear, “It’s OK son. Everything is going to be OK. I promise you baby boy. “Shhh, Shhh,” Book calmly repeated in Tommy’s ear as he lightly stroked the back of Tommy’s head. Book could feel Tommy’s body start to loosen up. The sobbing started to subside and his breathing became normalized. Book continued to caress Tommy’s back lovingly. He could feel the tension in the boy’s body start to fade. “Hey Buddy”, Book said. “Look at me.” Tommy lifted his head out of Books neck, and sat back up. Book took Tommy’s face in his hands and looked him directly in the eyes. He wiped the tears from Tommy’s face and said, “I wish you were my son Tommy. I would be so honored if you were my son. But you know what, I already think of you as my son. In my head, you are my son Tommy. So, in a way, I am your dad. Suddenly, Tommy’s face was all smiles and happiness. “Really Book? You think of me as your son? Really? Book squeezed Tommy’s face and kissed him right on the lips. “You bet I do son. No lie. I think of you as my son. In my head, you are my son. I love you like a son. You’re my son Tommy.” Tommy started to wiggle and rock back and forth on Book’s lap as the boy repeatedly kissed him on the lips over, and over again. Book was taken a little by surprise but let Tommy continue. “You’re my dad, Book. You’re my dad” Tommy exclaimed between kisses. After several seconds of Tommy kissing Book repeatedly, Book grabbed Tommy by the head, held him back, and proclaimed, “I’m your dad Tommy!” istanbul travesti and kissed him smack dab on the lips and hugged the boy tightly in his arms. Tommy hugged him back as they savored the love and feeling between them. Tommy extracted himself from Book’s arms and sat back into Book’s lap. Tommy was looking at Book intently. “Book” Tommy asked, “Can I call you dad now?” Book’s heart nearly exploded in his chest. He was so moved by Tommy’s question. “I would absolutely love that, Tommy. I would be proud as a peacock to have you call me dad. But we need to talk to your mom about that first.” Book could feel Tommy’s disappointment. “How about this bud, you can call me dad at least until your mom gets home. We have to make sure that it’s OK with your mom. Does that sound OK with you?” Tommy looked Book in the eyes and said, “Well, OK if we have to. But honestly, Book, I don’t understand why mom would object. Especially since you call me son all the time; even in front of mom you call me son sometimes. If you can call me son, I should be able to call you dad. That’s fair Book. Don’t you think?” Tommy questioned. Book brushed the hair from Tommy’s face and kissed him. “I agree my boy. But this is just something that adults have to do. It’s kind of an adult rule that sometimes may not make much sense but we have to do it anyway. But, think about this as a compromise just for now, as long as we are together, if it’s just you and me, and no one else, you can call me dad.” Tommy’s face lit up with joy and he kissed Book hard with excitement. Book hugged him tightly. “Deal, dad. That’s a deal.” They continued to hug and giggle in each other arms for a while. Book loved seeing Tommy so happy squirming around in his lap. Book realized that he was suddenly feeling a rumble in his shorts. “What the fuck” he yelled at himself in his head. This is turning me on. Really? You sick fuck. You’re getting turned on by a 10-year-old boy. How sick is that?” Without warning, Tommy suddenly lifted himself off Book’s lap, looked down and cupped his hand over Book’s crotch. “Dad, your pecker is getting hard!” he said rather factually. Book was completely at a loss. He did not know what to do or what to say. “It’s OK dad”, Tommy said, “Mine is too. See.” Tommy reached down with both hands and grabbed his crotch to show that his pecker was hard. “See dad, my pecker is hard too. Feel it.” Tommy took Book’s hand and placed it on his crotch. Feel it dad. It’s hard.” For some reason, Book could not resist giving Tommy’s hardon a little squeeze. He thoroughly enjoyed feeling the boy’s hardon trough the fabric. Suddenly, Book was OK with it. Tommy certainly seemed to be enjoying it. “Hey Bud, we better get going don’t you think? Besides, I have to pee really bad.” Tommy scooted over to the passenger side, settled into the seat, and buckled up. Book adjusted his seat to the driving position, buckled up, and started the car. He looked over at Tommy and said, “Ready Bud?” Tommy nodded his head and said, “I have to pee too dad. That’s probably why our peckers are hard. It’s happened to me before.” As Book pulled away from the curb, he felt a little moisture in his shorts. “Great, I’m leaking again” he said to himself. On the way back to Tommy’s house, Book told the boy about his phone conversation with his mom that morning. He also talked to Tommy about Graham’s invitation to dinner. They were going to stop and get plenty of clothes for Tommy for the next few days and then go back to Book’s place. Book also told Tommy that he didn’t have to work for the next three days so they were free to do what they wanted after Tommy got out of school. Book pulled into the driveway and turned off the car. “OK son, before we put your things together, I have got to pee” Book said to Tommy as they both exited the car. Tommy threw his backpack over his right shoulder as they made their way to the front of the house. Book unlocked the front door with his key and they entered the house. Tommy sat his backpack down on the tiled floor, grabbed Book by the hand, and pulled him towards the bathroom close by. “What up Bud?” Book asked Tommy. “I have to pee too dad.” He said, leading the way to the bathroom. As Tommy stepped into the bathroom, he flipped on the light switch and the room illuminated. He walked over to the toilet, lifted the lid, and turned to face Book, still standing in the doorway. “Come on dad” Tommy said. “I thought that you had to pee. We can pee together.” Tommy said, and proceeded to unbutton his shorts. Tommy’s shorts fell to the floor leaving him standing there at the toilet is just his tighty-whities. Book couldn’t help but notice the boy’s firm, little round, butt, and the slight bulge in the front of his undies. Tommy looked over at Book and waited. “Come on Dad” Tommy said. Book was at a crossroads here. Does he walk over and pee with the boy or not. It took him a millisecond to fathom all of the possible options and outcomes. He walked over to Tommy, looked down at him, smiled, and pulled the front of his shorts down releasing his cock. Tommy smiled up at him and did exactly the same as Book did to the letter. Tommy’s stream started first, as soon as Book heard the stream hit the water in the bowl, Book’s stream started to flow. It hit the water loud and hard. Tommy started to giggle. “Wow dad, that’s a lot of pee.” Tommy started to sway back and forth crossing their streams. As Tommy’s stream came to an end, he gave a couple of final squirts and shook the last drops off. Book continued to pee. Tommy stood there, his pecker still in his hand, completely focused on Book. Booked looked down and noticed that Tommy was running his finger around and across the tip of his cock, but completely focused on Book’s cock. Book couldn’t help but smile as he observed Tommy. He never took his eyes off Book’s cock until Book stopped peeing. Book reached over and took a piece of toilet paper off the roll and dabbed his cock dry. Tommy did not miss a single thing. He was watching Book intently. “Hey Buddy, are you done?” Book asked Tommy. Tommy took his eyes off Book’s cock, looked up at Book and shook his head. “Dad, are you supposed to dry your pecker off after you pee?” Tommy asked. “Mom never told me that.” Book let his hands drop to his side. Book looked down at Tommy and said, “Well, I don’t think that it’s a formal rule or anything, but I like to do it because it keeps your pecker clean, and you don’t leak so much after you pee. I always like to keep my pecker and my butt as clean as possible. I think that is very important.” Tommy didn’t say a word. He simply looked at Book and shook his head in understanding. “Ready to pack up Buddy?” Book asked. Again, Tommy nodded his head in silence. “Good man” Book said. “Let’s put our peckers back in our pants and pick out some clothes for you for the next few days.” * * * * * * * * * * *

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