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Subject: Bear ‘Tweets’ (Boat’n Rob (5) These are semi fictional tales of connections with some of the hottest hairy men I have ever met. All are online meet ups and chats with guys I found on ‘Twitter’. Some are pure fiction and some are based off true connections I have had. All these men are gay, or at least bisexual and ooze male sexuality. As some takes are only fiction. I would not assume they would ever wish to hook up with me. But to those that i have had the ‘pleasure’. Kisses my hot bear hunks. Bear ‘Tweets’ (Boat’n Rob (5) … Yes Rob was now sucking me off. After I had given him a nice blow job. He was now on his knees before me with my dick in his mouth. And it was good. Very very good. The big burly bear knew how to suck dick. Slurping up and down my hard dick like the best cock sucker on the planet. And his sounds were that of someone that was very hungry for dick. Slurping heavily on my raging dick. And I moaned in delight of this bears expertise on dick “Fuck. Yess dady. Hmmf” I moaned “Feels so good Rob” “Soo good!” And Rob sucked on my dick for a bit. Getting my cock raging for more fun. Then as he sucked me off, he paused and spit on his hand. Then he went back down on my dick. But as he did he brought his hand down between my legs. Then he moved bursa escort under my balls and found my hole. And then as Rob sucked me off he pushed a finger into my ass. I moaned as I felt penetration. And then he just slid in and out of me. Fucking me as he kept sucking on my dick. And I moaning as he did. “Suck daddy, suck!” I crowed And he did suck me. Oh soo well. And I wanted it not to end. But just as I was really getting in to it he pulled off my dick and then pulled his fingers out of my hole. He had pushed in a second one just before leaving me. Then Rob spun me around and went at my ass. Pushing me over to bending down for him. Then the bug bear shoved his face between my ass cheeks. Going for my hole. He then proceeded to eat our my ass. Again causing me to groan in the intense pleasure he was giving me. “Ohh shit!” I cried “Ohh shit. Rob!” “Rob. Eat my hole up stud. Eat!” He was shoving his tongue at my ass. Flicking it across the edge of the butt ring, then pushing at my hole with the tip. It was so Goddamn good. And I didn’t want this to stop now. Rob again gabe me crazy pleasure as he slopped up my hole for what i knew was about to come. I was gonna get a nice bear fucking. Then he pulled off my ass and stood up behind me. The big hunk of hairy bursa escort bayan man stood there holding his hard dick in hand. Then he came up close and started to rub that cock over my ass crack and hole. Wetting it down woth spit as he rubbed it to my ass. “Now” he then huffed And that was when he thrust into me. Rob pushed his granite hard dick into my ass. I grunted as the bar pushed it all in. Every meaty inch of his cock. “Ughnn fuckk!” I grunted “Its in man. Its in” Rob just sighed s he held his cock in me. Letting me get used to him and him to me. That cock was just perfectly fitting my happy bowels. And I cooed back at him. Letting him know that it was great to have hus dick inside me. And Rob then pulled back some ince he felt all was great in my ass. That I was loose enough for sex. And so he began to fuck me. There out on the water on his boat. He then started to do just that. Fuck me. Slowly at first as Rob gave my ass the humping that I wanted. Driving all his sturdy cock into me. And he feeling my ass as I pulled at his dick in return for this. “Yes boy. Yess!” He moaned “Such a nice hole you have” “So damned nice” And he just continued to fuck me. Giving me his bear cock as I held to the seat there on the boat. Holding myself to his dick escort bursa as it pushed in and out of me. And it was great. Oh so great to have him do this. So I begged for more. I begged Rob to speed up and five me more. He replied with action and did speed up. Grasping at my sides as he thrust faster. Grunting more as he did. “Yes. Oh yes” he moaned “Have been wanting this ass since I first saw you” “Yes, yes. Oh yes” And soon Rob was pumping faster and faster. And soon he was breathing heavier. He was gonna blow. Of this is knew. And he was gonna give me his bear cum. So I urged him on to do so. I wanted his bear breeding. I wanted to belong to the hunk of man. “Yes daddy. Oh fuck yess!” I shouted “Do it. Five it to me good” Then the big hulking bear came. I felt his body tense up behind me. Like a frozen ball of fur behind me. Then he growled out like a bear might. A deep baritone growl. And then he blew. I felt each and every shot as he grunted out his dump. Each grunt out for each shot until he was done. Then Rob pulled out and sighed a heavy sigh. Saying that that was great fun. And it was. I sure enjoyed it as well. Turning around and making out with the bear. “Great fun indeed” I replied We spent several more hours on the water. Moving down and back up towards more populated parts. Then going to the beach later on. Just enjoying one another’s company. Then heading back to his place later for more sex. And this boating thing with the hunky bear Rob became a regular thing to do…. The End

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