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Subject: Billy and Dennis 1 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. Please send comments to ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill BILLY AND DENNIS Chapter 1 Billy Kennedy was popular among the kids at school, being friendly and good at sports. He was academically bright and well-behaved so the teachers liked him too. Away from school, Billy was a bit of a loner. Fourteen year old Billy lived with his elderly parents on the edge of town. His brother and sister, both in their late twenties, had moved to the big city for work so it was just him and his parents at home. Most of his neighbours were elderly, having bought their homes at the same time as his parents. Billy was happy on his own. He had a lot of friends at school but none that he wanted to hang out with away from school. It was a sunny day in late August when Dennis entered Billy’s life. He had returned home from an afternoon visit to the town centre swimming pool to find a stranger unloading boxes from a van parked next door. “What’s happening next door, Mum?” he asked when he went inside after putting away his bicycle. Susan Kennedy looked over the top of her glasses. “You mean the young man with the van? That is Mrs Johnson’s nephew, Dennis. He is moving in with her until he gets a place of his own,” she replied. “Maybe you’d like to give him a hand. He seems to have a lot of stuff.” “Yeah, okay,” said Billy. He knew that elderly Mrs Johnson wasn’t fit enough to help carry boxes. Billy was slightly nervous as he went next door. The man had his back to him as he approached the van. “Hi,” Billy called out. The man turned around and smiled at the teenager. “I’m Billy and I understand we’re going to be neighbours.” “Hi Billy. Good to meet you.” The man held out his hand. “I’m Dennis.” The pair surreptitiously checked each other out as they shook hands. Dennis, dressed in jeans and an open-necked shirt with the sleeves rolled up, stood 180 cm (5ft 11in) tall. He had dark hair, brown eyes and a winning smile. Billy guessed that the man was in his mid-twenties and found him very attractive. Billy was a slim 170 cm (5ft 7in) and wore a white polo-shirt with khaki-coloured shorts that showed off a few inches of his thighs. He had blue eyes and floppy blond hair and Dennis thought he looked angelic. Neither seemed to want to let go but eventually Dennis pulled his hand away. “I don’t know how long I’ll be living here but, yes, we’ll be neighbours for a while.” “Can I give you a hand?” Billy asked. “Help you move stuff, I mean.” “If you don’t mind, that would be great,” said Dennis. “I want to return this rental van later today.” “It’s no problem,” responded Billy. “Just tell me where you want me to put the boxes.” The pair worked hard over the next ninety minutes. Most of the boxes went into store in the garage and Dennis apologised for having so many books. “I enjoy reading too,” Billy said with a smile. They chatted about books and their favourite movies as they worked. Later, when helping Dennis carry some stuff into his new bedroom, Billy noticed the guitar lying on the bed. “Hey, I have a guitar too. Do you play much?” “Whenever I have the time. It’s relaxing,” replied Dennis. “Ever play with anybody?” Billy shook his head. “No. Do you think we could play together?” Then he quickly apologised. “Sorry. That was stupid. You wouldn’t want to hang around with someone as young as me.” “Hey, don’t put yourself down,” said Dennis. “You’re not stupid. You are an interesting young man and I am enjoying getting to know you. I’d love to play guitar with you.” Billy blushed slightly as he smiled at Dennis. “Thanks.” He looked around the room and saw what looked like a cello case in the corner. “Do you have a cello?” Dennis nodded shyly. “Yes. I only started playing a few years ago. The first instrument I learned to play was the piano. How about you? Do you play another instrument?” Billy nodded. “The violin a bit. Well, sort of. I’m taking lessons.” “That’s great. uşak escort We will be able to put on concerts together,” said Dennis. “Concerts? I don’t know about that. Way out of my league.” Billy laughed. “I think we’re about finished so let’s go downstairs and have a refreshing drink before I take the van back.” Dennis led the way to the kitchen. Mrs Johnson was in the kitchen and she gave Billy a hug before pouring glasses of iced lemonade. “You’re such a good boy,” she said. “So nice of you to help Dennis. He’s my late husband’s only nephew and I am very happy to have him living with me for a while.” “I’ll still come and see you when I’ve got my own place, Aunt Rose,” smiled Dennis. “Apart from you, I have my new friend to visit,” he said as he playfully slapped Billy’s shoulder. Billy blushed again but he was delighted to have this older man refer to him as a friend. He was sorry when the time came for them to part. “What are your plans for tomorrow, Billy?” Dennis asked. “I don’t really have any plans. I might go swimming again in the afternoon,” Billy replied. “Would you mind if I came swimming with you?” asked Dennis. “I have over a week until I start my new job and I don’t have any other friends in the area.” Billy smiled. “Of course I don’t mind! I don’t have any other mates around here either and I’d love to have your company. I’ll come over about two. Okay?” “That would be good.” Dennis patted Billy on the back. “Well, I’d better get this van back. See you tomorrow, Billy.” Billy watched the man get in the van and waved him off. He smiled to himself as he went home. *** “What a hottie,” Dennis said to himself as he thought about Billy. “He’s too young to get involved with but he’s going to provide plenty of wanking material. And I’ll get to see his body tomorrow. I do hope he’s not one of those boys who wears baggy swim shorts.” Billy’s thoughts were more innocent, at least until he was lying in bed that night. He was happy at having a neighbour a bit closer to his own age, even if it was only temporary. “A friend, he called me. Could I really have a friend so much older than me?” Billy said to himself. “I never really thought about his age when we were chatting so perhaps it isn’t important.” He closed his eyes and pictured Dennis’s smiling face. “He’s very handsome,” he thought. His right hand found his cock and he started playing with it. “He looked pretty fit too. It will be good to see him in nothing but swim briefs tomorrow. I wonder if he has a big cock.” Billy had no sexual experience with anyone else but it didn’t take him long to spunk off thinking about seeing Dennis naked. *** “Are you enjoying the school holidays, Billy?” Dennis asked as he drove to the swimming pool. “Yeah. My parents took me to the South of France for two weeks at the beginning of July and that was great fun,” replied Billy. “And I stayed with my older brother and his wife in the city for a week.” “There doesn’t seem to be many teenagers where we live. Don’t you miss your school friends?” Dennis was curious. Billy shook his head. “I get along on my own mostly. How about you? Do you miss your old friends?” “A couple of them maybe,” replied Dennis. “Nice to make new friends though.” He smiled and patted Billy’s thigh. “Take the next left for the swimming pool. You’ll see a sign for the car park,” said Billy. A short time later they were inside and Billy directed Dennis to the changing area. It was quite busy but they found cubicles and both emerged wearing speedos. Billy couldn’t help staring at the sizeable bulge in Dennis’s black speedos. His eyes slowly moved upwards, over the six pack to a well-defined, lightly-haired chest. He blushed when he saw Dennis smiling at him. “Shit! He saw me checking him out,” Billy said to himself. “It might just be boyish curiosity but he seems interested,” Dennis said to himself. “He looks great though. A nice swimmer’s build with good muscle definition for a young teenager. A lovely little bulge too.” “This way to the pool,” said Billy. Dennis had to stifle a groan when he saw Billy from the rear. His blue speedos van escort were stretched across the best bubble butt he’d seen in a long time. “I must try to get a photo or two of him,” Dennis thought. The pool was pretty crowded with lots of school-age children and a handful of adults. “It’s not usually this busy,” Billy said. “We can get some exercise but I can’t challenge you to a race.” “You think you could beat me?” Dennis grinned. “Maybe. I’m pretty fast.” Billy smiled back. He dived into the water and Dennis quickly followed. “That was fun,” Dennis said as they left the pool almost an hour later. “Yeah, it was.” Billy smiled. “Better than when I’m on my own.” Dennis smiled and put an arm around Billy’s shoulders. “Good,” he said. As they approached the lockers, he added, “You must let me take a photo to remind me of this special day.” Billy felt a bit self-conscious posing for a photo in the changing area. “One more,” said Dennis, moving so that he had a view which captured the shape of the teenager’s buttocks. “And another one.” “Let me take one of you,” Billy said. He held out his hand for Dennis’s mobile phone. “I’ll give you my email address and you can send it to me.” “Sure,” Dennis said as he passed over his phone. “You don’t have a smartphone?” “No, just a very basic mobile. I’m not really into electronic gadgets. Now smile.” Billy wanted to zoom in on Dennis’s crotch but he made do with a shot of his hunky neighbour from the knees upwards. “I’m going to be wanking off over this picture many times,” he said to himself. The pair showered and changed in separate cubicles and then Dennis suggested visiting the cafeteria, saying, “I could do with a coffee.” Billy decided to have an orange juice rather than a hot drink. As he sat down at the table opposite Dennis, he said, “Thanks for this. I’m usually quite happy on my own but being with you today was so much better. You really don’t mind the age difference?” “How old are you?” Dennis asked. “Fourteen. I thought you knew,” replied Billy. Dennis shook his head. “My aunt never said. I would have guessed at least fifteen.” “Really?” Billy was happy and it showed. “How old are you?” “Twenty-eight. Ancient, right?” Dennis laughed. Billy grinned and shook his head. “My Dad is 64. That’s ancient. I thought you were about 25.” “I’m flattered,” said Dennis. He smiled at Billy and said, “What are we doing tomorrow?” Billy swallowed. “You want to hang out with me again?” “Yeah, if that’s okay with you,” replied Dennis. “If you’re busy though…” “No, no. I haven’t really… What would you like to do?” Billy wasn’t sure how to respond but he was delighted at the thought of spending more time with Dennis. “I would like to explore every inch of your body and then fuck your brains out,” Dennis said – but only in his mind. To Billy, he said, “The forecast is for another hot, sunny day. Maybe we could go for a hike.” Billy nodded. “We could go through the woods behind our houses and then into the hills. I know this little lake where we could swim and have a picnic.” “That sounds perfect. If you are going to be my guide, I will organise the picnic,” said Dennis. Billy smiled. “I’m looking forward to it. Now you can make a note of my email address. I want you to send me your photo as soon as we get back.” “Okay, boss.” Dennis smiled back at the teen. *** Dennis was very happy with the photos he had taken of Billy. His cock stiffened as he looked at them on his computer screen. “I hope there’s nobody else at that lake tomorrow. I might get a glimpse of what lies underneath those speedos.” He typed a short email : Hey Billy. I had a really great time this afternoon and I hope you weren’t too bored hanging out with an old man like me. Here is the photo you took of me, plus the photos of a sexy teenager. See you tomorrow at 10am. He hit the `send’ button and then immediately regretted referring to Billy as sexy. Then he shrugged and thought, “It might scare him off but if it doesn’t it might indicate that he is interested in me.” Dennis was about to log off his computer when a `ping’ announced yalova escort the arrival of an email. It was from his old friend and former lover Rick. Dennis had lost his virginity to Rick when he wasn’t much older than Billy. He opened the email and smiled as he read it. He typed a quick reply and attached a photo of Billy in his blue speedos. *** A short distance away, Billy was pleased to see that an email had arrived from Dennis. He opened it and saw that there were four attachments – three photos of him and one of Dennis. He smiled as he started reading the email but his mouth fell open when he saw the word `sexy.’ His hand automatically dropped to his cock as he stared at the screen. “Does he really think I’m sexy? Maybe he is teasing me,” he said to himself. He opened the photos and looked closely at the ones of himself first. Some of the neighbours calling him cute. The word `pretty’ was even used when he was younger. He enlarged the photos and saw that the outline of his cock could be seen in his speedos. “Is that why he called me sexy? Or does he think I am hot?” Billy shook his head and moved on to the photo of Dennis. He stared at it for a moment then enlarged it to examine Dennis more closely. “Nice eyes, great smile, a really masculine body and powerful thighs. Now let’s look at the best bit,” Billy murmured. He increased the zoom and focussed on the bulge in the black speedos. “Pity it’s not possible to see a clear outline of his cock or his balls but that is an impressive bulge. He’s definitely well-hung.” After re-positioning the photo so that it just filled the computer screen, Billy whipped out his cock and began wanking. It only took a couple of minutes before he started shooting off. He moved quickly to catch it in his hand and then licked it off while gazing at Dennis on the screen in front of him. “Does yours taste the same, Dennis? I want to find out.” *** Dennis couldn’t help feeling a little nervous when he saw that Billy had replied to his email. “Hey Dennis! I guess I must like older men because I enjoyed your company this afternoon. Thanks for the photos but in my opinion you are the sexy one. Maybe I can take another photo of you tomorrow to check. Hugs, Billy.” “That sounds promising!” Dennis thought. He hit the reply button and started typing. “Dear Billy, You can take more photos of me if I can take more of you. I am looking forward to seeing more of you. *wink emoji* Hugs, Dennis. He had just sent the email to Billy when another email arrived from Rick. “Okay, Dennis. I can see why you’re not missing me! That boy is gorgeous,” Rick wrote. “Be careful and don’t make a move until you are totally sure that he wants it. And go slowly.” Dennis sat back and thought about how Rick had taught him all about sex. He had been a kind, gentle lover and the day that Rick finally took his virginity was one he’d always look back on with pleasure. “Wise words. If Billy is interested in sex with me – and I’m still not totally certain that he is – I will definitely go slowly. I don’t want to scare him off. Hmm, I wonder if he has ever had his dick sucked.” Then he squeezed his hard cock as he thought about Billy’s lovely butt. “I bet he’s really tight,” he said to himself. *** Billy read and re-read Dennis’s second email. “He wants to see more of me. Does he mean he wants to see more photos of me or does he want to see more of my body?” After another wank thinking about being naked with Dennis, Billy went downstairs and spent the rest of the day with his parents. Later, when he was in bed, Billy wondered what might happen on the hike with Dennis. He knew he wouldn’t have the courage to bring up the subject of sex or his attraction to the man. In the end, he thought it might be best to show Dennis that he was interested in him rather than trying to put it into words. “But how? I got really embarrassed when he caught me looking at his body at the swimming pool. Maybe I could get him to make the first move.” Billy smiled when he came up with a plan. “I will `accidentally’ forget to take my speedos and let him suggest we go skinny-dipping. That way I could get to see him naked.” Billy didn’t think about what might happen when they were both naked but he was turned on by the thought. Trying to picture Dennis standing naked with an erect cock, Billy wanked off once more. To be continued

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