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Subject: Basement Session If there’s any reason you shouldn’t be reading this, don’t. If you are offended by this type of content, find another story that might prove more agreeable. ~~ This is my second story and I know it runs on in a few places but I was trying to get background information in before I dove into the sex. If you’re wondering, no this isn’t a true accounting of any events just a dream I had few days ago fleshed out a little. I plan on making at least two chapters but it might grow past that, so keep an eye out. Remember fty needs your donations to stay alive! Feedback and requests to: ail Bb, Anal, Oral, Bullying, Light Bondage, Rimming, Dirty Talk All the air rushed out of co’s lungs as something slammed into his stomach. Gritting his teeth, he tried to bring air in but his clenched stomach muscles were making it difficult. He could hear cruel laughter above him and brought his eyes to see his long time bully Will standing above him. He blinked away tears not wanting this encounter to last longer than it had to. “What’s wrong cky boy? Something you ate not agreeing with you?” co gasped raggedly knowing that it would be over quicker if Will knew he’s hurt him. “Awe, it’s rude not to answer when someone asks you a question.” One of his lackeys said putting his foot on co’s shoulder and pushing him over. The bullies laughed as co tumbled easily and walked on to wreak havoc on some other poor soul. Having been subjected to such treatment for so long, co recovered fairly quick, taking air into his lungs in short bursts instead of panicking and trying drag it all in at once. That would only make it harder. Slowly his stomach muscles uncoiled and he was able to pick himself off the floor. As always, none of the teachers or monitors were around to see the abuse. co made his way to his next class ignoring all the looks he got. ~~~ As he was getting ready to head home, co received a message. “Study session at my place. Don’t be late.” co’s heart fluttered as he hurriedly loaded up his backpack and rushed out of the school as quickly as possible without looking too excited. The driveway was empty when he arrived at the house so he let himself in with the key he’d been given three years ago. co made his way downstairs to the basement bedroom to find it empty. Knowing what needed to be done before He go there, co cleaned the room, putting everything where it belonged from memory before vacuuming the carpet. He even lit one of the vanilla scented candles He liked so much for good measure. When he was done, co ran to the small bathroom and stripped. Neatly folding his clothes and laying them in the basket that was always there for him, co checked himself out in the mirror. His black hair was cut short and brushed into perfect waves. His dark eyes looked bright and excited bringing out the spark of gold in the top right corner his left eye. Heterochomia the doctors called it. His nose was slightly too wide and his two front teeth were bucked slightly. His chocolate brown was flawless having never seen a pimple in his 13 years. His nipples were a little larger than most boys his age and were sensitive, quick to pop up with little stimulation. His stomach was flat but there was no sign of any muscle beneath them since he would rather sit and read than run around with the other boys his age. His ass was pretty plump though not as big as the girls in his class, it made some of his classmates take notice. His cock was a proud six inches and about as thick as two of his fingers. He’s shaved all the hair escort bayan around his cock and on his kiwi sized balls. Nodding at his reflection, co reached into the basket where his clothes were and pulled the blindfold from under them. It was a black thing with slut emblazoned on the front it loopy writing. Walking to his spot by the arm chair, co put th blindfold on and waited. He used to get fidgety when he had to sit still and wait but, he’d been able to find a sort of Zen after a while. He wasn’t really focused on anything and just kind of let himself exist. Time seemed to fly by for him. Once He didn’t come home for almost three hours and to co it seemed like nothing. He might have just thought they’d had a particularly long session had he not been sent home immediately after His arrival. His cousins were visiting and He didn’t have time to play with co that day. co’s ears perked as he heard a door open and footsteps above him. When the basement door didn’t open he almost passed it off as someone else coming home. He was about to go back into his trance when someone smacked him in the back of the head. “You left the door open dipshit. Or were you hoping my dad would come home and see?” Will sneered. “Bet that’s what you fucking wanted. You get off on the thought of real men seeing you in such a pathetic position don’t you?” “Y-yes sir.” co said meekly. He was sure he’d closed the door behind him, but maybe in his excitement, he’d forgotten. It had been almost three weeks since their last session. “I love real men getting off to my pathetic body.” Though he couldn’t currently see it, co had always admired Will’s body. He had been lifting weights since he was 12 only two years later, the results were showing! His arms and legs were toned to the max. Every muscle was on display and Will just loved to flex when he had an audience. Where as co’s stomach was just flat, Will was sporting a six pack with muscles so hard, they were like stones under his deep brown skin. His eyes were dark and alert always assessing everything around him. His hair laid in a single braid that ran down between his shoulder blades, and his teeth were perfectly straight making him look like the perfect specimen of an alpha male. co also knew Will loved it when he degraded himself for Will’s pleasure. co heard Will moving around the room and his mind couldn’t help but pull up images of his bully undressing. His ears strained as he tried to track the movement without moving himself. He heard shoes being kicked off and then he heard Will plop onto the small couch in front of his TV. It clicked on and co heard the beep of Will’s PS4 booting up. He almost made a sound of desperation wondering if Will would just leave him kneeling on the floor today. He’d done it a few times before. Had co kneel on the floor while he gamed or did homework and then sent him home with aching balls. After a few minutes Will called for him. “Get over here and lick my feet fag.” co crawled to the couch from memory until he found Will’s sweaty foot already held out for him. Gently, he grabbed Will’s ankle and pressed soft wet kisses on the sole before licking from the ball all the way to the toes. He couldn’t help the pleasured sigh that passed his lips. Dutifully he licked, sucked, and kissed until Will pulled his foot free and replaced it with the other one. co whimpered quietly when Will’s still wet foot mashed his cock against his stomach. “You know it dude. Fag’s right here worshiping my feet right now… He fucking loves it you should see how hard his kocaeli escort bayan cock is… Yea, I tried to ween him off it but he started looking so pathetic in the halls I kinda felt sorry for him” co assumed Will was talking to his friends online. They all knew about their relationship. They’d even given him suggestions of things to do to co during their sessions. co remembered the time Will had ordered him to go to the local park near dark and run the trail nude. The memory of the wind on his bare skin and his cock bouncing freely made him impossibly harder. At the end, Will had him stand in the open and jack off slowly while the bully watched from a nearby bench. Nobody had caught him and co wasn’t sure if he was glad or not. “My balls next.” co kissed his way up Will’s loving the feel of smooth skin and hard muscle under his lips. He recoiled slightly in confusion when his lips met nylon. Will was still wearing his shorts.. “You expect me to do all the work?” Will laughed. Getting an idea and hoping Will wouldn’t get upset by it, co leaned up and took the end of the drawstring between his teeth and pulled gently. Next he bit the waistband and loosened it. He considered using his teeth to remove the shorts as well but didn’t want to keep Will waiting. The shorts were removed and co eagerly pressed his nose into Will’s briefs, inhaling deeply and shivering with pleasure. He loved the smell of Will’s sweat at the end of the day. He could almost smell the testosterone pumping through the God holding dominion over him. Reaching into Will’s briefs, co fished out his half hard cock. His mouth watered slightly as he placed a kiss under the head before moving lower to suck Will’s low hanging balls into his mouth. Will’s balls were pretty small. Smaller than co’s for sure and made to seem even smaller under the thick 8in meat club that jutted from Will’s hips. co gave the two marble sized orbs a good tongue bathing pressing lightly on them with his tongue and humming in pleasure. Will’s cock and hardened above his face and was leaking a steady stream of precum down onto his face. co was almost purring as he swirled Will’s balls in his warm mouth. When Will was satisfied with that, he ordered Will to start worshiping his muscles. co kissed and licked up each ab, running his hands up and down the hard muscles in his legs. “You’re so ripped Sir.” co muttered just loud enough to b heard of the mic. “I love how big your biceps are. I can’t even wrap my hand around them.” It was true, co’s fingers had about and inch of space between them. He said it mostly to egg them both on. co loved touching Will all over and Will loved co’s commentary. Especially when his online friends could hear it. “Your pecs are so hard. I love licking the sweat off them. Sucking your hard nipples until I might cum all over myself. You taste so fucking good.” co continued his litany naming each muscle as he kissed and caressed it. Will’s breathing had deepened and co could feel his cock jumping under him as their bodies were pressed together. Will pushed him off and then yanked off the blindfold. When co’s vision adjusted to the light Will was kneeling on the couch, his ass on full display. Without needing to be told, co dove into the crack of that perfectly round ass. Even bigger than co’s own bubble butt. He didn’t waste time with foreplay and jammed his tongue deep. Will hissed as co ate him out like a starving man. Wet slurping filled the room as co pulled the burly ass open to get in deeper. He was in kocaeli escort a daze as his nose was filled with the potent musk coming from his favorite meal. Will reached back and pulled co’s face deeper into the valley and of his ass. Will’s toes caressed co’s cock as it leaked onto the floor. “Hurry the fuck up!” Will grunted. co stood and pressed his swollen cock to Will’s wet opening. They had been at it almost daily so long, Will’s ass opened and let him with only the spit lift on it. Will moaned as co immediately started fucking him hard and fast. His hips slamming against Will’s ass loud enough he knew it could be heard through th headset still on Will’s head. They both moaned as the muscular jock’s ass squeezed on Will’s cock. Grabbing the braid, co pulled Will back onto his pistoning cock. This turned him on beyond belief as he moaned into the mic shifting his hips this way and that for the maximum sensation. He knew Will’s online friends were probably egging him on about now, and jacking their hard cocks to the sounds. The thought made co fuck all th harder. Though he was usually the quiet submissive type, once he started fucking Will’s ass he became an animal, only thinking about seeding the hole before him. The constant stream of his precum mixed with the juices in Will’s ass and made the trip all the more pleasant. He was grunting like a breeding stud, fucking his bully the way he loved; knocking down his inner walls with all the brute force his slim body could muster. They moved position so Will was on his back and co was hovering above him. The jock spoke dirty words to him and the guys still listening. “Yeah just like that. Ride me you fucking nerd! Fuck, harder you goddamn fag.” He always kept it as vague as possible on mic. The guys assumed Will was fucking co and he never corrected them. In truth, co wanted Will to fuck him. Bad. But Will only laughed when he asked. Stating his cock was for women only. Not nerdy little fags. He never even let co touch it, aside from moving it and kissing it occasionally. co had thought it a little strange but didn’t dare voice his opinion. Instead, taking what was offered him and fucking Will whenever he was ordered. He wasn’t complaining. “Fuck! Harder bitch, I’m about to cum!” co adjusted his angle and fucked right against Will’s prostate until with a cry, Will shot all over his torso. Though his balls were small, Will could cum buckets. By the time he was done, his chest and stomach looked like someone had poured half melted ice cream all over him. co kept going chasing his own orgasm while Will panted. Will loved the feeling of co pounding his sore hole right after he came. He always felt more sensitive afterwards and wasn’t gonna miss out on it. Will was grunting soon as his cock softened and bounced on his stomach. co knew he could fuck Will into a second orgasm if they had time. But he usually wanted to get back to his game on days like this so he started working towards his orgasm. Will pushed co out of his hole drawing a frustrated sound from the smaller boy. Knowing what to do next, co licked Will’s cum off his torso, taking time to kiss and worship the muscles again. “Go get my throne.” His cock still hard and wet, co did as ordered. Retrieving the homemade rimming chair from the closet and laying under it. Will sat in the chair, bringing his still swollen ass lips over co’s mouth. co’s balls were starting to ache and he wanted to cum so badly he almost couldn’t think straight. But he knew better than to stroke his cock. co sucked and tongued Will’s ass while his bully played above him. He moaned as the taste of Will’s freshly fucked ass burst over his tongue. He gasped as he was taken off guard. “You guys won’t fucking believe this! This little fag just came from eating my sweaty hole!” co laughed.

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