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Subject: Bare Middleton (8) This is a fictional story I have about this up and coming British singer. Paul Middleton is a big hunky bear of a man that happens to have a silky smooth singing voice that can lull you into a nice peaceful state. And it don’t hurt that he is a big piece of hairy deliciousness. It is only fiction as I have never met, and may never meet this gorgeous beast. But I do hope you enjoy my little tale. Bare Middleton (8) Jacuzzi Sex… .. I did it. I impaled myself onto Paul’s big thick bear dick. It was something I needed to do with this hot man that I was lusting after. This bear celebrity that was growing in popularity for his mellow smooth singing. We were here at his hotel in the Jacuzzi off his room and we were both naked as babies. But I had decided I wanted to get fucked by this hot British bear. I had been playing with his hard dick under the warm Jacuzzi water. Stroking on the thick feeling cock. What was funny was I still had not seen this big hunks dick in the flesh. Only in bulges in his jeans and shorts. And it was a nice bulge too. And now he was naked and his big dick was now being swallowed up by my ass. A big wet slab of bear dick impaling me on his body. Driving that big dick deep into me. “Ughnn. Fuckk!” I groaned “Soo big. Fuckk!” Yes I was down on almost all of his thick cock. Feeling it as it stretched out my ass hole. Feeling as it was buried deep n my bowels as he sat there in the warm water if the Jacuzzi. I felt hus hands at my sides as I tried to get used to him in there. Thankfully the water helped getting it in there. The warmth of it somehow soothing at my hole. Because otherwise I would be screaming. But I did grunt and whimper as I sat there in his dick. Paul just holding me to his body. My face in his neck and shoulder. Softly begging fir there to be less pain. I felt his hand reach up and stroke my hair. Then he said it would be okay. To just loosen up my ass more. And believe me I tried. But the invasion on my hole was just mire than I bargained for. bursa escort bayan “Ughn. God out God” I groaned on him.. “Its okay baby its okay” he said again “Will be okay” “Just take it in. Just take it in” And man how I tried. Buy I had to lift up off it. I still was not used to his dick. So I grabbed at the edge of the Jacuzzi near his head. And then I pulled myself up some. Paul apparently took this as an invitation to fuck. He grabbed at my sides again and he thrust upwards into me again. All that dick was driven up into my bowels again. Every incredible inch. My hands gripped at the edge of the Jacuzzi harder as I tried to pull myself up more. But as water splash up from his move My fingers slipped and I lost grip. This forcing all of him back in as I fell on his cock again. And I was now impaled on those thick 7 inches of bear dick. My eyes rolled up into my head as I felt a loss of some body control due to my impaling. I quivered on him. Head on his shoulders as I whimpered from it all. “Ughn. F-f-fuckk!” I huffed again Then Paul feeling my body quiver in him also felt my ass as it pulled and convulsed on his big dick. He felt my ass clamping to his thick cock as I whimpered there, still attached to his dick “Fuckk” he huffed “Ass feels like a vice on me” “Shit. It is tight” But the sensation on his dick from my gripping ass set him off though. He started to fuck me with his dick. Even as I begged and whimpered against him. His hips thrusting up at me ass as he gave me the cock I had wanted. All of the cock I had wanted. He humped at me as I was still trying to pull off his fat dick. Holding me to his hard thrusting cock. “So good man. Soo fucking good” he bellowed “I love how your ass feels baby” “Gonna make me shoot up inside you” “Hmmf fuckk!” Then he stabbed at my ass again. His cock head slammed into my button and I screamed. I was then able to grab at the hot tub again and yank my pummeled ass off his thick bear cock. I pulled myself off and fell back into the water. Into the water. The görükle escort splash quickly muffling as I went under. I felt movement as I pulled myself up and out. Gasping for air as I came out. Bit that was when I saw this big gorgeous bear stand up out of the Jacuzzis water line. Only his legs still in the water. He had his big thick cock in his hand and was stroking at it. Then he stepped over to me and started to jerk it at my face. “Here!” He then shouted “Here is my cum baby!” “Sip ughn!” And as I sat there just inches from his big dick the cock head slit opened up and a white blast of cum shot out at me. It fired fast and splatted in my cheek, just under my eye. It was as hit as the hot tub water as it hit. But actually stung a bit from the force if the blast. Then he moaned again and another shot fired out of his piss slit. Then another and another. My face was soon covered in Paul’s thick creamy cum. I had to shut my eyes for fear of it going into them. Bit the big hunky guy shot a good 8 blasts at me. Fully showering me with his cream. “Yes. Ugh yess!” I heard his moans “That man hole was so tight baby” “I was bound to shoot” Then as I sat there in the water. Still covered in cum, I heard him get back into the water. Then his hands were on me. I heard him close as he spoke to me then his hand scooped cum off my face. “Man. I made a mess on you” he said Then I heard him as he sucked on his fingers.i passed my own hand over my eyes to woke the cum from them. Then I saw him sucking on his digits. Tasting his own thick goo. And it was thick too. Looked thicker than and cum I had seen before him. And I wanted some. He saw my hunger for his cum and he gave me some. Stick shopping it off my face and presenting me his hand to lick. So I did. I opened my mouth and he slipped his cum covered fingers in. Then I sucked on his fingers. Finally tasting Paul’s incredibly flavored cum. Creamy and sweet. Like one of those coffee creamers you by at the store. And I was in love with it. Wanting bursa escort bayan more. “Here. Let me finish wiping ypur fave off” Paul then said “Close tour eyes” So I did and he splashed water to my face. Washing the remaining cum off it. Then he pulled me to his face and he kissed me. “That was nice” he said. “Wanna go inside and get outta here?” I nodded and then watched the big hunk crawl out of the water. Looking at his big hairy butt as he climbed out. He grabbed a towel and started to dry his awesome body off. I turned and then lifted myself up out of the water. Then he gave me his hand and helped me out. Lifting me up as i pulled myself up with my other arm. Then I was pulled to the big delicious bears body. He smiled at me and handed me a towel. We both dried off and then headed inside. Pulling up our underwear as we grabbed it and stepped inside. His crotch looking big and full after our hot Jacuzzi sex. His bug meaty chest looking equally delicious as I wanted to pick and suck on his tits. “Drink?” He asked I nodded and he poured me a drink. Then we sat down on tbe sofa in the room. He spoke about his tour and where he was going next. I found him sweet and delightful to talk to. He asked me about myself and what I was going back to. Or if I was headed back to someone. “Gosh no” I chimed “Single.” “Otherwise I would nit have done what we had just done” “Ohh. Err yess” he came back “True. That is true” Then he sat back in the chair, taking in a drink. I looked at him and then leaned up closer to him. Placing my head to his meaty shoulder. I was about to ask if he had anyone back home. Figuring he would say the same. But that was when he pulled my fave to his and he kissed me again. So I never did get to ask him. He tasted so nice too. And as he kissed me I lay my hand to his bearded cheek. Running my fingers in the beard as our lips were locked together. Then my hand went down to his chest. Feeling the big expanse of him. Damn he felt great to touch. I was starting to get horny again. “Why don’t we go lay down” I then suggested “Wanna snuggle with you” He smiled back and then kissed me again. Then we crawled over to the bed across the room. Then I crawled up in the hunky Paul. And we started to make out as we lay there together…. More to come

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