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Subject: Arrynn II This chapter doesn’t have the frequency of the first or the next chapter but I had to break it somewhere. Hopefully the story itself will carry it for you. n-joi Hugs Tag_m The next morning, after a small meal of eggs and fried potato’s, we left the house. Normally I would have gone to school, a neighborhood collective of roughly two dozen children that met down the street in a large old house. I had learned that schools had once been huge buildings where hundreds if not thousands of children gathered to learn. I had learned that at its peak, children used electronic machines for much of their teachings and that people went to school for 16 or more years. That had changed dramatically after the dark war and it was just now, 80 years later that education was becoming important again. I was a very good student, went to school every day and got high marks, so a day away from school wouldn’t affect anything. To the contrary I would likely learn something for I was finding that Keenan was a very good teacher of life. Keenan got us a ride on the back bumper of ancient motor vehicle called a buzz. Long and what once might have been yellow in color; it carried dozens of people and made its way toward into the heart of the city, sometimes in fits and starts, belching noxious fumes that were vented through a pipe above our heads. My guide pointed out a building here, a group of people there, and various other interesting things during the ride which took almost half an hour before we started down a long hill. I had never been this far in my life and was almost shocked at the sea of humanity that spread out below me almost as far as the eye could see. When we finally jumped off Keenan hunkered down in front of me. “You must never leave my side Arrynn, do you understand? Even though there are police or soldiers around this can be a very dangerous place for anyone, let alone a child, who doesn’t know the rules of how to live here.” I nodded my head as I looked around in wonderment. There were people everywhere, dressed in every possible combination of clothing of every conceivable color. The smells were equally varied from the pungent odors of filth and waste to animals to smoke and the rich fragrances of food cooking on open fires. “This is the market Arrynn and it’s not at all like the one at Edge-town where you live. Here, one can buy anything and everything imaginable on any day of the week. The market never closes completely; it just slows down during the night. Stay close sweet boy,” and with that we were off. We stopped and talked to various people, generally men, and often money changed hands and most often from their hand to Keenan’s. Most of the time the people around us paid no attention to me and I understood why Keenan had made me change into the oldest clothes that I owned before leaving the house. Had I worn my usual clothes I would have stood out like a fart at the dinner table. I did get some looks and even stares however. I had seen men haggling before over a cow, or some other item and the looks that I got from a few of those men in the market made me feel like they were appraising me as though I were another object for sale or barter. On a couple of occasions men asked, “How much for the boy?” One time Keenan simply said I was not for sale and to another man he said I was Johan’s son and the man backed immediately away. Another time when Keenan told a man that I wasn’t for sale the man said to Keenan, “Well, perhaps I’ll just take him.” The man reached for me, perhaps only to touch my shoulder, perhaps to make good on his statement. Before his fingers got near me Keenan’s left hand was a blur of motion that ended with a wicked looking knife at the man’s throat. “Perhaps you will die trying,” Keenan said in a menacing voice that I’d only ever heard Johan use. Both the man and I knew that Keenan meant business. The man slowly stepped back with his palms forward in supplication. In another blur Keenan’s blade disappeared as quickly as it had appeared and I had no idea where he hid it. If anyone around us saw what had happened they didn’t indicate it. We immediately began walking and while I had some questions I kept them to myself. We made a few more stops; Keenan talked to a few more people and when he asked if I wanted something to eat I nodded my head. Some of the smells had set my mouth to watering. We stopped at a stall, Keenan told the woman who stood before us “two” and some coins changed hands. Keenan immediately pointed out meats from three different bowls and then some colored vegetables. “They are called kaybabs Arrynn and she will roast them on the fire for us. I picked out lamb, beef and pork and the vegetables are onion, peppers and squash.” We watched the woman skewer the food on a steel prong then place it over a fire. The food was done fairly quickly and woman then slid the food from each prong onto separate squares of dark brown paper, folded it neatly and handed it Keenan who thanked her. Keenan handed me one of the squares which was almost too hot to hold. We walked down to another stall and he bought a flagon of ale then I followed him to a large open area where people were sitting on the ground eating their meals. We found a spot off to one side, plopped down onto the grass and opened our parcels, gingerly for the steam poured out immediately. To say that the food was delicious would be an understatement for I’d never eaten anything quite like it. The food that Johan cooked for me or that I cooked was fairly bland in comparison to the succulent spicy foods that we were now eating. “Do you like it,” Keenan asked and I could only nod my head as I wiped the running juices that were running down to my chin. “I’m glad,” the boy responded with a smile. I knew that Keenan meant what he had said and it seemed strange to me that a person that was older than me and that I’d hardly knew could be so pleased that I was happy. After we ate Keenan said he wanted to get away from the dirt and grime and crime of the market. “Have you ever been to the ocean Arrynn,” he asked and I shook my head. I knew about lakes and oceans but I’d never seen one except in books and when Keenan asked if I’d like to go I responded with enthusiasm even though I knew that the people avoided the ocean although I wasn’t sure why exactly. We left the market and as we walked Keenan explained that during the Dark War death had come from the sea in the form of huge waves. The densely packed city had been located at the very edge of the water and the waves were so big that they had traveled quite far inland completely destroying everything and killing millions of people. Since that time people feared the ocean as though it was in itself a killing thing when the reality was that the waves had been caused by man. “The way I understand it Arrynn is that there were a series of waves and each successive wave traveled farther inland because the waves before them obliterated buildings so that there was little to slow them down or stop them. People have feared the oceans, at least in this part of the world, ever since.” He paused for a moment, shook his head and said, “People live in the dark ages sometimes, afraid of their own shadows like a bunch of old women.” The city seemed to dwindle and around us the land became more country like, not that I’d ever been in the country. We eventually came to a river, one that I’d seen in the distance from the top of the hill before heading down into the city. We entered some woods and I was so busy staring at the huge trees and other flora that I almost tripped, causing Keenan to chuckle and remind me to take care. We finally came to a small clearing along side the river where a somewhat tall house made of logs sat, smoke trailing lazily from its stone chimney. We stopped at the edge of the trail and Keenan cupped his hands at the edge of his mouth and called out, “Hullo, Ewan, Chian’gee. It’s batman escort me Keenan.” “I know who it is,” a deep voice rumbled beside me all but scaring me out of my pants. I turned to see a man who had to be older than the Gods themselves, with a large head that was as bald as a melon, standing in the dense foliage and although he was only 10 feet from me I hadn’t seen him before he spoke. “Even though I’ve know for 2 days that you were coming I’ve heard you for the past 5 minutes and Chian’gee has smelled you for 20.” At the mention of his name the largest dog I’d ever seen stepped forward. I was not a tall boy but that dog’s shoulders were as tall as my armpit and his lips were pulled back exposing the biggest teeth I’d ever seen outside of a book. As he stepped toward me the old man said, “Don’t move Arrynn, let him sniff you.” I didn’t realize right then that the old man called me by name because I was too busy trying not to pee my pants as the huge animal first sniffed at my hand, then my crotch and then my butt before putting his long snout up to my face. He snuffled loudly a couple of times, must have decided I was alright because he swiped his big wet tongue across my face. “Rub him behind his ear and you’ll be his friend for life,” the old man said and when I hesitated he said “go ahead, he won’t bit you.” I did as requested and the dog leaned his head into me knocking me off balance and a heavy growl of satisfaction came in his throat. “Enough; go see Keenan,” the old man finally said. The dog took 2 steps toward Keenan then rose up on his hind legs and placed his paws on Keenan’s shoulder and began licking Keenan’s face. Keenan rubbed his fingers into the dog’s fur encouraging the brute. The introductions and hello’s finally finished and we all walked toward the house which I later learned is called a cabin. I didn’t pay attention to their conversation because I was too busy looking around but when I heard the old man say the word “boat” I did pay attention. “There will be a good steady wind in about 3 hours. It should make your trip back up river short and easy. I’ll have a meal ready.” The old man turned and went off toward a fenced in garden while Keenan and I headed for the river. “Oh,” he called out after us, “F’nay is roaming around out there somewhere.” Keenan gave an acknowledging wave, turned back and continued toward the river where a small boat was tied to dock at the river’s edge. I was so excited about the boat that I didn’t ask what the old man meant by F’nay. I had never been on a boat before; I’d never been near a river before. “Go ahead and step down into it Arrynn,” Keenan told me. I gave him a skeptical look. “Go ahead it won’t tip, it’s a flat bottom, just take your time and sit in the middle of the bench.” I did as I was told while Keenan slipped the rope from the pole it was looped over then jumped down into the boat causing it to tilt a little and causing me to grab a side. He moved past me and sat on the narrow bench at the back, pulled a wooden stick called an oohr from under my bench and used it to paddle us out into the river while explaining what he was doing. I was a little scared but when the little boat started moving on its own then picked up speed I giggled with excitement. No other boy that I knew had ever done this so I had no understanding of it in any way. We moved at a pace that was faster than the buzz that we’d ridden on and it caused a breeze on my face and a slight blowing through my hair. Keenan steered us using a tailer that was attached to the back of the boat and I watched as the land on either side of us seemed to fly past. It didn’t take long before we rounded a bend I saw an ocean for the first time. I was almost shocked that all I could see was water in front of me. Keenan steered us to a jumble of concrete posts that were sticking up out of the sand and water at the edge of the river and told me to drop the loop of rope around a certain one. “Take your boots and socks off and leave them in the boat Arrynn,” he said as he went about untying his own. That done he stepped out of the boat and into the water, which came up to just below his knees. He extended a hand to me as I did the same only the water was higher on me, and it was somewhat cold. We walked onto the beach and I examined my surroundings. We were standing on sand that was almost white until it reached the forest behind us which seemed as though it were a straight line running away from us in both directions until the coastline seemed to jut out into the water far in the distance. “It’s a fine day for a swim Arrynn,” Keenan said and began taking his clothes off and instructing me to do the same. I didn’t know how to swim and I was concerned about anyone seeing us naked on the beach and I told Keenan so. “I can teach you how to swim and don’t worry about people, there aren’t any within miles of this place.” I shrugged my shoulders and began taking my shirt off. Movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention and as I turned I heard a bone chilling roar that I felt to my toes. A huge, white animal not ten feet away was running straight at us. Keenan turned, put his hands up in front of him and looked like he was going to yell but before he could the creature was on us, or more specifically Keenan. The thing rose up, much as the dog had, and knocked Keenan to the ground and pounced on him. I saw my friend roll to his back and the animal’s huge mouth opened wide and I screamed. It looked like Keenan was trying to get the thing off of him but it was too heavy. “F’nay you big fucking brute get off me,” I heard Keenan say although his voice was muffled by the animal’s fur. The thing rolled onto its side, Keenan rolling with him, put one huge paw across Keenan’s side and held him in place while he licked Keenan’s face. Keenan was laughing and trying to push himself away from the beast and finally succeeded and stood up, the animal following suit and nimbly getting to his feet. “Arrynn meet F’nay, Ewen’s cat.” “Cat, my ass,” I thought to myself as the thing came over and sniffed at me. I finally recognized it as a White tiger, again, something I was familiar with only from pictures and never in my life did I expect to come face to face with one. Of course it wasn’t exactly white, but had black markings all over its fur. “You should see the look on your face Arrynn,” Keenan said with a chuckle, “don’t worry he’s harmless, at least to friends.” While I petted the big cat, reluctantly I might add, Keenan finished undressing and stood before me naked. Seeing him naked in the full light of day caused my heart to race a little. He stepped next to F’nay and rubbed the tiger’s flank which got its attention and allowed me to get undressed. Once I was naked Keenan and I walked toward the water with the tiger following us. “The water is quite salty Arrynn so try not to swallow any of it,” Keenan said, “but it helps you float a little. The waves lapped at our legs, small things without much force and I found the water warmer than the rivers edge but still cool. We walked until the water was at our crotches, mine first of course, then Keenan dunked down under the water and came up sputtering then encouraged me to dunk myself as well. When it got to my chest Keenan showed me the basics of how to swim, going back and forth in front of me, paddling like a dog which seemed easy enough. I gave it a try and while I ended up under water a little bit I think I got the hang of it. Then Keenan tried to teach me how to swim by moving into deeper water with me stretched across his outstretched arms while I practiced kicking then using my arms like paddles. After I seemed to get the hang of it he let me try it on my own. Of course I sank the first half dozen times, coming back to the surface spitting water. I eventually got it but wouldn’t have wanted to depend on my new skills to save me if I were in deep water or had bayburt escort to go more than 20 feet. The waves started to pick up and Keenan said the tide was coming in so we should go lie on the beach and maybe start to dry out. We went up onto the beach and sat facing the water next to where F’nay was lying. He raised his monstrous head and looked at us for a moment the put it back down on his paw. We were quiet a moment then Keenan asked, “Are you having fun Arrynn?” I looked over at him and smiled. “Yes I am. I’ve never done any of this. I’ve never been anywhere really. I usually stay at home or go to school. I really don’t have all that many friends because I think most kids parents are afraid of Johan.” Keenan snorted and said “That’s for sure, as well they should be.” “Why is that Keenan? Sure he can be gruff with me sometimes but he’s never hurt me or even threatened me.” Keenan thought for a moment then looked at me. “We shouldn’t be having this discussion so it’s got to stay between us, okay?” I nodded my head. “He’s pretty much a thug Arrynn. He has a lot of things going on and as far as I know none of them are legal. I haven’t seen it happen but I’ve heard that he’s killed men before, men who have cheated him or tried to kill him. On the other side of things he adores you and while he doesn’t talk about you very often, when he does it is with pride. There is a story that he had a real son once and the boy was killed in revenge for something Johan had done. From what I hear those responsible died very horribly. That may be why he doesn’t take you anywhere or want you to travel far from home, he’s afraid other people might try to kill you as well. Not very many people know about you and Johan wants to keep it that way. The few people that do know about you, like the man in the market today, would protect you with their lives because if for some reason they failed to protect you, Johan would find out and they’d be dead anyway.” I let that sink in then asked Keenan how he came to know Johan. Keenan chuckled. “When I was about your age I tried to knife him when he caught me trying to steal something of his. I was pretty good with a knife although not nearly as good as I am now, and certainly not good enough to take Johan.” Keenan raised his head and showed me a very thin, almost invisible scar that ran across his neck “Before I even got my knife out of my clothes Johan had pulled his, cut me, and put his knife away. After that Johan sort of took me under his wing, taught me a lot of stuff and I would say that aside from you I’m probably closer to him and know him better than anyone. Well, except Ewan.” For some reason the idea of Johan knowing Ewan seemed odd or out of sorts somehow. Needless to say I was curious about that and asked Keenan. “Maybe we could talk about that in a little while. Right now I think I’d like to love on you a little bit. Look your cock has gotten un-shrunk now that it’s in the warmer air and not the water.” We had been lying on our sides as we talked and I looked down at Keenan’s dick and like mine, his had come out of its shrunk up state as well, the tip almost touching the sand. “Why do you want to love on me Keenan? I’m sure there are plenty of boys.” He leaned over and kissed me on the lips and I actually kissed him back. “There are plenty of boys Arrynn but none of them are as sweet and as beautiful as you are.” I waved a hand at him as if shooing him for say things like that. “But its true Arrynn you are a beautiful.” He reached out and rubbed my face as he had the night before, tenderly. “You’re skin is so smooth, your lips are so perfect,” he said as he traced then with a finger, “the bottom lip is full and pouty sort of. They’re so sensual and so kissable.” He leaned down and kissed me gently then pulled his head back. He brushed my bangs back away from my forehead. “I love your hair, so black and how it just starts to curl in the front. I love how it frames your beautiful eyes. I’ve never seen eyes that are blue and gray at the same time. Your lashes are so long and your eyebrows thick.” He lightly trailed his finger down the bridge of my nose then let it touch my lips again. I felt my cock begin to harden as Keenan leaned down and kissed me again, pressing a little harder and staying a little longer. “It’s no wonder the men in the market wanted you and the one man wanted to take you.” My mind went back to that moment and the speed with which Keenan’s blade was at the man’s throat. I wanted to ask about that but right then wasn’t the time because Keenan was going on. His hand trailed down onto my chest where his fingers rubbed at one of my nipples. I hadn’t been aware before how sensitive they were. “Your body is so perfect Arrynn,” he said, “just the right amount of soft smoothness. Your belly is so nice and flat,” he said as he rubbed it. I was dying for Keenan to take hold of my cock because if he didn’t do it soon I was going to have to. He didn’t disappoint me. “Your boy stuff is perfect too, sweet Arrynn,” he cooed as he placed his hand over all of me. His fingers cupped at my balls and his thumb curled around my fully stiffened pego and I felt a thrill run through my entire body at the warmth of his hand as well as his touch. Keenan’s hand moved upward toward my belly, pulling my balls along for a bit before he let them slip from his fingers and he concentrated on my cock. “You’re so hard Arrynn,” he said softly as he stroked me, sliding my foreskin back and forth over my red and swollen head. “I want to suck you Arrynn, may I?” I managed to squeak out a yes. Keenan stood up and reached a hand down to me and when I grasped it he pulled me to my feet. He held my hand and started walking toward the tree line. Keenan’s cock was as hard as mine was and it bobbed in the air as we walked. He led me up a sandy trail to a little clearing that looked over the beach and the ocean. Before stepping onto the little clearing Keenan turned me around and wiped the sand from my back, my butt and the backs of my legs then started to do the same for him. I helped by getting his back as well as his butt. Brushed clean, he led me onto the small clearing. Amazingly the ground was a very green and very soft moss. Keenan knelt and gently tugged my hand to follow him. On the ground he gently pushed me onto my back then lay down beside me. He kissed me again while his hand went between my legs, first playing with my balls then gently stroking my cock. After kissing me he kissed down onto my chest then licked at one of my nipples before sucking it which felt even better than when he’d rubbed it before. He didn’t say there long but slid down alongside my body, kissing as he went, and I lay there just feeling. Finally he was face to face with my cock and he didn’t waste a moment but put it into his mouth and began sucking it. He kept a thumb and finger on the shaft and slowly stroked as he sucked and his fingers played with and cupped my balls. I lost track of time as I lay there reveling in the feelings that were intense in my crotch and radiated out to the rest of my body. The feelings stopped for a second and a whole new set started as Keenan’s mouth left my cock and went for my balls. I raised my head from the mossy pillow and watched as he first licked at them then took the entire sac into his mouth and suckled them all the while continuing to stroke my cock. He finally let them slip out of his mouth and looked up at me. “How did that feel Arrynn?” I allowed as how it had felt great then told him that I wanted to suck on him too. “Maybe we could suck each other at the same time,” Keenan said and when I asked how he turned around so his hard cock was by my face just as mine was in his. He rolled onto his side and his balls sort of spilled down onto his thigh, his hard cock pointing toward the ground. Keenan wasted no time but took hold of my cock and began sucking me off. I rolled onto bebek escort my side in order to get to his stuff, pulled his cock toward me and began doing to him what Keenan was doing to me. I liked how his hardness felt in my hand. I liked how the spongy head of his cock felt against my tongue and lips. I liked how his foreskin felt against my lips when it fully covered his cock head. I was beginning to get an understanding of how young boys continued to share Johan’s bed and why Johan liked being with boys. Lying like that wasn’t the best position in the world but I made do, just as Keenan was. I felt the urge to push my hips back and forth, the help move my hard cock in and out of Keenan’s warm mouth and so placed the foot of my top leg on the ground in order to get a little more purchase. I felt Keenan’s hand move between my legs and rub first at my balls and then up onto my butt and rub there. The way I was laying, with one arm under me, I couldn’t do that as well but I could wrap my arm up over his hip and onto his butt, which I did. I rubbed on his butt too and even let my fingers explore his crack a little bit but didn’t put them inside. I wasn’t ready to explore a poop hole quite yet but Keenan didn’t seem to feel the same way. As he was rubbing the area beneath my balls his fingers kept going and wiggled their way inside and rubbed across my hole. I was surprised at first then relaxed and let the feelings wash over me. Sure he’d touched me there when we showered and it had felt good but this was different. It felt a whole lot better. I’d stopped when he first touched me there but went right back to sucking on Keenan’s cock but stopped that after a brief bit because my mouth was getting sore. Instead I held his foreskin back and began licking all over the swollen and slightly red head, lapping up the sticky stuff that was leaking out, then licking all over on the shaft. “Can you move so that you’re kneeling over me Arrynn,” Keenan asked and I did so. The new position allowed me easier access to him and I went back to sucking his cock while went about licking my balls again. Keenan’s hands were on the outside so he was able to reach up and wrap them around my waist but only for a moment. They eventually moved down onto my bottom and began kneading on them and half way pulling them open. I was too busy to wonder what he was doing or going to do. I took his cock from my mouth and let my face sort rest in his crotch for a moment. His balls were against my chin so I turned my head and began kissing the soft sac and pulling on the loose skin with my lips. I was enchanted by his body parts and the musky fragrance that seemed to come from down there and felt compelled to push my face into him. I managed to get his cock in my hand and rubbed it against my face. Later, when I had time, I would think back on my behavior and wonder what had happened. Of course at the time I was too young to understand that it was just that it was my first real interactive sexual experience and all of the things I was feeling and the way I’d acted was pretty much normal. I felt Keenan sort of pull on my waist as if he wanted me to lower it so I did. I felt his fingers peel me open but I wasn’t paying that much attention until I felt his tongue lick at my hole. I inhaled sharply, almost a gasp, as incredible feelings shot through my body. I had put my mouth back over Keenan’s cock and was sucking at the head but had to take it out again. My head dropped back onto his crotch, my chin resting in his soft hairs as he began licking at my hole like a dog worrying at a bone. I felt myself push my butt backwards as if to help him get his tongue up inside of me. Keenan worked his tongue all around the puckered little muscle and down onto the underside of my balls causing my body to shiver. I heard a moan then realized that it was my own. I went back to licking all over the side and the head of Keenan’s cock. There was clear sticky stuff almost pouring out of it and I lapped it up then put the head in my mouth for a suck or two before going back to licking it. I had enjoyed the stuff that we had done the night before but the feelings that I was going through right there on the beach made those feelings almost insignificant. Keenan finally motioned for me to roll off of him and when I did he turned and faced me then pulled me to him and planted his lips against mine and forced his tongue into my mouth although I guess that forced wasn’t the word for I welcomed it. “Damn I’m so hot for you Arrynn,” he panted after breaking the kiss off. “You are about the cutest and sweetest and hottest person I’ve ever been with,” he said as his hand groped between my legs, fondling, stroking and petting my stuff. “I know you don’t want me to put my cock inside of you but can I put it between your legs and pretend that I’m fucking you?” I was clueless to what he was talking about but nodded my head. I trusted Keenan. Even though I’d barely known him I trusted him. Also we both knew that if he hurt me in any way Johan would find out and Keenan would pay the ultimate price. He told me to roll over and face away from him. When I did he pulled me to him again and I could feel him trying to insert his cock between my legs. “Lift your leg a little bit Arrynn,” he whispered into my ear. I did as he asked and when it was in there he said I could let the leg rest against the other one. I could feel the wet stickiness of his cock juices against my thigh. Keenan draped an arm over my waist and held me close to him as he began thrusting his cock back and forth behind me. I loved being held by Keenan, I loved the closeness of our bodies and I loved that I was able to bring him pleasure by such a simple thing. I found myself reaching back behind me and putting my hand on his hip and his butt and encouraging him to fuck his hard cock between my legs. Keenan began kissing my neck and whispering things in my ear about what a good boy I was and how much he loved being with me and being sexy with me. “I hope that someday you’ll let me actually fuck you Arrynn; that would be the happiest day of my life to make love to you.” Keenan’s hand found my cock and began stroking it as he pretend fucked me. His cock was high enough up that it moved against my balls as it slid back and forth but it wasn’t uncomfortable in any way. “I wish had some stuff to make it more slippery,” he whispered as he continued to move his cock between my thighs. I found myself enjoying what he was doing and my thoughts even went to what it might feel like if he really did fuck me. I certainly knew that some of the boys that Johan had fucked weren’t complaining including Keenan and his cock was smaller than Johan’s. Maybe not by a huge amount but it was still smaller. I knew when Keenan was going make his sperm, to cum. His breathing got heavier and he was kissing my neck more. I was beginning to get those feeling too, the ones that I’d had the night before when I was getting ready to cum. “Oh fuck yes Arrynn,” he breathed heavily into my ear and then I felt the warmth of his sperm between my legs. Keenan quickly reached in from the front and I didn’t have time to wonder what he was doing before he took hold of my cock head and began stroking me again. I was quite surprised at the intensity of what I was feeling for he’d obviously used some of his cum stuff to make my cock head more slippery. It didn’t take long after that before I had my feelings, my cum, and my body was almost wracked with convulsions. Keenan had slowed down for I knew that those intense feelings didn’t last long, about as long as a slow count to 10 or maybe 15. He kept up on my cock head, I kept convulsing and then it got way too sensitive for me. “Stop Keenan,” I told him with a giggle, “it tickles too much.” He did as I asked and put his arm around my waist again but moved it up to my chest and held me to him. He’d quit moving his cock and we just lay there, both of us breathing heavily. I really liked that feeling of being held, especially after doing that. It felt sort of lazy, relaxed, and cared for all at the same time. A slight breeze was blowing but it was warm and I felt like closing my eyes for a moment.

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