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Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 3 – What happens in the dark, stays in the dark. Check out photos of Andrew and his friends here.

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, or not, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

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Chapter 3

Just then, a knock came at the door.

Everyone started to zip up, and they all washed their hands before leaving the restroom, except for Don, who was sniffing his fingers. Thankfully, whoever knocked wasn”t around to see the four leave.

Kent took the boys through the store to get the items he needed, and then they went to the car. In the car, Kent spoke, “Boys, you know what happened in the restroom has to be our secret, right? We can”t let anyone know because they wouldn”t understand and we wouldn”t ever be able to do it again. “

“But Mr. Owens, I liked it. Can we do it some other time? “

“Yes, Kerry, but it has to be a secret and you can”t ask me when anyone else is around other than Andrew.”

“Ok, I promise to keep it secret. It was fun. Don had a big wiener; I liked holding it. ” Kerry couldn”t wait to do it again.

Once they got home, the boys took their supplies to the kitchen table to start their project. Kent followed them in and helped them get a good start and gave them some guidance on what to do.

When it was time for dinner, Kent drove Kerry home. Andrew rode along.

“So Kerry, remember, we can”t talk about what happened.”

“I promise, Mr. Owens, I know, but I can”t wait to do it again.”

“I”m sure we will if that is what you want. I will make it happen again.”

“Thank you for taking us today, Mr. Owens.” Kerry hopped out of the car and ran into his house.

“Daddy, I really enjoyed today. I hope we can do what we did in the bathroom again, but I want to play with Kerry. I want to do what you did to me the other night. “

“Just be patient, my boy, you”ll have a chance.” Kent said. When they got to the house, they went in to fix dinner.

Dorothy had returned and was sitting in the living room watching TV. Andrew and Kent fixed dinner together. They set the table, and Andrew went to get his mom. “Mom, dinner is ready.”

“Coming” was all she said.

“Honey, Did you see the project that Andrew and Kerry worked on? We had fun working on it today, didn”t we, Andrew?” Kent said.

“Yes mom, daddy was a big help. We went to the craft store and the hardware store. We even made bird houses at the hardware store. Daddy put it on the workbench in the garage.” Andrew offered.

“That”s nice, son. I hope you didn”t leave a mess on the table. ” That was all the response he got from his mom. She was very cold.

After dinner was cleaned up they all watched TV together. Andrew lay on the couch with his head in his dad”s lap. Andrew could feel his dad”s cock growing as he wiggled his head in his dad”s lap.

Bath time was going to be fun tonight. Andrew quickly stripped off to get washed by his daddy. He loved his dad playing with him in the tub, but tonight he wanted more bedtime play. “Daddy, would you come cuddle me again tonight? I want to do what Kerry did with Don.”

“Yes, yes. Lets go.”

The two slipped into bed. Andrew was naked, and Kent was in his usual t-shirt and boxers. His cock was already chubby and sticking out the fly.

Andrew reached back and stroked his daddy”s cock. “Daddy, does it make you happy when I play with your wiener?”

“Yes son, ankara escort it does. You”re my special boy. “

“Good, I want to make you happy, Daddy. You”re always nice to me. Will you make your wiener squirt again? I like the taste of it.”

Kent was surprised. He thought Andrew was asleep and had just reacted, but apparently he saw the entire thing and was just pretending.

“Sure son, just keep stroking it like you”re doing. Lick on the end of it by the piss slit.” Andrew did as instructed. He stuck his tongue out and touched the end of his daddy”s dick. He flicked the tip and then started lapping it up like a dog lapping up water. This boy was a natural.

“Oh god, that”s good.” Kent was enjoying his boy”s stokes and licks. Kent looked down again to see Andrew”s tongue lapping the tip and slurping up a big glob of pre. That sight sent him over the edge. “Open wide, son!” he nearly screamed as he volleyed six jets of cum into his son”s mouth.

Andrew was swallowing it down when Kent pulled him up and started deep tongue kissing his boy. This was much more than they had done before. Andrew was a bit pensive at first, but he really got into it and returned the tongue dance with his father. He was in heaven. Kent was enjoying tasting his own cum in his boy”s mouth. He knew he would soon have what he wanted, that nice pink star. After a long make-out session, Kent went back to just petting his boy and playing with Andrew”s dick until he fell asleep.

Dorothy was really trying; she didn”t know how to relate to a little boy. She really wanted to love her son, but she never wanted him. He was a mistake. There was some good that came from having him. Before Andrew was born, Kent took out his aggression on her, but after he was born, Kent was in love with his son and left her alone. He seemed to enjoy being with Andrew, and there was never any tension between the two.

She often noticed when Kent came to bed after helping Andrew with his bath that she smelled cum on him, but she never thought that Kent would do anything to hurt his son. Maybe he just jacked off after putting Andrew to bed since she was no longer putting out. She dismissed any negative thoughts since she never got any complaints from her son. After all, she heard that boys like to experiment, and why not with their own father. He would come to her if he was being hurt, wouldn”t he?

Little did she know how much Andrew feared her. He said that he would rather die than be around her or talk to her. Her reactions to him made him avoid her at all cost.

At the same time, she was a bit jealous of the bond between father and son. Maybe if she gave him something to do and share with her, it would help their relationship and keep him out of trouble. Her boy had some artistic ability, so she had an idea.

Andrew”s mom gave him an old film camera of hers. “Andrew, do you think you might like photography? This is an old camera of mine, and I thought you might enjoy it. You could take some pictures of your little girlfriend, Cindy, from school. I even bought you a few rolls of film. If you like it, we can get more. “

Andrew was happy to get the camera, but not to take pictures of Cindy. He would rather take pictures of Kerry. Thanks mom, that will be fun. I”ll be very careful with it. “

Andrew took the camera to school and took pictures of everything. He tried to take some of Cindy, but she ran whenever she saw the camera. “Cindy, please let me get a picture of you! You”re pretty,” he called out. He quickly gave up and saw Kerry. “Hey Kerry, can I get some pictures of you?”

Sure, get some of me climbing on the jungle gym. Kerry responded as he took off for the sandbox. Kerry was a natural in front of the camera, almost as if he had been posing for years. “How about this?” he shouted to Andrew as he put his fingers through his long blond hair. His deep blue eyes were smiling at Andrew as he took a few escort ankara shots. Kerry put his hand on his belly under his shirt and pulled it up, revealing his smooth white abdomen. Andrew thought that these were sexy and wished it was his hand on Kerry”s belly instead. He finished off the roll of film while Kerry posed. “I can”t wait to see them.” Kerry told Andrew.

“I”ll see if my dad will take me to the store to get them developed tonight. I hope he will let me do the 1 hour processing.” Andrew told Kerry. “Maybe we can take some more after we see these.” He added

Since it was film, he never knew how well they would come out until they were processed. Kent also encouraged him with his photography, which really pissed off Dorothy. This was supposed to be her way of bonding with Andrew.

Kent happily took Andrew to the store and got the 1 hour processing. After seeing the suggestive photos his son took of Kerry, Kent had an idea. There was a work room off the garage that was hardly used, and they could convert it to a darkroom.

“Son, would you like to learn how to develop your own film?” Kent asked Andrew.

“Yeah, daddy, that would be fun!”

“It would only be black and white film, but you could take a lot more pictures if you developed them yourself. You know that little storage room off the garage? We can make that a darkroom.”

“Really, that would be cool. Why is it called a darkroom?”

“Well, to develop film and make prints, you need a room that is either completely dark or has a very dim orange or red light in it. Remember when you learned about film and cameras in your books? It all works by letting light into the camera through the lens to hit the film, so if you took the film out of the cartridge it would expose it to light and ruin it.” Kent explained.

“Right, daddy, so you have to do it in the dark?”

Well, you have to put it into a light-proof drum so you can put the chemicals in it. I”ll teach you in the light with some expired film, and then we can practice in the dark. “

“What about the dim light?”

“That”s only used when you are printing the film.” Negatives are sensitive to all light, but the paper is not sensitive to the specific colors of orange or red. I”ll teach you. Maybe you and Kerry can develop film and print pictures together.” Kent was hoping that this would give the boys some privacy and that they would eventually open up their pants to him.

Kent and Andrew worked on the darkroom. They needed some supplies, so they headed to the hardware store. Don was there.

“What brings you two here today?” Don asked.

“We”re building a darkroom, Mr. Don,” Andrew proudly said.

“My, that sounds fun. What do you need, Kent? “

Well, the shed is next to the garage, where there is already a laundry sink. We need to tap into the plumbing from the other side of the wall to put in a darkroom sink. Of course, we will also need the sink and a couple of lower cabinets for a counter and to hold the sink.” Kent handed a list to Don.

“Great, grab one of those big flat carts and follow me.”

They selected a couple of cabinets, a sink, a counter, and a mess of plumbing parts. After that, they went over to the electrical section to get two light fixtures and some switches and wire. Don helped them check out and walked out to help them load it into Kent”s truck. “I would be happy to help you guys build this out if you like.”

“Sure, Don, we”re going to work on it on Saturday if you”re free.” Kent said.

“I usually work Saturdays, but I already swapped days with someone, so yeah, I”d be happy to help!” He got the address from Kent and walked away, smiling and aching in his tight jeans. “Fuck” he thought, “I”m gonna get me some of that” and he quickly ran to the family restroom to rub one out. He had plans for Saturday, but being able to get closer to that hot little boy was a bigger priority for him.

ankara escort bayan

On Saturday morning, Don arrived to help. “Hey Kent, I brought my tool bag just in case. I see you”re pretty well equipped though. Where should we start?”

Let”s start with the electrical so we can get some light in there, then get the plumbing roughed in.

They put up the two fixtures. One had a red light and the other had a white light. The darkroom light had an orange switch, and the regular room light had a white one. With the light working, they poked the plumbing through the wall and then moved the cabinets in place. Holes were cut for the plumbing in the cabinet, and the sink was cut into the counter.

Damn Don, you”re a quick worker. It”s not even lunch time and we”re almost done! ” Kent said. Let”s go get some burgers, just us guys!”

They climbed into Kent”s truck and went off to the Tastee Freeze. The burgers sucked, but they had ice cream and it was cheap.

So Don, thanks for coming over. It”s a big help. All we have left is to seal any light leaks and we”re done. ” Kent said.

I think you”re forgetting something. You need a vent and a fan. I realized that when you left the store and grabbed an exhaust fan and some ducting for you. Don offered.

“Man, thanks, that would have been a big problem.”

They finished lunch and went back to complete the project. They installed the fan, another switch, a bit of weather stripping and it was time to test.

Okay, time for the moment of truth. Come in and close the door. ” Kent said.

The three of them closed the door. Don lifted Andrew up so he could sit on the counter.” Don flipped the light switch. It was pitch black. “Let your eyes adjust and see if there is any light coming in.”

Andrew started giggling uncontrollably. “Stop, that tickles, ugh, oh, what? Hey! “, he was able to reach the switches and hit the fan. Stop!” He continued giggling. Andrew”s arm finally hit the switch for the red light. “Oooh, that”s cool.” He got out in between laughs.

Kent could now see that Don was holding Andrew and tickling him under his shirt and in his shorts. Kent leaned around and put his face into Andrews and kissed his boy with tongue right in front of Don. Andrew pulled his daddy”s head in and held him as they kissed. Whispering Andrew spoke into Kent”s ear, “Daddy, will you suck me?”

Kent moved his head down, helped Don pull Andrew”s shorts down exposing the little spike that Don was playing with and took it into his mouth. “Umph, daddy, that feels so good!” Andrew whimpered. “Daddy, can Don do it too?”

If Don wants to?” Kent backed off.

Kent didn”t even finish saying that when Don moved in and slurped up Andrew”s cock.

“Oh, oh! Um, wow! I”m, I”m having my ting, my ting, my ting-uh-les” Andrew shook and shuddered. He collapsed into Kent”s arms.

“That was hot!” Don said. “Thank you, Andrew. You”ve paid for my help in the room.”

“Ha, I can pay you that way any time.” Andrew tucked his dick back into his pants. Don and Kent checked themselves out, and they opened the darkroom.

“Well, Don, thank you so much for the help. We”ve got to clean up and fix dinner.” Kent said.

“Any time, and I want an invite to see what kind of work you develop, Andy!”

“It”s Andrew, not Andy! Nobody calls me Andy.” Andrew got really upset at this, as he didn”t like being called Andy.

I”m sorry, Andrew. It won”t happen again. I still hope you”ll show me your work. ” Don felt bad.

“Yes, I will.” Andrew said as he ran over to hug Don. “Maybe we can have you come help with other things. I”m happy to pay you for your help.” They both laughed.

“You got it kid.”

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