An Excess of Possession

Voyeur Sex


Author’s Note: If you’ve met Ray, Brooke, Julia and Destiny you would surely say they live unconventional lives. Their home is rich with passion and steeped in the spirits of the past. Sometimes though, modern wizardry can conflict with and confuse the wills of the most well-intentioned haunts.

Brooke loved watching Destiny dress. She had a muscularity that black women often possess, yet she moved with such uncommon grace. She had mastered pulling up panties smoothly, shifting her thighs from side to side as the silky fabric slid over flawless dark skin.

Brooke said, “Could you slow it down just a little? I’m trying to capture the moment,” as she gestured to her drawing pad.

Destiny smiled genuinely as she picked up her bra and replied, “Girl, I have things to do today!” She flipped the bra over, wrapped it around her back, and clipped it in the front. With a salacious grin, she twisted the cups around front, carefully lifted and tucked her boobs in, one at a time. She shook to settle them comfortably and slipped the straps over her shoulders. Not forgetting Brooke, Destiny bent forward at the waist and hefted her tits to display her generous cleavage. She winked and said, “How’s this, baby?”

It was a common thing, but it made Brooke shiver. She reached under her drawing pad and into her pajama bottoms. She teased the short hair above her vagina before daring to touch her clit. When she did, it sent bolts of adrenaline through her body. She rocked her head back on the on the overstuffed chair and closed her eyes, letting the warming sensation flow over her. When Destiny left the room, Brooke pulled her hand from her flannel pants and examined her fingertips curiously. They were wet with viscous fluid. ‘Oh my,’ she said to herself. ‘Look at what you do to me.’

“What you do to me…?” she mumbled. Was she really just a lesbian? She had the same thoughts about Julia from time to time. She was the adventuresome one. She was nimble and lithe, moved like no other. She loved new experience and had become addicted to wearing art injected under her skin. Brooke always experienced a vicarious rush when Julia was again tattooed, as if it was her own skin was being marked. And Julia’s tongue on her clit was… heavenly. So, maybe she’s always preferred women and it took a one-two punch of Destiny and Julia to realize it.

No. There was Ray. Brooke mused about Ray and their relationship. What had begun with a chance encounter in a truck stop in Kingdom City had grown into an unshakable bond. She still hungered for his attention and his touch. It still thrilled her to have him inside and watch the intensity in his face as he pumped. Her heart beat a little faster as she imagined lying in bed with Ray, her legs spread, feeling the weight of his body on her. This was something she could never feel with the girls.

So, not a lesbian. Not completely straight either. If she was asked to choose, it was a choice she would never make. What was wrong with her?

Brooke closed her eyes again and let her head rock back. She put her hand back under her drawing pad and caressed her pussy through the flannel. She wondered if the others ever had the same thoughts.

“Yes,” said Destiny.

Brooke blinked open her eyes. Destiny had returned, now fully clothed and was sitting on the arm of chair. She put her hand on Brooke’s head and stroked her fine blond hair absently as she looked her in the eyes. “Oh, honey,” she said, “You have the artist’s eye. You vex about what you see. I ponder souls. Yet, we follow the same path. Perhaps there is a force that binds us.” She paused and looked around the room before continuing. “This house has great powers and good intent.”

Destiny looked down at Brooke’s drawing. They exchanged smiles. She nodded and said, “It’s a good likeness.”

She kissed her on the forehead and left Brooke to her thoughts and her sketchpad.

Amar and Janessa pulled up in their old Buick station wagon. While Amar unloaded his tools from the back, Janessa strode around the long nose of the wagon and approached Ray standing by the vintage Duster with it’s hood open. “Hi Ray,” she said. She wrapped her arms around his waist and gave him a peck on the lips. She glanced down at the old engine, having no clue what she was looking at and said, “It’s pretty dirty.”

Ray grinned, and replied with faux indignation, “It’s almost fifty years old!”

“You should wash it, then!” she replied, laughing.

“Is good idea,” said Amar in his husky Bosnian accent, as he came up behind them

“First, we fix timing.”

Ray released Janessa, grasped Amar’s hand and said, “Man, I really appreciate your help.”

“Honey, I’m leaving,” said Janessa as she backed away.

Ray glanced around at the second story windows that might have a view of his garage off the alley, as Amar and Janessa groped each other. The two had clearly fallen back in love, but there were probably better places for passionate kissing, boob fondling and ankara eve gelen escort crotch grabbing. He cleared his throat, Amar let go of Janessa and joined Ray leaning against the car.

They both watched the curvaceous librarian step around to the driver’s side of the big station wagon. Her hips rocked under that silky dress with intentional drama and her ten-gallon tits bounced and wobbled attractively. As she rounded the hood, she blew a kiss to her two-man audience making sure they had a good look at the impressive cleavage that peeked out above her low cut neckline. She wiggled her fingers goodbye and drove off.

“Is good, yeah?” said Amar.

“Is very good, yes.” said Ray as he grinned at his friend.

Ray soon learned that Amar’s knowledge of Soviet-era Trabants was very useful when working on a vintage Plymouth. Yes, the parts were arranged differently, but the concepts were the same. Automobiles today have so much electronics in them that it is difficult for regular guys to work on them. But it wasn’t so with Ray’s old car and Amar dug into its engine like it was a comfortable shoe with a worn down heel that held so much utility still, it would be a shame to throw away.

Making conversation, Ray said, “So, it looks like you and your wife have a good thing going now.”

“Yes,” grunted Amar as he came up for air. He reached for a shop towel with hands covered in grime and mopped his brow. He looked at Ray and smiled. “Now she fucks me every day. Is hard to keep up with her. How you do with three…? I don’t know.”

Ray thought about that for a few moments. “Well,” he said, “I may have spiritual help.”

Amar snorted and said, “Allah be praised.”

Realizing Amar knew nothing of the horny, erotic dead that occupied his house, Ray went in a different direction. “And the girls, sometimes take care of themselves. You know?”

Amar straightened up with a furrowed brow as though the thought had never occurred to him. Ray watched his visage soften as he imagined that Amar was picturing the girls naked, pleasuring themselves. The man grinned and nodded.

The thought also occurred to Ray that his friend might enjoy watching as much as he.

Since her big debut webcam show with Destiny and Brooke, Julia had been appearing online regularly. Someone had captured the lesbian, cuckold role-play she had opened with and posted the video on Pornhub, and that drove her initial notoriety. Her followers were growing now every day, and her cam show ranking was inching up. When she logged on today, it took less than fifteen minutes to gain more than fifty watchers.

For Julia, that also meant fifty men, stroking their cocks and ejaculating for her. The thought thrilled her and stirred around in her gut.

As she typed her usual greetings and engaged bots that announced contests for highest contributors, the typical requests from anonymous guests flowed up the screen.

“Take your top off.”

“Show us your tits.”

“Show me your tattoos.”

She ignored those and focused on her more regular viewers. Always pleased to see users like ‘BigDog64,’ ‘GreenBill’ and “LongDongLuvU’ in her room, she often fantasized about where they might be, and how they might look, but was sure there were no ravishing studs in her chat room–just regular guys with woodies and spare change.

As Julia worked the webcam show, she gradually removed her clothes, teasing her audience as she used to at the strip club. She had a pink rubber dongle in her pussy that vibrated when tokens of appreciation were dropped. She was topless, sitting in front of the camera smiling and chatting when a new user named, “ChristmasPast” joined the chat room.

Julia squinted at the screen. The new user’s name had risen to the top of the list and was sparkling with alternating letters flashing green and red like a tiny neon sign. It was curious. Clever, but curious.

Then ChristmasPast dropped 1,000 tokens.

Suddenly, Julia’s pink rubber dongle started wriggling. She dropped the keyboard, clutched at her stomach and fell back on the bed. As she writhed in unabated stimulation she had the unmistakable sensation of her toes being sucked, and her breasts being groped. Magically, her panties slipped down over her knees as if pulled by an invisible hand, leaving her legs spread wide and pussy exposed for the entire webcam audience. Her stomach muscles clenched over and over. Julia’s regular visitors cheered her on with tokens in small increments and comments with tiny clapping hand icons.

ChristmasPast dropped another 1,000 tokens.

The wriggling alien in her vagina swelled and she reached for it as the first orgasm rocked her body. She arched her back and liquid sprayed from her pussy leaving drips rolling down the screen. Julia was wishing it would stop but welcoming the crashing waves of climax at the same time. Finally she pulled the pink dingus out and dropped it on the floor. She sat for a few minutes at gaziosmanpaşa escort the edge of the bed shivering and panting, with her breasts hanging over her knees, and beads of sweat dripping off her nipples.

Julia picked up the keyboard and returned to her screen. Her audience was still applauding her fine performance. Clapping hands were scrolling up by the hundreds. No one was asking for more, because there was nothing left to see. She brushed back her wild hair, wiped sweat from her eyes and smiled when she looked at the token count. The number of visitors to her room had grown and she was ranked top cam model for the day.

She looked for ChristmasPast on the visitor list to thank him, but he was gone.


Up on the flat, gravel roof, Ray and Amar had taken a break to watch a bit of Julia’s cam show. They sat in lawn chairs hunched over a laptop set up on a small glass-topped table. The slot machine sounds had reached a crescendo and now were tapering off.

Amar rocked back in his seat, arched his eyebrows and said, “Wow.”

Ray leaned back as well, a look of concern on his face, and lost for words.

Amar looked over and asked, “Is supposed to be like that?”

The gray man sat stone-faced with his hands between his knees, but his gray wife had her arms crossed and a scowl on her face; refusing to even look in his direction.

“Oh, come on now,” pleaded Ray. “I know one of you two did it, and I want it to stop. Now!”

Destiny touched Ray’s arm and said, “Let them answer, Ray.” Ray threw up is hands in frustration, and Destiny closed her eyes to enter a meditative state.

They had sent Brooke and Julia off to to Applebees with Amar and Janessa on the pretext that it was Destiny’s turn in bed with Ray. But, it was just a ruse for them to contact the spirits in their house and find out how and why Julia’s webcam show had been hijacked. The figures before them were maddeningly quiet and were drifting in and out of focus. They really didn’t want to be there.

Growing impatient, Ray blustered, “I thought we could live in peace. I thought you were good companions. If we can’t resolve this….” Ray sighed, slumped and shook his head. “I just don’t know what we’re going to do.”

Destiny patted Ray’s arm again and said, “Shush, shush, shush…”

Suddenly Destiny opened her eyes, and said, “They didn’t do it.”

“Huh?” said Ray.

“There is another presence here,” she explained.

Ray glanced at the gray man and woman. The woman pursed her lips smugly and the man’s countenance was one of relief.

“It is a … a young man.” continued Destiny. She opened her eyes and looked at the couple. “Their son, maybe? His name is….Cyril”

Ray’s brow furrowed and he said, “Well, bring him out here. Let’s get this straightened out.”

A cool breeze chilled the room, but there was no open window and the front door was bolted shut. The votive candles Destiny had arranged on the coffee table guttered and popped. The gray man and woman became more indistinct and smokey; and an earthy smell rose around them all.

Behind Destiny and Ray, the floor boards creaked.

“I have a date with a dead guy?” asked Brooke incredulously.

The girl sat in the tub between Julia’s legs. The water had become tepid but still the scent of roses wafted around them as Julia massaged Brooke’s neck and shoulders. Julia leaned forward and whispered in Brooke’s ear, “Shh, they call him Cyril.”

Brooke splashed water on her face and swiped her sodden hair back. She whispered back, “But, why me?”

Julia paused, noting the light freckles that graced her lover’s arms, and said, “He died a virgin and felt cheated. But he passed in a time when people had different expectations of men and women.” She paused a moment and said, “I’m told you are his vision. You have the look he desires.”

Brooke abruptly stood, grabbed a towel and began drying herself. “I’m just a cunt and a pair of tits,” she said crossly. She continued, “Any cunt will do— he’s already had you, for God’s sake!”

Julia took the towel and patted down her friend. “I know, I know. But, that was unbridled lust. Angry and purposeless. I don’t think he cared for the audience either. I think he wants to experience of one-on-one sex, just once.”

“And then what?” asked Julia.

“Well, Destiny says he’ll be free to cross over. She says he will leave this place,” said Julia. She picked up a bottle of lightly scented lotion and began rubbing it into Brooke’s skin. She ran her hands over the girl’s shoulders, back and hips.

Brooke turned around and put her arms on Julia’s shoulders, looked into her clear blue eyes and caressed the other woman’s cheek. Julia massaged Brooke’s breasts and sides with her oily hands.

She pulled them together and they kissed as lovers.

If Father Mutta had known what Destiny intended to use the candles and myrrh she had borrowed from St. Alphonsus, gölbaşı escort he might not have approved. The bedroom was darkened, lit only with candlelight, and had the distinct smell of a church. It was a sacred place now, a place anointed for a communion of souls. The coverlet of the bed was un-featured and plain, but assorted sex toys stood on the nightstands arrayed like religious statuary, complete with sputtering red votives.

Brooke sat alone at the end of the bed with her hands clasped, fingers interlaced. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail. She wore a borrowed, vintage plaid wool skirt that covered her knees, and a tight blue cotton sweater over a crisp white collared shirt. Her dangling feet had short white socks, and black over white saddle shoes. She fidgeted, wanting her ‘human sacrifice’ to begin.

“Cyril?” she said. “I’m here.”

There was no answer.

“Yoo hoo,” she called out.

The floorboards creaked and the candles flickered as a chilling breeze wafted through the room. An earthy, musky male smell rose in Brooke’s nostrils. She was sure she was no longer alone.

Something tugged at the back of her sweater, so she pulled it over her head and off. The floor boards at her feet groaned and something nudged her foot. She calmly unlaced and removed each shoe; and rolled down each of her socks. She wiggled her painted toenails hoping that would amuse Cyril.

There was a tug at Julia’s skirt so she stood to unbutton it and let it drop to the floor. She jumped a little as the buttons of her shirt were opened one at a time. It left her shirt hanging open, so she pulled it off and dropped it as well. She reached around and undid her bra, letting it slip off her shoulders and unseen hands gently pulled her panties to her ankles.

The girl stepped out of her panties and sat back on the bed. She pushed back from the edge, spread her legs, licked her fingertips and massaged her pussy to let Cyril know she was ready and willing.

Brooke sat in the corner of the room in her favorite chair, browsing through photos of Julia on her laptop. Her friend had agreed to pose nude for her up on the roof weeks before. At the time, she felt she needed a muse to inspire her artwork, but had not gotten around to culling through the shots before. She grinned at her girlfriend’s beautiful cheesecake poses.

“Do you think Cyril’s really gone for good now?” asked Brooke absently.

Destiny was enjoying a lazy morning fuck with Ray on the bed. She straddled the man in a reverse cowgirl, arching her back and languidly rocking her hips back and forth. She was in no hurry to cum. “Oh, honey, I think so. It’s been a week, but I don’t sense his presence any longer.” She rocked forward exposing about eight inches of Ray’s veiny, white cock, nodded to it and laughed. “But, I’m sure his folks are still here.” She settled back down on to Ray and moaned appreciatively.

Deep inside, Brooke felt a twinge of disappointment, but she shook her head and returned her attention to the laptop. Flipping through the photos of Julia, she felt a churning in her gut and her cheeks flush. She stopped on a closeup of the tree of life tattoo on the girl’s back. It made her hungry. Recalling a promise she had made to her friend, she said, “Julia, when I design that new tattoo for you where do you want it… next?”

Julia was also sitting on Ray, with her back to Destiny. She had his arms pinned under her shins and her pussy in his face, but she wasn’t rocking. Ray was doing all the work, lapping at her clit and sending little jolts of electricity through her body. It took a few seconds for the girl to answer, “Oh, oh, my thigh maybe?” She paused and tensed her stomach muscles as Ray tongue dipped into her. “My skin is yours, lover. All of it,” she finally said.

A thrill coursed through Brooke as she imagined herself placing more permanent artwork on Julia’s body. She appraised the group before her and realized every fantasy she had and everyone she loved was right there on the king-sized bed. She set her laptop on the side table and grabbed her digital camera.

This was a moment in time worth capturing.

The clock on the mantle in the living room chimed at 3 AM, but no one heard it upstairs. Ray and the girls were snuggled together in the bed they shared. Brooke’s laptop, left open on the side table, suddenly came to life and the cursor circled around like it would if an Asian hacker had somehow taken control.

The gallery of Julia’s photos were still on display and they began flipping across the screen, one by one, finally stopping on one full length nude. The computer zoomed in on her face and paused for a few seconds before slowly descending. It hesitated for a few moments at her breasts. Then photos of adjacent poses appeared on the screen, flipping in rapid succession for a herky-jerky 360 degree viewing. The screen finally settled on a image of her back tattoo and then slowly descended to her feet.

Like a camera with a long lens zooming in, the computer screen filled with a crystal clear view of her right ankle. A tiny rose appeared on her skin, drawn in real time and shaded artistically. The laptop appeared to freeze for a few minutes. The screensaver came on and “Brooke’s Computer” in block letters rolled across the screen.

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