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Subject: Afternoon with Dan Dear readers, in response to several requests here is a new true story about my buddy Dan.Please remember to support fty with a generous donation to keep this site going. We had planned for several weeks to have a frolic with a new hot guy at the gym, named Eduardo, who has flirted with Dan several times. I was willing to host in a local hotel next to the gym (as I did last week for our frolic with Big Dick Bill). Dan says Eduardo is scrumptious, although I’ve never met him. But Eduardo cancelled at the last minute because his much older husband had other plans. I tried (not very seriously) to find a replacement, mostly because I wanted Dan to myself. I checked in at 3 and Dan messaged me immediately he was on his way to the gym. Our fall-back plan was to meet at the gym to see if we could lure another steam daddy to the room. But the stars did not align escort bayan so I handed Dan a key card and told him I’d follow soon. Long story short we got naked and played for an hour and a half, sometimes merely talking, touching, stimulating, but not pushing for a quick end. Eventually I got Dan to roll onto his belly so I could adore his beautiful ass. I spread his cheeks and dove in with my tongue, pushing spit in while I lapped his taint and hole. Prying him apart as far as possible I could see his hole twitching as I softly blew air. I dove back in, licking deep and making him moan and push back into my beard. I crawled onto his back and my hard cock slid deep into his hole as he groaned in approval, thrusting his hips up and writhing his bum underneath my humping hips. I wanted to go deeper, so I asked him to roll over, lifted his amazing meaty thighs onto my shoulders and thrust kocaeli escort balls deep into his torrid hole. He moaned his approval and grabbed his half-hard cock to jack it with his right hand while he tweaked his erect left nipple with this left fingers. I pumped for a few minutes, watching his face as he responded to my varied thrusts. I slowed a bit and he asked me to roll over so he could ride me. My cock wasn’t really hard any more but he climbed aboard and began jerking and sliding his sloppy ass along my dick. I reached up and rubbed his nipple, making him grunt and increase the speed of his pumping fist. When I got hard enough again, he lifted up onto his knees and drew me in as he grated his hips. I wish I had a photo from my point of view, gazing up to his muscular hairy chest, his nipples erect and red, his arms coiled in muscle, his brow furrowed, izmit escort bayan mouth pursed and his face scrunched up in ecstasy. Sweat rolled off his face and chest, splatting on my upper body. His fist was a blur. I tweaked his nipple with my right fingers and caressed his balls with my left hand. “Oh, yeah, I’m gonna…” “Give me your cum,” I whispered. “Spray me, give me…” He lifted off my cock and sprayed my entire face and shoulders with gobs of creamy white cum. It fill my beard, my mouth, my face, my right eye, then dribbled all over my chest. I was covered in cum. I licked what I could but we paused for a moment to take a photo (not to be shared) before wiping up and showering. We dried off and crawled onto the bed, sharing stories and memories for 45 minutes before he had to head home. Not an epic event but a wonderful relaxing time with a great guy. I’m off for a brief vacation, so I’ll take a break from sex and reports for a while. Have fun. Thanks for reading and thanks to many of you who have been kind enough to encourage more stories. If you like this and other stories, please write to hoo

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