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Subject: The A1 Show chapter 1 Disclaimer – Don’t know’em, or their sexuality, this is just to write to express myself, blah blah blah, hehe. I still love them. -Lance… The A1 Show —————- Chapter one —————- I sat on a bench with about 50 other hopefulls around me. Each of whom looked a little better, sung a little better, and all in all were a better pakage than me. But I had something they didn’t. I had the charism, the knack for the job. First off, let’s get aquainted. My name’s Ben Adams. I’m 15 and a half, oh about 5 foot 5, and maybe 120 pounds on a good day. I had an ok singing voice, but hardly as good as these other guys. Take for instance, the guy sitting next to me, Christian something or another. He was an awesome singer. Compared to him I sounded like Geri Halliwell on a good day, which isn’t all that much better then a good day. “Hi, I’m Mark.” Some cute boy said as he smiled at me. He extended his hand. “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” I said. “I think you may have been in my dance class.” He said. I nodded. “Ben, Ben Adams.” I said, shaking his hand. An hour later a woman came out of the door. “Alright, I need numbers 53 through 60 to come this way.” She said. I looked at my card. I was 58. We walked into the room. A man behind a chair started asking questions. “All right mates, I need your complete honesty here. If you lie you’ll have to be kicked from the group if you make it. Right, you then.” He pointed to Mark. “You have a certain look to you. Are you a queer?” Mark gulped. He looked down. The he looked over at me and smiled. He giggled. “Yeah, atually, I am. I’m not going to lie to you. But I don’t think the fact that I like guys should mean I can’t fulfill my dream. I mean look at George Michael, umm, umm, help me out etlik escort here.” He said. I helped, “Rupaul.” I said giggling. “Hey, that’s right.” Mark said. The man behind the desk laughed. “Right, right then. Let me here a song from you. What will you be singing today?” He asked. “Err, I was thinking ‘Together Again’ by Janet.” He said laughing. Mark sang his song, then another guy sang ‘I Will Survive,’ Chris sang The Spice Girls’ ‘Say You’ll Be There.’ We all danced around while he sang it. Next was a boy named Paul, who sang Aqua’s “My, Oh My.” Next it was my turn. “Now, what are you going to sing for us you floppy haired boy.” The man said. Everything had been going perfect, so my nerves were going wild on me. “Err, at first I was going to do a Celine Dion song, but I think I’d rather do a Kylie Minogue song.” I said. “Maybe ‘Put Yourself In My Place’?” I nodded. I sang the song accapella. I hear that you’re in love now Baby dunno what to say I can’t believe that I still fill this way-yay I hear that you’re in love now Baby dunno what to say But before you decide That you ain’t gonna be mine You better put yourself in my place When I finneshed singing they were in tears. Even the man in the desk. They led us out of the room. After hours of waiting and chatting Chris, Mark, and me became best friends. We found we each had a certain something in common. Two of us were gay, and Chris had a best friend who was gay who was also auditioning for the group, Paul Marrazzi. He pointed him out and Mark and I both looked at each other. “He’s got floppier hair than you Ben.” Mark said. “Oh shut it queer.” I said laughing. “I’m a queer if your a queer.” “Maybe we can be queer together sometime.” I said getting really close to him. “Mark.” “Yeah?” ankara escort bayan He answered. “You’re sitting on my hand.” I answered. He laughed. “Nice bum though.” I said smiling. There were 10 of us left. They decided to call one group in. By then we knew that we were out of the competition because those guys rocked. Paul, Chris, Ben, Myself, and this other boy named Kerry were left. We all just huddled around each other and started crying. Suddenly the door swung open. The other guys walked out and left. The woman spoke, “I need to know your clothes sizes, you all have your first photo shoot tomorrow.” She said smiling. “Great job guys, you made it.” She said. With that she gave us each papers for our first weeks ittenirery. I walked into the management company the next day ready for action. It was a pretty small place, it had a few other bnds who were starting out, the most famous being Steps. They had gold discs on the wall for their band. I was looking at a picture and smiling. Someone grabbed me from behind. “That’ll be us one day babe.” I turned around quickly and saw Mark. I smiled. “Good morning then.” He said. I just stared at him. “You’re just too cute in the morning.” I said. “Yeah, well, they told us not to do our hair because there was no use in it as they would have hair and make up people here. So I just threw on a hat and a pair of trainers and was off.” He said. I looked dow, he was wearing his Pajama bottoms. I looked down and saw I had on a pair of trashy old shorts and a muscle shirt. He giggled at me and kissed my cheek. “Cheeky monkey, you are.” He said. He grabbed my hand and pulled us into our dressing room. Paul and Chris were already getting dressed. Paul turned around and smiled at me. “Wanna see something Ben?” He asked. I sincan escort nodded. He pulled down his pants and mooned me. “Is that a tatoo?” I asked. Vicky walked in, she was our manager. She covered her eyes. “Oh my gosh, I’m so soryy, oh my gosh, is that a tatoo? We can’t have that, no, oh no, I’m in so much trouble.” She said. Paul laughed. He licked his index finger and rubbed the cartoon man off. “It’s a temp.” He said laughing. She giggled. “I’m Vicky Blood. Welcome to Blood-Bryne management.” She smiled. We all introduced ourselves. After everyone was dressed she smiled. “Now come one, we have a photo shoot to get to.” While we were getting our photo’s taken Vicky was asking us questions. “So, do you know what kind of music you want to make, I mean, I know we’re doing pop, but what are you lots musical influences?” we all listed several people and she smiled. “Well, the label wants you to do mainly ballads, which, i think is right, as you all have great voices, but for more uptempo songs, do you have any dieas? Old School, new school, pre school?” She asked smiling. We all giggled. I answered this question. “I think we all really just wanna make a good, decent pop record.” I said. The other guys nodded. “It’s like, look out London, here we come.” I said laughing. Vicky smiled. “That’s a good title, for a debut, ‘here we come’ What do you thing.” We shrugged and nodded. I smiled at Mark, he was cute when he was all made up. I smiled and shook my head as he blew a kiss at me and laughed. Little did I know I was falling for him. —————– Ok, wow, chapter one of the new series. Isn’t it awesome. After the [semi] success of Same Old Brand New You, and 30 chapters as well, I decided I didn’t want to stop writting, but, that series was about as over as Britney Spears’ career in acting [I know, bad joke.] But, I love my a1 boys, and will never stop liking them. So, buy the mini albulm titled ‘A1’ in a walmart near you. It rocks, and you so rock if you buy it. please visit the site and join the show at www.a1show.gq.nu

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