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Subject: A very welcome invitation Part 1 A very welcome invitation Part 1 By Chaim ail Reactions are welcome at ail Please let me know what you think, as always, I love compliments and suggestions, it makes me get the next story out faster. If you have any comments or constructive criticism on how I can improve, please let me know. English is not my mother tongue, so we sometimes say things differently than in English-speaking countries. Support Nifty to keep this site open and free! I first went to Amsterdam with my Daddy when I was a young little teenage boy. We were to spend five days in Amsterdam as part of my Daddy’s search for a job in Europe. We arrived at the NZ Hotel late in the afternoon. The receptionist was a handsome man in his late twenties. My Daddy found that we could talk to each other in English and Daddy and the receptionist had a chat. In meanwhile looked around in the lobby and I heard my Daddy telling him, “I’ve always been proud of my boy and he has given me a lot to be proud of!” I didn’t get his answer, but Daddy said, “Yes, he’s my only child and we’ve always been close. David has always been quite popular and a good student. Lately, he became quite the little sportman as well.” The receptionist looked at me and smiled, “I can see that?” My Daddy smiled at him, “He’d always enjoys playing with his little friends, doing sports, but when we travel he is alone. I want him to make new friends, but I don’t like to push, he has to make his own life here.” as my Daddy was tired he wanted to take a nap. He asked the receptionist, “Can you keep an eye on him, I’ll lie down for an hour. David is a sweet boy and you will not cause inconvenience. He can go to his own room if you like, just tell him. He is a good boy and usually does what he is told to do.” He winked at me, “See you later at dinner, son.” Daddy left us and the receptionist told me he was Paul. We talked about Amsterdam and I liked him, but I also felt funny. Looking at Paul my penis stretched in my tight briefs and I felt an unknown desire for him. Paul had a toned body and blonde hair and his eyes were a bright blue. I couldn’t help it, but my gaze traveled lower to the tight blue jeans he wore. I wondered or he could bring me to my room and help me with my luggage. An unexpected desire and a strange fantasy crept into my brain. I hoped he would bring me up and stay with me. Maybe he would touch me and wrestle me playfully down. I sighted and shook myself from the new and strange fantasies rolling through my head and my eyes met Paul’s gaze, “It’s a pleasure to be here, Paul.” I managed to whisper. Paul extended his hand and touched my shoulder, “I hope you will enjoy your stay with us.” A tingling of desire shot through my body at his touch. Paul asked me about my Daddy and my single room and I proud told him, “My father is very fond of his privacy and he has sometimes a friend over. I think they have to discuss private things, but I don’t mind, I am old enough to have my room now.” He laughed, “Oh, I don’t doubt that!” “Unfortunately, Daddy told me, my room has no bath, only a shower.” When I wanted to leave for the dining room Paul asked me quietly, “You would like to take a bath later?” I smiled and nodded my head, “Oh yes, would like that after dinner, but as you know my room has only a shower.” Paul, smiled and said, “Oh boy, don’t worry, I will focus on a solution, I fix something for you, boy. Enjoy your dinner!” I went to my room to change and had dinner with my Daddy. We finished our meal later that evening and I said good night to my Daddy and went back to my own room via the lobby. Paul was there and smiled at me as I passed. Did I dream or did he really winked at me? Actually, it was earlier than I thought; it felt like much later to me. Well, I thought, that was good, too. I would have some time to himself, maybe to rest and listen to some music. As I laid there, feeling warm and comfortable, I began thinking about Paul. I didn’t know what to think. I put my hand on my crotch lightly, cupping my balls. The feeling came over him almost immediately, and I savored it. I pressed my hand into myself with only a light pressure and without thinking, I moaned softly with the pleasure I felt. I began to get hard inside my jeans. I had only been in my room for a about ten minutes when there was a quiet knock on the door. I openend my door and Paul was there with a couple of white towels over his arm and asked, “Hi boy, you are ready to take a bath?” I was surprised and didn’t understand what he meant by that, but said, “Yes I am ready, but as you know I don’t have a bath.” He just smiled, I invited you to take a bath, remember? Don’t worry, just follow me.” We walked down him and he told me, “I will open the bathroom of the private gym we have, I’m sure that comfortable for you.” Paul led me down to the basement where there was a long dark corridor running to the back of the hotel where the, now closed, private gym was. I was slightly worried because the corridor was nearlt dark, but he confidently put his strong arm round my shoulders and leading me. I heard Paul, who was telling me, “Relax boy, enjoy yourself. I’m done working and it’s just the two of us.” Paul opened a door and held it for me, “This particular bathroom is very nice and quiet. Take your time and you will not be disturbed, boy. The gym is closed and there is nobody here after nine.” We reached the bathroom door and he unlocked it with his pass key. I walked past him my arm slightly brushing his chest and entered the bathroom. The bathroom was very nice, a large bath in the center and soft lighting and mirrors all round. As I was looking round he locked the door behind us and without any hesitation Paul took his T-shirt off. Now I was sure he was to stay in the bathroom with me. I watched his naked chest as I felt tempted to reach out and to stroke his toned chest but I controlled the temptation as ridiculous. I didn’t want to scare him away or get him angry, to blow this possibility to be so close to him. Paul seized the opportunity to drop his gaze lower to take in my slender body. I hoped Paul longed to see what was still well concealed by my T-shirt and jeans. However, I quickly dismissed the thought as wishful thinking. I saw him looking at me as he started running the bath, “Why don’t you undress boy?” I didn’t want my feelings to be obvious, but I couldn’t help myself. Maybe I was just having a playful day, or maybe I was starting to believe that he thought about me in the same way I thought about him. I really had nothing to base this on, so it was probably noncense. Paul winked at me, “Believe me, I have seen a lot of naked boys before,” There was no screen or anywhere I could go and I could see he was watching me. I was slightly embarrassed about undressing in front of him. Well, it was worse, I was always rather shy about undressing with other boys around. I started to take my clothes off. I realized I had been waiting for this all day and dreamed about this moment, now the moment finally arrived. I wanted and needed this, but feared it at the same time! I looked at Paul who was trembling slightly with anticipation as I started to undress. Was he nervous about me? Paul was friendly, a good handsome guy, and I was relaxed with him, but to strip made me shy, and insecure. I had no clue about my state of horniness, what to do with my feelings, I didn’t even know what to call it. I had no idea about sex and didn’t know there were a lot of ways to get pleasure. “Go ahead,” kocaeli escort Paul said. My reservations were, I hoped, not too obvious. I felt like a little kid, swallowed and got the guts, I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my T shirt and frantically unsnapped my jeans. I stripped my pants off in a flash until I got to my white boy briefs. Paul watched me and, when I stood there in my tight boy briefs and my penis was hard, oh fuck, it stood at attention. Now I had taken off all of my clothes except for my briefs and the tip of his very erect penis peeked over the top of the elastic waistband. I immediately tried to cover my embarrasement with my hands, but of course,it was too late. I heard him quietly gasp. Paul took a moment to openly stare at my little erection that he longed to get to know a lot better, and he looked deeply into my eyes as he grinned, and told me, “Perfect, really…just perfect.” I blushed, the meaning of Paul’s comment not lost to me, and I too smiled as I mumbled, “Thanks. I’m glad you like what you see. Really. I don’t know, well, I don’t know.” “You are looking good.” Smiling, Paul came over to me, and again put his arm around my shoulders. He said, “You have a beautiful young body and don’t be shy, like to see you in your naked glory, boy.” The bath was just the right temperature so I should take my briefs off and get in. “You can’t leave your briefs on…” I knew he was right, and I reluctantly slipped my briefs down to the floor and stepped out of them. Paul still had his hand on my shoulder and turned me round to face him. I saw him smile as he looked at my hard small penis and his eyes drank in the sight of my nakedness. Paul ignored my state of arousal and led me to the bath. When I had climbed in, he asked, “The temperature is right for you?” I nodded my head, “Would you like me to wash your back?” I looked at him, “That would be very nice.” Paul got me to kneel down and he lathered my back, chest and arms. He gently rubbed the soap in. Paul was leaning over me, with one hand on my back and one on my chest, his hand touched my nipples and I shivered. Soon Paul’s massaging hands gradually got lower and lower until one hand was massaging my buttocks and into the top of my crack and the other was on my stomach and just into the top of my very few pubic hairs. Paul pointed at my still rock hard penis and little balls and said, “You have a lovely soft body, and these are especially beautiful. I would love to soap and clean them, that is if you don’t mind me touching you there.” I smiled, “I don’t mind, you can touch me if you want to.” Paul smiled and moved his hand so that he could admire my small but very hard penis. I looked at Paul and my penis gave an involuntary twitch. I really hoped his thoughts were positive about what he saw. I gazed admiringly at the bulge in his jeans and I could not wait to get my hands on it, especially when he saw it twitch as Paul ran his fingers up and down the tube now visible in his tight blue jeans. Paul took a step closer as he kept stroking his cock slowly and sensuously, he kept his eyes locked on my hard penis. Suddenly I got all nervous. A little excited, but nervous and I wondered if I was brave enough to try more. After all, I thought he was gay, but was not sure. Maybe, I could win the Paul’s trust and get some answers. I didn’t want him to stop and had to try. Nervous I wanted him, but I needed to rest a sec and stop my heart from racing. I knew I was getting closer. It was like my heart was about to leap out of my chest. I had to stop for a moment to compose myself, to remind myself what I was here for, just taking a bath in our hotel. I couldn’t help myself and asked, “Paul?” I asked and rubbed my hand over my chin and went on, “When do you think I’m going to need to learn how to shave?” Paul smiled, “You are growing up and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Well, Let’s see…” Paul rubbed my cheek slowly, he didn’t tell me, but I knew the truth, I just barely entered puberty. Paul ran his hand down my belly and into my tender new pubic patch, pulling the soft hairs through his fingertips. “Well… I don’t see much on your face yet, but this tells me that shaving can’t be far away.” Paul thought for a minute, still running his fingers through my soft boy pubes. “Tell me,” He looked me up and down, and I continued, “Can you shave me? I never did it.” “All of it?” Paul asked, looking right at my little pubic patch. “You sure? You wanted to be smooth all over again?” Looking down at my few, newly acquired hairs, “I don’t know.” I shrugged and whispered, “Whatever you want.” Paul said, “Okay, no problem. Anyway, I like smooth boys, because I think it looks a lot more appealing. I like the feeling of it being shaved myself, and it is more sensitive without the hair,” I patiently waited while he took a shaving kit from the commode. “I shave my cock and balls.” Paul said, matter-of-factly and I tried to get my breathing under control. Sweat poured off my forehead, my hands trembled, my penis was so hard it ached as it leaked pre-cum. All I could do was stand there shaking, staring at Paul. “Relax, boy, a shave will not hurt you.” Paul put down the straight razor and picked up the shaving foam and started soaping my butt. I sighed in pleasure, and started giggling when his fingers spread the foam down my crack. Paul teased me with his fingers and soon I pushed my butt back at him and he ran his fingers around and around my tiny rosebud that was soon the center of my pleasure. Paul turned me and got on his knees to shave my little boy ass. “You don’t have much here, it’s just a soft, fine dusting, but I will shave it away for you.” And with that Paul gave my butt his total attention and most carefully removed even the slightest trace of hair on my tender butt skin. I moaned in pleasure and relaxed even more when he parted my butt cheeks and started shaving down my crack. I jiggled a little bit as he spread my feet further apart, opening my butt crack wider. I felt open and vulnurable to him. “Hold still, boy. I wouldn’t want to cut your butt hole.” I giggled and said, “That feels strange but good, Paul.” I did my best and held real still for him. Paul’s finger slipped and his fingertip pushed just at the opening of my little boy hole. I couldn’t believe it, just moaned and relaxed my sphincter. I was freaked a little, but I certainly wasn’t objecting and enjoyed the way Paul was taking care of me. Concentrating on what he was doing, I couldn’t believe he had his nose right up in my ass crack. It was driving me crazy. I was purring like a kitten while Paul worked on my butt and he wasn’t much help to stay cool about all this. Paul moved back up playing with his fingertips between my legs. The closer he got to my groin the more I trembled and shook and he barely touched the short fine hairs on my boy balls and my knees shot apart as if I had been hit by a flashlight. With second touch of his fingers, I turned back to him and squatted my boy balls into his face and moaned. Paul smiled happy, “Good boy, I like to see you in ecstasy.” Paul took my little boy balls, stretching the skin out and smoothing the deep wrinkles as the flesh warmed and relaxed and the razor in his hand shaved them. He carefully saving the small soapy mass so he could clean it up. He very carefully removed the few left behind om my balls. The long nearly straight hairs and with that got a firm but gentle grip on me by encircling my penis and now smooth balls with the forefinger and thumb darıca escort of his hand. “Bend your penis down between your legs, that’s easier.” Once I did and my penis was being held down. I wasn’t worried too much, but when he grabbed the shaving cream in his other hand, I knew it was time. Yes, Paul was going to shave my penis as well, “It all marks the passage from your boyhood to manhood, boy. It is an honor to do!” Paul lathered my cute little bush and ignored my hesitations. However, I actually stood perfectly still as the blade came into contact with my skin. With great care he gently drew the blade across my little soft pubic bush, severing it from its roots and allowing it to fall, encased in blobs of shaving cream, onto the floor. I stood, looking down, expecting to see blood at any moment. By the time he was finished my boy crotch was totally hairless and as smooth as a baby’s bum. “Wow boy, honestly it looks good. It takes about five years off you.” I looked sad, five years younger, I wanted to be mature like him! A few quick touch-ups up his belly and around his tiny tit nubbins and I was shaved and ready. Paul laughed and hugged me, satisfied with his handiwork. Paul released me and cleaned up the mess with a damp facecloth. My little penis was as hard as could be. My penis throbbed, and my small smooth balls tingled beyond anything I had ever even imagined, Paul’s hands and fingers seemingly touched me everywhere except where I longed to be touched, his hand finally moved to grasp my young treasures. I groaned softly as Paul’s hand added pressure to my most private parts, his palm gripping at my throbbing shaft as the fingers poked at my young balls. It all came over me and left me, tingles shot though my body and I felt excited. I groaned softly, “Oh shit. I like that too, Paul. Well, I like you, I like it a lot.” Unsure of his next move, I paused, knowing I was truly telling him what I thought, hoped. Inhaling deeply, Paul strokes his starting boner through his jeans, standing in there, looking down at me, Suddenly Paul said, “Well, boy, the truth is that I like you too, I like you a lot. Maybe in ways that I shouldn’t like you, maybe I touch you too much but, I have to tell you, wrong or not, it’s what I have to offer.” I was certainly going to let him do whatever he wanted to do, and I wanted to learn everything from him. I secretly had some ideas of what he wanted, and what I wanted to do with Paul. I was sure that a grownup like Paul knew way more than me, and that was what I wanted to learn, all of it. My mounting excitement boiled over, and I blurted, his youthful voice cracking with my excitement, “Oh Paul, I want to do all that stuff with you. It’s like all I been thinking about too. I just want you to touch me, whatever and I want to touch you too, if you like that.” Paul smiled and I secretly decided that my growing desire for Paul was simply too strong to be ignored. Damn the possible consequences, I was going for it! Paul brought me back to the simple reality, “Come on, boy. Let’s get the leftovers off of your beautiful skin.” Paul lifted me and he took off the shower above the bath. I was holding the bar of soap out to him. Paul was that good with a razor, I for sure wanted to know how good he was with a bar of soap. Suddenly shy Paul whispered, “I would love to feel your young penis in my hands again,” and before I could change my mind, using a little more soap he gently slipped his hand down my stomach, under my tight little balls which he fondled for a few seconds before closing his fingers round the base of my trembling boy shaft. Paul started slowly, sliding his fist up and off the end of my penis. His other hand was now stationary with the tips of the fingers in my slit at the base of my spine, and the palm gently squeezing my right buttock. I shivered and my boy cock was rapidly growing hard. I was suddenly embarrassed about it, Paul was stroking my penis and I loved it! Paul said, “Oh boy, it is lovely to see a penis of a young lad like you raising. I think the head of your penis ready for a lot of pleasure. Paul put more soap on his hand and approached my penis from the tip gently peeling back my little foreskin and soaping round my glans, and more firmly now, down the shaft to the base. This he repeated a couple of times and I was tingling and feeling quite flushed. I closed my eyes and groaned softly, “Paul, this feels so good!” Paul sponged some warm water over my penis to wash the soap off, and put his hand round my now very stiff boy cock and slid my foreskin back hard so that my glans shone deep purple and throbbed. Paul trickled some warm water over the glans and softly felt round the rim with his forefinger and thumb, “I think it’s nice and clean now, don’t you?” I smiled and whispered, “Yes, Thank you.” trying not to react, but I could not stop my cock giving a little twitch. Paul smiled and gently squeezing it gave it a couple of long slow strokes, “It seems you enjoy my hand rub your penis. You would like me to carry on, wouldn’t you?” I nodded, knowing that with his sexy words and his warm wet hands round my penis, I was now totally within his power and couldn’t stop him doing anything he wanted to do to me. Paul gently carried on stroking me, and of course I grew rapidly rock hard and throbbing within a few seconds. I looked at him, Paul definitely was a horny young twink. Paul’s good sized penis was in erect status whether he was thinking of our encounter. He certainly loved what he was doing and his jeans did not hide his erection. In fact, the idea that his cock was erect playoing with me was a total turn-on to me. Paul smiled knowingly. My thoughts were a rollercoaster. Looking at him, I saw his eyes wander down, focused on his little boner. Without words dropped to his knees, close to my body, stroking my smooth leg. He said kindly, “Don’t feel ashamed. Not with me, you know that!” Paul felt my hard little boner. My mouth opened wide, I produced a deep sigh. Without thinking, in reflex, I pressed my penis into Paul’s warm stroking hand. “You are such a good-looking boy!” Paul brought my open mouth to the jeans in front of my face. He smiled, “I know bot, you are eager to feel me.” He stroked me, my penis and my warm strong butt. I moved closer to Paul’s jeans filled with his growing boner. I felt some hesitation, I liked this so much, but how would Paul react? Could I move on? After a few more slow strokes, Paul took my hand and putting it on his bulge he said, “Just do what you want to do, boy!” Slowly I pressed my wide open mouth on Paul’s jeans. I felt his imprisoned boner and inhaled the manly scent of my older hero. “You like that, don’t you?” I smiled happily up to him, “Oh Yes, I really do!” “Go on then, I like it too, you make me feel great! Feel it, boy, my own cock starts to get uncomfortable cooped up inside my jeans. Go on, you make me horny, my cock needs some air and will not bite you!” and he looked at me with twinkling eyes, “Get on your knees boy.” Paul instructed, “Can you undo my jeans and let my cock out?” Paul let go of my twitching little cock and just stood there while I started to undo the zipper of his fly. I could feel the warmth and hardness of his cock straining to get out. “Oh boy, undo my belt so I can drop my jeans. I don’t want to do anything you might regret.” I smiled at him, found my courage and whispered, “You are nice, I’m not going to regret anything, Paul.” Shy I asked, “Do you have boxer shorts on under your gölcük escort jeans?” “Yes, I do, black ones, as a matter of fact.” I smiled at him, Paul’s jeans were a tight fit so I could admire his butt and his strong thighs. He seemed to have a well proportioned body. Not extremely athletic, more slim and lean. I couldn`t take my eyes off him. I have always had a crush on older men like him. I admired his blond hair and blue eyes set on a pleasant open face. “I love boxer shorts, but my Daddy wants me to wear briefs instead. My Daddy wears them himself, you know.” Paul smiled at my youthful enthusiasm. Soon my little hands struggled with the belt and the zipper of Paul’s jeans. He smiled at my eagerness. Paul hold his stomach in, to give me better access. As soon as I had his belt and his top buttons undone his tight jeans dropped to the floor. I gasped to see his black boxer shorts. I whispered, “I see your boxers! I found the treasure!” Paul sood there, rather powerful and dropped his jeans, revealing his black boxer shorts. There was already a small wet patch where his cock was leaking pre-cum. The outline Paul’s cock looked slightly smaller than I had expected, but about the same size as my Daddy. Paul liked his smooth, tanned and defined upper body and with small dark nipples. “You like my boxers shorts?” I nodded my blond head and Paul slowly pushed my face on top of his back boxer shorts. “Go ahead, you are welcome to meet my tresures,” Without thinking I kissed the outline of his cock through his underwear. I felt warm and damp down there. “Yes boy, you’re a very nice little young man, very nice, you can do anything you like.” Paul started rubbing my nose over the cotton of his boxer shorts. In a flash I kissed the big cock covered by the white waistband of Paul’s black boxers. Paul started to stroke my little smooth penis with his fingers, getting some of my pre-cum on his hand. He didn’t mind and licked his fingers. After I kissed the outline of Paul’s already dripping cock, I smelled and tasted Paul through his boxers. “Smell me, taste me, you like that, boy?” “Um, yes, yes, I like it.” He gave me time to get used to his smell before he moved away. Paul stood next to the bath and slowly dropped his boxer shorts, his naked cock sprang up. It seemed huge to me and strange enough I wanted to touch his cock. Reading my mind he said, “Are you gonna look or are you gonna touch?” I looked at him, suprised by his welcome invitation, my eyes full of hope and desire, “Yes, oh yes!” I replied, “I haven’t seen a cock with that that size before. You are so huge.” “Touch me with your fingers, just touch me, boy. My cock is screaming for your touch, you like to touch it? It wouldn’t hurt to go a little further, would it? Reach your hand out and touch my cock boy. It is hard, but feels soft, don’t worry.” The only thing separating my hand from Paul’s cock was a thin layer of his boxer shorts. “Just rub your hand over it. Just rub it a little, like I did to your penis.” I grasped his cock from underneath with one hand and gently slid his skin backwards and forwards a couple of times. It glistened deep pink and smelled musky and strong. Paul took my other hand and showed me how to cup it round his heavy warm fleshy balls and massage them gently. I tentatively reached out and wrapped my fingers around his hard, hot cock. Paul’s breath started a little, as I felt my own hardness. I moved my fingers gently up and down his length a couple of times, before letting go. Paul casually just reached down and grasped the full length of my penis, jerking it quite hard several times. I shut my eyes, lost in my personal boy heaven and he placed his hand on his shoulder to steady me. Just as I was really getting into it, bucking my hips into his hand, he stopped dead and started moving away. I sat there in amazement as he walked to the closet. “Did you like it?” he asked. I nodded my head! Paul asked me with a huge smile on his handsome face, “You did this before? Being sexy? Have you ever done any of this stuff with another guy?” he asked in a whisper. “No.” Honesty seemed to be working. I looked at Paul, “The thing is, I don’t know why I’m so turned on by it, but I am. I want to try all, and a lot more. There’s a whole world of sex out there that I’m not getting because they say I’m too young for it!” Paul grinned at me, “That’s the spirit. So, you are not to young to feel horny, right?” I didn’t know if he was asking me if I was gay, or if I wanted to have sex with him. “I’d like to try evrything and I jerk off myself sometimes…” Paul winked at me asked me, “You have jerk off today?” I told him the truth, “We have been travelling since early morning and I hadn’t a chance.” Paul grinned, “You are a virgin?” I nodded. “Well hot, boy,” he replied. “You were very good. Let me predict you are a natural in the sexual arts! When I first saw you I had a good feeling about you, you fit in so well. I used to jerk off my cock all the time when I was your age! Still do when I get horny and nobody is around.” “Really!?” Paul laughed, “You bet! When I was your age. I suppose your little boy balls were really full of sperm right now. They beg to be relieved of their load.” I agreed that I did feel very sexy. “I would love to see your cum. May I jerk your cock for you so that we can watch you shoot out your love juices into that warm water?” Paul asked. I was almost dizzy with excitement and said, “Oh! Yes, please”. He got me to stand up and turned me round to face him. He liberally soaping his hands again, he caressed my penis and balls with one hand while he slipped the other round my buttocks. His right hand engulfed my little hard penis and he started fisting my foreskin right up and down my shaft, slowly at first but gradually getting faster. Paul’s left hand slipped slowly into my crack and felt for my boy hole. When he got there he gently worked the tip of a soapy finger into my bottom. I was really throbbing and twitching now and within seconds of his finger entering my ass I felt the beginnings of a fantastic orgasm starting to build. I screamed with ecstasy, “Oh Paul! Man… yes, oh man, that’s so good…” Paul’s eyes lit up as he sensed I was about to come and milking me firmly but slower he pushed another finger past the rim of my tube and slowly I felt them sliding into my arse as my sperm spurted up from my balls and I gave an involuntary cry “Oh yes…!” as it squirted and sprayed out of the tip of my twitching penis. The feeling was wonderful as he just held my pulsing shaft tight and my cum pumped out and dripped into the bath water. Paul squeezed all my juice from me and gently worked my penis. He milked me completely dry, and kept massaging my smooth balls as he stood up to look me in the eye. I was shaking, and Paul quickly wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close. He whispered in my ear, “You are a good and lovely boy.” I mumbled back, “Oh Paul, no one has ever made me feel like that!” Paul started to kiss me long and hard and I kissed him back, not even thinking about it. My penis started to go limp. He had held still his two fingers deep up my butt while I was coming, but now I felt then moving around inside me. He asked me, “Do my fingers feel nice?” and I said, “Oh yes!” Paul smiled at me, “Would you like to learn more about what men can do together?” Reactions are welcome at ail Please let me know what you think, as always, I love compliments and suggestions, it makes me get the next story out faster. If you have any comments or constructive criticism on how I can improve, please let me know. English is not my mother tongue, so we sometimes say things differently than in English-speaking countries. Support Nifty to keep this site open and free!

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