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Subject: A very English Trailer Park – Part 1b Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Remember you can make your donation in Honour of your favourite writer too. fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the author. ———————————————————————- I don’t know what the signal was, but Dexy slipped his hands out, gripped the waist band of the jockstrap and pulled it down, Dan’s cock sprang out, and bounced up and down, his shaft now fully hard and glistening from the oil Dexy had obviously been massaging into it; The guys cheered and each reached for a feel. As Lucas looked back at me, Dexy dropped to his knees, he gripped Dan’s swollen shaft and kissed up from his balls to the wet throbbing bellend; he hesitated, Lucas gave a last glance at me, then nodded down at Dexy. He flexed his fingers and stretched back the skin taut; causing another drop of precum to ooze out of Dan’s cock lips, Dexy hovered and then his tongue flicked it into his mouth. ********************* A very English Trailer Park � Part 1b I was kind of stunned, Dan, still with his hands behind the back of his head began thrusting his hips forward, forcing young Dexy to take his cock deeper and deeper in his throat. One of Dexy’s hands gripped Dan’s fat eight-inch shaft, the other was tightly holding his balls, his thumb and finger wrapped tightly round the skin forcing his big balls to strain in the remaining space available. Lucas looked at me and laughed again, then poured more oil over Dan’s chest, rubbing it into his rapidly matting chest hair: Ashley had got onto his knees behind Dan and was easing apart his arse cheeks, his face burying itself between them; Dan, was being over whelmed another one of them moved to snog him, grabbing his face and forcing his tongue into Dan’s mouth. With another glance at me, Lucas held out a hand to Dexy and helped him up, then he reached for Dan’s shaft and gripped him tightly just below his swollen bellend; another wink at me, and he led him, by his dick down a small corridor, presumably towards one of the bedrooms. Dan didn’t even glance back. Shit, I watched them all head down to the bedroom following Dan and Lucas, I dragged myself off the couch; what the fuck was wrong with me, I felt really unsteady on my feet, my whole body seemed heavy and lethargic; I ended up on my knees, crawling towards the bedroom door. There were cheers from inside as I got to the door, it wasn’t a huge room, in its centre was a double bed and the guys were all gathered round that. Dan was on his back in the centre of the bed; Dexy, now naked, was on his hunkers, astride and hovering only a few inches above him; his hands holding open his arse cheeks, Dan’s glistening bellend was nestled just between them. I gave a bit of a grunt; fuck I couldn’t form words, Lucas grinned over at me again and, reached for a bottle of lube lying on the bed, he made sure I could see as he poured some into his open hands and again gripped Dan’s shaft and began to give it a good coating. Once he was done, Ashley stepped forwards with a small brown bottle, which I guessed was poppers, he took off the top and moved the bottle to Dexy’s nose; he gripped one side of his nostril closed, I heard him chuckle; `You’re going to need these, take a deep sniff and enjoy the ride’ There was a laugh from the others. Then Lucas piped up breaking into song `When I was just a lad, I learned that anal sex was bad, the church said it was a dirty rotten sin, Then I learned from other guys, that no matter what the size, there’s a simple trick, to help you take that dick’ He cried out `All together’ With poppers bottles appearing from everywhere, the others all joined in as Dexy took several deep breaths `Just a quick sniff of Poppers helps the penis slide right in, the penis slides right in, you can take it with a grin Just a quick sniff of Poppers helps the penis slide right in, the penis slide right in, in the most delightful way… … take it Dexy’ More cheering; Lucas gripped Dan’s cock, shit it was raw; I tried to say about a condom, but nothing came out. I watched as Dexy began to lower himself on to Dan’s fat cockhead; held in place by Lucas. Ashley continued holding the poppers to Dexy’s nose encouraging him to keep breathing deeply; Dexy gave a little cry and Dan’s bellend popped inside him. Lucas let out a cheer `Hey guys, the birthday boy is no longer an anal virgin’ The others all let out a whoop and watched as Dexy’s ass slowly stretched to accommodate Dan’s thick shaft. Dexy’s face was contorting and low guttural moans escaping from his mouth as he took each inch. I tried to see Dan’s face but, one of the guys seemed to be holding his head to the side; he had a bottle of poppers too and seemed to be making sure Dan’s head was flying; only stopping to snog him after every few forced ataşehir escort sniffs. Once Dexy had his arse cheeks buried in Dan’s trimmed pubes, Lucas moved again this time, he got down between Dan’s legs, he gripped his muscled calves and pushed them back bending them at the knee, he got Dexy to grab them under his arms, Dan’s taint and arse were now exposed to everyone. Dexy, was still sniffing poppers and was now lifting himself up and down using his thigh muscles; riding Dan’s dick in the process. Lucas winked at me again and then announced `Now to taste this beautiful arse’ He was joined by another one of the guys called Rob; he quickly pulled off his t shirt and dropped his shorts and briefs in one, he was brown haired, his cock was hard, probably six inches and cut. He got in beside Lucas and, eased his face towards Dan’s taint. Rob’s pink tongue licked up the exposed taint, to Dan’s big balls, Rob turned and grinned, before pushing his nose under Dan’s ball sac and mumbling. `You should smell this; fuck he is all man’ Lucas, kicked off his shorts and joined Rob, both of them breathing deeply as they pushed their noses in to Dan’s balls. Obviously our long car journey, with his thighs together had heated up his balls and groin nicely. I could do nothing as they each stretched their mouths wide and sucked one of Dan’s big balls into each of their mouths. They grinned at each other and stretched his balls apart, making his ball sac strain, they winked at each other as they pulled. Fuck this was hot to watch, I felt my own cock, it was hard and leaking precum, I managed to push my shorts and briefs down beneath my balls, freeing my own hardon. Dexy, was now thrusting his hips backwards and forwards, riding Dan’s hard cock, he still had his legs under his arms and every now and then he forced them further forward, giving Lucas and Rob even more access to his hole and balls. They continued to suck and lick at Dan’s balls and taint, gradually moving ever closer to his exposed hole. Lucas looked up `Dexy, pull his legs back further, … even more; I want this hole’ Dexy, moaned as he continued to ride Dan’s cock, but did as Lucas, asked. He glanced back breathlessly `Better? `Yeah great, can someone get some pictures, we need to record this’ I tried to speak again, the last thing I wanted or Dan would have wanted was pictures being taken. Two of the other guys grabbed their mobile phones from the pockets of their discarded clothing and started to take pictures. `Do you want some video, Dexy of your big night? No longer a virgin’ Dexy nodded; he was pretty out of it, his own hard cock was bouncing up and down on Dan’s abs weaving sticky threads between the two of them, like a demented spider. Dexy, momentarily smiled for the camera, then as he was given another hit of poppers, he slung his head back, his hips went into overdrive as he rode Dan’s cock faster and faster. He began to moan `I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum’ His cock spasmed up and down as the end flared and he began to spurt his cum up Dan’s chest, spurt after spurt `Fuck yes, fuck yes’ The guy filming it all, cried out `Watch this, guys he is coming no hands, way to go Dexy, ride that cock’ Dexy collapsed forward on to Dan’s chest, I could now see the bottom of Dan’s thick shaft firmly embedded in his young arse; it glistened from the lube Lucas had smeared on it earlier. Rob, slowly licked up to where the shaft embedded itself in Dexy, he kissed the shaft and slowly pulled himself up on to the bed. `Come on off you get, my turn to ride the stud’ Dexy looked back over his shoulder, his eyes all dreamy and contented. `But I wanted him to cum in me’ If I could have spoken I would have told them that Dan took ages to cum, and usually not while he was fucking; it had been like that our entire relationship. Rob slapped Dexy’s arse `Come on we all want a go on this beast’ Dexy whined a bit as he slowly eased himself off of Dan’s cock, it flopped out of him hitting his treasure trail, before bobbing back up and standing firm and proudly up from his stomach; his bellend looked huge as always, flared and glistening, the deep ridge where the head connected to his shaft really obvious; fuck he had a nice helmet. Dexy clambered off the bed and Rob took his place, he glanced back at Lucas. `I would rather he mounted me, but this will have to do’ Lucas chuckled, `Well not so much GHB tomorrow night then; he is fucking out of it’ Rob grinned `I know, I am going to do a reverse cowboy’ Rob staggered around on the bed before kneeling down facing Dan’s cock and balls, he leant back and scouped up some of Dexy’s cum and smeared it on his hole and on Dan’s still throbbing shaft. `Lucky we gave him a bluey too’ He gripped Dan’s cock and positioned it at his arse: I watched him bite his lip as he knelt backwards, leaving Dan’s cock nowhere to go but deep inside his arse. `Fuck yes’ Rob, wiggled his butt, his balls now sat on Dan’s; he grinned down at Lucas. `You have got to try this’ `Oh, I intend too’ Rob began to rock his hips; his head thrown back; his eyes closed as the strokes avcılar escort of Dan’s cockhead against his boynut sent waves of pleasure coursing through his body. I could feel my own cock still throbbing and bobbing as I watched these young studs pleasure themselves. `Hi how you doing? I looked up, it was Dexy, `Dan is amazing, your really lucky, he has a great cock, thank you for sharing’ Lucky for Dexy, I wasn’t able to speak; I might just have been rude. His glazed eyes tried to focus on mine, or was it the other way round, he reached down and gripped my hard cock. `You have a nice one too’ He squeezed the shaft, I felt my cock throb, I glanced down as another drop of precum oozed out as he squeezed. I watched as he smiled again and then his head was in my lap, his warm mouth taking possession of my bellend. His tongue lapped at my cocklips and pushed in between them; he gave a low moan as he savoured my precum; I felt his hand grip my shaft lower down and he began to slowly wank it, his mouth and tongue still working my cockhead. Boy he was good, I glanced up as Rob let out a sharp cry, Lucas still on his knees in front of Dan’s balls had now taken Rob’s bobbing cock into his mouth; Rob slung his head back, the muscles on his thigh’s visibly tensing. `No, no, not yet, shit’ His head sprung forward, he grabbed a handful of Lucas’s hair and pulled him hard on to his cock; lifting himself slightly as he did; I could only imaging Dan’s huge bellend was now right on his boynut. Rob’s whole body shuddered and he thrust his hips forward. Lucas began to moan and swallow in time to Rob’s grunts. Spent he let go of Lucas who sat back lipping his lips and grinning; Rob looked a bit pissed `You bastard, I wanted to enjoy him longer before I came’ Lucas stood up and kissed Rob on the lips as Rob pulled his arse from of Dan’s cock, Lucas gripped it. `The night is still young’ He sniggered `His cock is still hard’ They both chuckled, Lucas adding `I want a go now, make sure you get me some pictures’ As Rob slipped off the bed and went for his phone; my cock exploded into Dexy’s mouth. Shit, I hadn’t wanted to do that, but his young mouth worked my cock like a Dyson. He grinned up at me opening his mouth showing me my load sitting in a pool in his mouth, he chuckled holding his lips and got up, hurrying to the top of the bed, I could just see him, get down to Dan’s head, he turned it and opened his mouth, then dribbled my load on to his tongue. `Fuck that’s hot’ Rob squeezed in with the camera filming the whole thing; Dexy looked over at me and winked, then pushed his lips to Dan’s. That was the last thing I saw, until I woke. * I sat bolt upright, fuck, we were in our caravan, I spun round, Dan was in the bed next to me naked except for a white sheet covering his lower half; he looked so peaceful. Christ, had I dreamed the whole thing? Shouldn’t my head be throbbing like a bitch? I looked round; my watch was on the bedside table; well, that’s where I always left it; maybe I had taken it off?. I pulled the sheet from me and looked down my body, expecting to see dried cum matted into my albeit, limited body hair. Nope nothing. Dan gave a little moan next to me and lifted his face from the pillow. `Morning honey’ I smiled back and leant to kiss him `Morning sexy, did you sleep well? He gave a little “Mmmmm” noise nodded and stretched. `You? I half smiled. Fuck what was going on? Had I just had another of my all to vivid dreams? It wouldn’t be the first time I had dreamed of Dan shagging other guys and woken up pissed at him as if it had really happened. Maybe I had? this seemed way to real too. I couldn’t stop myself, he put his head back into the pillow and closed his eyes. `Did you have a nice time at the club house? `Mmmm’ `They were nice, those young guys’ `Mmmm’ I hated that, I tried to calm myself; my head screaming “FUCKING SPEAK TO ME”. Didn’t they want us to go back to carry on the party? `Mmmm’ `Dan’ `Mmmmm…’ `Dan! `What? He looked up and half opened his eyes, rubbing one of his hands down his chest hair, I followed his hand under the sheet, until it reached his groin; he was sporting a very hard cock. `Are you okay? you seem very sleepy’ He yawned and stretched again, turning fully onto his back, his eyes now open; he rubbed them, and smiled. `It was a long drive’ `Did we drink much last night? `No more than usual’ His eyes glinted and he pulled back the sheet. `Want to help me with this? My balls are blue’ He gripped the base of his shaft and squeezed his dick hard, his beautiful bellend flared. He tilted it towards me and put on a his usual `little cock voice’ `Hello’ I smiled at him and shuffled closer, throwing the rest of the sheet off me. His cock waggled again `Do you want to play? I couldn’t stop myself smiling `You silly sod, you know the answer to that’ I shuffled down towards his groin; he waggled his dick at me again `Hello’ I chuckled `Hello, little man’ I moved closer and breathed in deeply; surely if he had been shagging I would soon smell it; nope nothing. But last night seemed so real so vivid; avrupa yakası escort I had watched those guys riding his cock. I shook my head “Fuck you brain” stop making me paranoid. I saw his fingers tense round the shaft and a bead of precum bubbled out of his cock lips; I licked mine and leaned forward, engulfing his bellend in my mouth, my tongue licked up the precum and smeared it on and around the taste buds in my mouth; his pre was so sweet. I pulled his cock back and looked at it; it was beautiful; another lick, nope it tasted just like usual; Dan always kept himself very clean. I slipped my hand round his shaft replacing his hand with mine and squeezed, the velvet flesh; so familiar to my touch. My tongue slid over his great helmet and down to the deep Coronal ridge; he gasped and pushed his hips up; his voice hissing `Oh yes’ I worked my tongue slowly round to his bow string; although Dan was uncut his foreskin never fully covered his cockhead; soft it usually sat like it was wearing a roll neck jumper. Hard however, the skin stretched taut all of the slack taken by the length of his shaft. His shaft was still thick, but looked thinner than it was; all because of his beautifully large bellend. It sat atop of his shaft, like a satsuma. His bowstring was taut, it split his Glans, causing each orb to bulge; perfect for a tongue to explore and enjoy, he groaned again as I dragged the tip of my tongue up his bowstring to his cock lips; another groan, his cock throbbed in my hands; another bead of precum bubbled to the surface, I lapped it off. Surely his balls would smell, if he had been fucking? I eased my mouth off his cockhead and licked down his shaft, a journey my tongue had made so many times; I chuckled to myself. Little vein to the junction, take the larger vein to the main highway; that fingertip thick fucker that pulsed to my tongues touch, follow that all the way down to his trimmed pubes. I licked through the short coarse black hairs; still nothing, maybe just a faint taste of soap. I moved between his legs, he brought them up bending them at the knee, his broad manly feet planted firmly either side of me on the mattress. I leant forward and looked at his heavy balls; they hung together in his loose sac; I blew across them, watching as one moved of its own accord. I kissed it first, just a peck and then its partner. Dan’s cock bobbed above me, giving little slapping noises as it hit his stomach. Another kiss to each of his nut’s this time longer, followed by a lick. All this time I was breathing deeply; still nothing out of the ordinary; to be honest I hadn’t realised I was doing it, until he asked `You okay, you sound like your hyperventilating’ `Oh sorry, yes fine’ One more place to check; well two really. I pushed my nose under his balls and against his taint; another deep breath. `Are you okay? `Yes, sorry’ `Come up here, I want to kiss you’ I felt his hands cup the back of my head; I eased my finger along his taint to his hole and pushed against it. He jumped `Hey, no you don’t, what’s got into you? His fingers gently entwined in my hair and pulled me ever so gently up the bed, I lay across him. Both of us staring into each other’s eyes. His face suddenly lit up: recognition. `Did you have another one of your dreams? My face must have given me away; never follow me into a jury box; I can’t tell a lie without it being written all over my face. `You have! haven’t you? He gave a belly laugh `What did I do this time? Or is it like usual, what didn’t I do? I gave him a playful punch `Stop it, your laughing at me’ He wrapped his arms round me and pulled me tightly to his chest, his lips pushing hard against mine, his tongue duelling with mine. He rolled me on to my back, my legs separated as he got himself between them. I instinctively wrapped them round his waist as he guided his cockhead to my hole. `This will settle you down, you silly sod’ I relaxed my hole, as I felt the pressure increase. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK We both stopped and looked at each other. `Who can that be? KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK `Dunno, it sounds important though’ Dan moved back off the bed and went down the corridor to the door, I sat up and listened as he opened it. I could hear a young voice. `Sorry to bother you, we are leaving now; you left your watch at ours’ ******************* For lovers of a good song see link below (58) Mary Poppins (Gay) parody – Quick Sniff Of Poppers – YouTube Guy’s well do you want to know more about the holiday? Let me know. I’ll keep posting this and maybe new stories if I feel you guys are enjoying them. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that my stories are making other guys cum. Your e-mails inspire me to write more and better stories. So please do send me an e-mail if you want me to keep writing. 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