A November Night

Voyeur Sex


I sip on wine as I finish my makeup to help ease the nervous knot in my stomach. I am simultaneously beyond excited and yet apprehensive to see you again. I always wonder if this time could possibly be better than the last. Hearing the knock on the door to the hotel room, I scurry across the room and open the door for you. As you walk in, I drink in the view. I wrap my arms around you, smiling slightly, letting you gently brush my lips with yours. I appreciate your gentleness, despite my desire for the exact opposite. I let my hands wonder up your shirt. Your skin is so warm against my hands. Pulling you closer to me, I feel your cock pressed against my side. Clearly you are as excited for this moment as I am.

“Go ahead, you know you want to,” you say to me. I grin, as you have read my mind. I sneak one more quick kiss and lower myself to my knees, kissing along your delicious V as I do. I take you in my mouth, remembering just how big, how heavy you feel. I start slow, letting my mouth adjust to your size, but pick up my pace as I feel you growing in my mouth. I want to feel you in my throat, I want to gag on you. It doesn’t take long for your hands to find the back of my head as you push your cock farther into my mouth and hold it there. As I gag slightly, you push it down farther. I spiral into your control, your dominance. As you ease your grip, I begin working you in and out of my mouth again, as I a relic in the moment. You grip the counter behind you and throw your head back slightly. I look up at you, admiring you, as you let out a curse under your breath.

After a few more minutes of me worshiping you orally, you reach down and pull me up towards you. You offer a gentle kiss that quickly turns greedy. Grabbing my throat, you lead me to the bed, pushing me down on all fours. I feel you behind me, your hand on my back as your line your cock up with my entrance. You ask me a question and I start to answer, until I feel your length fill me. I lose my train of thought as I am overtaken with sensation. I always forget how big you kurtköy bayan escortlar feel inside of me, how much you fill me, hitting all the spots no one else can, the ones that send me over the edge. I feel both of your hands on my hips, holding me tight as you pump in and out of me. The sound of your body hitting mine resonates in the room. I feel my orgasm building quickly, the feeling intensified by the anal plug I put in before you got here. You continue your assault as I shove a pillow in my mouth, biting down to release some of the tension in my body. A few more thrusts and my world turns white for a moment, my pussy tightening around your cock as my orgasm rocks through me.

As I come back to earth, I push myself upward. I find your rhythm and match it, push back on you with each thrust. The simple change in position lets you reach the deepest parts of me. While it borders painful, it is also like nothing I have ever felt before. You lean over me, kiss my shoulder. As you straighten up, you begin thrusting in and out of me, rapidly.

“Spank me,” I say. And you do. Twice. “Harder,” I say. And you comply. The sting of your hand against my skin adds to the sensations I am experiencing. And quickly, I feel my body rising again. So quickly. You sense it too and grab a fistful of my hair and pull me upwards. Another slight change in position and the orgasm comes quickly. The sensations are nearly too much to take in – the pain of you pulling my hair, the full feeling of you deep inside of me, and the pulsing of my orgasm. Even with my hair in your fist, I cannot hold myself up through my orgasm. My arms, my shoulders collapse to the bed as my hands grip onto the blankets. I find myself uttering single curse words in a primal voice as I bite down on the pillow again. You slow down slightly, giving me time to come back from my orgasm. As you loosen your grip on me, you pull out of me.

I hear you say, “Look what you did to my dick.” I look down and see you covered in the juices from kurtköy escort my orgasm. Instinctually, I lean down and suck them off of you. You ask me if I taste good, to which I merely nod a yes. I lay on the bed while you stand next to me, us both catching our breath, our bodies momentarily resting. You lay down on top of me, your weight against me is one of the most glorious feelings I have ever experienced. I find my legs wrapped around you. A few kisses and then I feel you rush into me again. I stare at you, in awe of the power you have over me. You catch me staring and dive in for a deep, hungry kiss. I grab your hand and put it against my throat. The feeling of your fingertips digging into my flesh is exactly what I need right now. I close my eyes and let my body give way to you. I feel my breath growing short, shallow. The edge that I teeter on is this perfect balance for me.

“You really do want to be punished,” you say. “What did you do so bad? What did you do? Huh?” you continue. I don’t have words, I just want to soak in this feeling. Again, I am overwhelmed with multiple sensations, one of which is another orgasm building inside. You pull away from me for a second and pull my legs you onto your shoulders. Instantly you are deeper in me than you have ever been. And with just a few thrusts, I and tumbling over the edge again, as everything turns white. I don’t know what you do to me that makes me cum in such succession, but it is nothing short of incredible. After I work through my third orgasm for the night, you let my legs down, picking up speed, clearly going after your own release. I open my eyes and look at you, so warmed and thankful for this little piece of you. Within a minute or two, you are gripping my hips and spilling your warmth deep inside of me.

As you lay down on the bed, I quickly follow, snuggling myself against your head, touching your face, your arm, running my fingers in your hair. We lay like that just for a moment. I can see your cock as you lay naked next to me. I can’t kurtköy escort bayanlar help but to go down on your again. So I nestle myself down my your hip, taking you in my mouth again. I start slowly, focusing on the head, stroking the rest of your length. Occasionally I move my hand and take you as deep into my mouth as I can, going until I gag. You are quick to get hard again. But I want to service you well. I keep moving my mouth up and down your cock, noting what you seem to like. I hear you curse a few times, as I think to myself that you must be enjoying this. I want to feel you explode into my mouth, but my jaw starts to go numb. I forget how quickly that happens with a cock of your size. I pull myself back up to snuggle you. As I do, you begin stroking yourself. I want to kiss you, snuggle, but I can’t take my eyes away from your stroking yourself right in from of me. I could watch you all day.

After a few minutes, you ask me, “Where do you want it?”

“My ass. I want it in my ass,” I respond, excited to feel you inside of me again.

“You’ll have to get him sloppy and wet again first,” you say. So I quickly dive my head back between your legs, my mouth dripping with spit to coat your dick. As I am getting you as wet as I can, you slowly ease the plug out of my ass. You can’t see my face, but knowing you are pulling that from my ass to replace it with your dick has me grinning. Once I feel the plug pop out, I give your dick one last drip of spit and then flip over to all fours. You line your length up with my ass and slowly push it in. The way your stretch me feels unbelievable. I feel the primal groan escape my lips. You start slow, but aren’t shy about picking up your speed. I welcome the additional pressure, the slight pain. After a minute of two, I find myself pushing back towards you, wanting you deeper in my ass, wanting you to push it in faster, harder. You flip me to my side and change our position, so we are almost spooning. This one feels even better. You kiss my shoulder a few times, utter a few words about how good it feels. I can sense you are getting close. I look back towards you. You are the embodiment of sexy at this moment. You grip me once more as your release your load deep in my ass. It takes a little bit of time to finish, and you just grip me tightly as it does.

I sit, thoroughly exhausted, completely content.

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