A Mexican Holiday Part 3

Voyeur Sex


In the morning Ginger awoke feeling rested and happy and strangely turned on. It was soon apparent why she felt that way, Dan had been softly caressing her tits and pussy as she slept; now that he knew that she was awake he pushed the covers off, moved down and began licking her slick cunt. Gently pushing her knees apart he used his hands to spread her pussy exposing her little button to his assault. Softly he blew on her clit and just as softly he used just the tip of his tongue to caress it.
Ginger was just getting into it when there was a knock at the door and room service was announced. Dan backed off the bed and threw on a robe to answer the door leaving Ginger to pull the covers over herself just in time to not give the waiter a heart attack. The waiter rolled in the cart covered with breakfast delights, Dan offered him a generous tip and the man withdrew grinning from ear to ear after scanning Ginger’s covered form in the bed.
“You did that on purpose didn’t you!” she said in mock anger. “You ordered room service and then started in on me knowing that we couldn’t finish, didn’t you?”
Dan only shrugged, smiled and offered her a slice of Mango.
They finished breakfast, dressed for the sunny day and went down to meet with Carol and Tom. They were easy to find in the hotel’s coffee shop, Carol had on a thin white top and a big floppy hat. Tom had shorts made from desert Camouflage pants and an Army Ranger t-shirt. Both sported big grins as they rose to make room in the big booth.
Ginger ordered O.J. and Dan got black coffee before Ginger told Carol what Dan had done to her this morning. Carol wagged her finger at Dan but had a big smile as did Tom who offered Dan a high five which earned him a slug on the shoulder from Carol.
The talk quickly turned to the topic of what they were to do for the rest of the day. Nobody had given it much thought… except Carol and she wanted to do some shopping with Ginger; she offered to let the guys tag along but they strongly declined with Tom saying that he would rather go back to Iraqi than go shopping.
It was decided that the girls would be on their own until 4 in the afternoon when they would meet back here to make further plans. The Guys were lift to fend for themselves which Dan said was just fine by him.
A short cab ride brought the girls to the shopping district with open shops and street venders galore. They wandered along looking at everything, picking up a few items, giggling and placing them back on their racks or tables. Entering a small shop Ginger inquired of the lady at the counter, in Spanish, if they had anything made locally.
The owner smiled broadly and with a rapid fire voice began dragging Ginger around the shop; she pulled several items down and handed them to her all the while describing the details of each piece. Carol finally got a word in and asked what Ginger had said to make the lady so excited and how it was that she spoke such fluent Spanish.
Ginger began her story slowly because she had to interrupt herself often to comment to the sales lady on this piece or that, but it finally came out that she had ask if there was any local stuff knowing the owner would be thrilled that they wanted to see her work.
The Spanish was a longer tale, her next door neighbors when she was a little girl had emigrated from Spain and they had two little girls around Ginger’s age. The adults spoke mostly Spanish and some broken English but the girls grew up speaking both languages and because they were best friends Ginger ended up speaking Spanish too.
She had even spent a couple of summers in Madrid with her friends when they were sent to visit their grandparents. The three girls were treated like royalty by both sets of grandparents and numerous uncles, aunts, and cousins; further where she worked she was always around Mexican or South American workers and she had learned the differences between Spanish as the Spaniards spoke it and the Spanish of Mexico and South America.
Now it was just natural for her to slip into her Spanish mode when in this environment. The two shoppers picked out a couple tops and skirts and paid much below the ticketed price. Carol asked Ginger to ask if the owner would recommend another store where they might find swimming suits and/or lingerie and with a sly smile they were directed down the street and thru an alley to such a shop.
They were told to just say “Maria sent us” and they would receive the best service in town.
They found the place easily and using the special code words in Spanish they were ushered through the store and an extra clerk was called to assist them in any way possible. The things they were shown were the best, impressing Carol with the quality and quantity.
They were urged to try on everything so with a half dozen hangers each they adjourned to the fitting rooms to try on the bras, panties, corsets, assorted bikinis and lingerie. They started out each in their own space but after ducking in and out a few times Ginger just moved over to Carol’s space where they tried on, showed off and giggled about many special outfits.
As Ginger took off one little bra and thong set Carol stroked her arm commenting about Ginger’s beautiful skin and how she envied her. Ginger frankly accepted the complement and threw back one of her own telling Carol how lovely she thought she was too. The two women stood for a moment really looking at one other; taking in what they each thought was true beauty.
Carol finally broke the silence saying that she certainly understood why Dan couldn’t seem to keep his hands off Ginger; Ginger blushed and said that she had nothing on Carol who seemed to have Tom wrapped around her little finger. Carol said that it was Tom who had her wrapped around his thing.
Recalling their earlier conversations she then asked “just how big is Dan’s Magic”?
Ginger replied “it’s a little above average, seven inches or so, but it is thick and hard when it needed to be and besides it’s the way he worked his magic that made all the difference.”
Carol’s eyes seemed to sparkle at that.
Ginger went on to ask “is it really just his thing that attracts you to Tom”?
Carol replied “it’s not just that, as nice as it is, that attracts me to him but the way he treats me. It seems like true affection, not just lust that makes me want to be around him”.
Carole, it seemed, had had her boy toys before and they were nice to have around but the novelty wore off pretty quickly and she had to throw them away.
“Tom”, she thought,” is different”.
As their conversation progressed the two women had moved closer and their voices softened so that now they were only inches apart. Carol was a few inches taller than Ginger and had on panties where Ginger was nude. It seemed natural for Carol to bring up her right arm to hold the back of Gingers head as she leaned in to kiss her lips gently, Ginger accepted the kiss and returned it with one just as gentle.
The nipples on their breasts touched because Ginger’s tits were firm and high on her chest where Carol’s breasts were set a little lower and had a slight sag. Ginger’s tits were still white with large dark nipples, which stood in contrast to the rest of her skin that had acquired a golden brown hue; Carol’s breasts were larger, tanned, had large areola and small nipples.
There was almost a spark between them when they backed off a little for a big breath before they kissed again. Ginger raised her hands in an almost defensive maneuver ending up holding Carol’s breasts with the nipples in her palms. Carol brought up her other hand to hold ginger’s head as the kiss deepened; soon their tongues were intertwined and their breathing became more rapid and ragged.
It was at that critical point the clerk coughed gently before she entered the curtained room with more things; the women retreated quickly to neutral corners. Carols eyes were smoldering and Ginger’s were wide open and wild looking until they regained their composure. Neither one of them sensed the smell of overheated pussy that had permeated the little space but both of their bodies had begun to react to their elevated hormonal levels as they continued to try on the things offered them.
The guys had opted for a little bar hopping, finding refuge in a little dive not far from the hotel where they proceeded to sample some of the local beers. After two or three they were off to the next place where besides the beer they spotted a poster advertising bullfighting. That started a challenge about who would last longer in the bull ring, Dan or Tom.
They finally agreed that neither of them would last a minute and that was that until Dan noticed the dates on the poster which meant that there was a bullfight today, now that was something they both had never seen so, off they went. They caught a cab telling the driver to find the bullfight. It was a short drive and they were there.
With bags hanging from both their hands the girls bounced into the coffee shop laughing, talking in their own short hand and giggling at their secret messages as they searched for the men. Seeing no one they got a booth and ordered margaritas to cool themselves off.
The guys finally burst onto the scene wearing large sombreros and colorful ponchos. They waltzed up to the girls arm in arm singing some ridiculous song about bullfighting; they were obviously drunk and happy to see the girls. Collapsing in the booth beside their respective lady they tried to get a big kiss; once rebuffed they began again to regale the room with their loud singing until the ladies relented kissing them firmly.
It was decided that the men, being in no shape to plan anything, should sleep it off while the girls planed the evening’s activities. Depositing their two hombres in Tom and Ginger’s room, where they immediately fell into a deep slumber, the ladies adjourned to Carol’s room to plot.
The first thing Carol did was to call the front desk and request a room change. She’d noticed that Gingers room had a door that could be opened to access the next room so she asked if that room was available, it was, and could a bellman be assigned to help them move, he could, and he was on his way up.
Ginger was impressed with Carol’s manor and her mind began to ponder the possibilities that the move opened up. Once they had all of Tom’s and Carol’s things in the new room they brought out their new outfits, spreading them out on the two queen sized beds; undressing completely they tried out everything again showing off to one another, escort london parading around like French tarts and throwing out compliments or jabs at one another’s choices.
Ginger commented that she wished that she had had a big sister like Carol when she was growing up, it would have been so much fun. That froze Carol in her tracks and tears came to her eyes while she softly crossed the room to hug Ginger, telling her that that was the sweetest thing she had ever heard. Ginger hugged Carol back and wouldn’t let go until they kissed in a most unsisterly way. The games resumed and continued until they decided on their outfits and their plan for the evening was completed.
The two hombres were allowed to sleep until 8 PM when the girls awakened them; Carol dragged Tom thru the hall to their room. The men were told to shower, sober and clean up because the night was still young.
It wasn’t until they emerged from their showers that they realized that their ladies had costumed themselves in low cut tops and tight skirts with slits up the legs high enough to reveal that their hose were held in place by garter belts; Gingers outfit revealing her tan lines, Carol’s enhancing her cleavage. Their faces were made up to excess and their hair was up revealing large dangling earrings.
The girls did not reveal that their rooms were attached before they met again in the lobby. Having two such ravishing ladies on their arms had begun to clear the men’s heads somewhat so that they were in a party mood when they squeezed into the cab for a ride to the club. The weekend had begun and the club was hopping with lots of people drinking and dancing. To Dan’s delight the music was older rock-and-roll so he didn’t feel so out of place.
The girls had reserved a table near the dance floor so as soon as they arrived they were seated in the heart of the action. The guys were eager to take their special ladies out onto the dance floor to show them off so they immediately dragged the girls out of their seats. The floor was crowded but the four friends soon had enough space staked out that they could move without crashing into the other dancers.
The girls had decided that a subdued, sexy manor would be the best to keep their men on edge; nothing overt or slutty would do tonight. They managed to not only keep their men entranced but half the man on the floor were caught in their snare; a couple of the other women around them assuming the same understated attitude just to compete. Dan liked the pace that he and Ginger had knowing that he could dance with her all night if she kept this up.
The slow dances were harder for the women; Dan and especially Tom wanted to get down and dirty but the women always succeeded at pulling away from the overzealous advances and dirty dancing; the guys finally learning that soft caresses and a nuzzle to the neck would be returned by the brush of a tit or a caress across their crotch. The four would dance for a while then sit and nurse their drinks; allowing the guys to sober up by burning off the alcohol and the girls could keep their pleasant buzz.
At one time Ginger spotted her old friends across the dance floor, they were dancing in a corner with a couple of young gringo’s; they looked like hell! Their hair was unruly, their clothes, what little they had on looked tattered and they acted like they were already fucking the guys on the dance floor. Ginger looked away to see Carol dancing in Tom’s arms as others stood and watched the elegant couple. Ginger swooped into Dan’s arms and kissed him hard on his lips; before he could react she spun away giving him a smoldering look over her shoulder.
They once again sat down at their table but this time Ginger gave a nod to Carol and they excused themselves to go powder their noses; returning a few moments later they each handed their guy a small present. The guys had only to hold the presents in their hands for a second until they realized what they were; they were holding the girls panties. Both men held them to their nose, inhaled deeply before pocking the items and reached for a girl to kiss.
Carol said that she wanted some fresh air, a motion Ginger seconded, so they all left. Once out the door they walked down the street a short distance until they found the little road that led to the shore, following it until they were at the sea wall; there the couples stood, embraced and turned to watch the moonlight shimmer on the water.
It was then that both women asked to be placed on the bulkhead to have their feet rubbed. Side by side they set while the guys removed their shoes and rubbed the souls of their feet. Tom smiled at Dan as they worked.
Dan thought this was déjà vu all over again when the girls together said “Lick me.”
At this point Dan was way ahead of Tom; he didn’t hesitate to push his face forward as he spread Ginger’s legs spearing her hot cunt with the tip of his extended tongue. Tom snapped out of his wonderment quickly diving right into Carol’s overheated cunt. Ginger used both hands at the back of Dan’s head to press his face to her center as she reveled in the erotic sensation. Carol locked her ankles together and squeezed Tom’s head as he licked her repeatedly from her ass hole to clit with the flat of his tongue.
Dan’s tongue stabbed deeply into Gingers nectar filled pussy as she mashed his nose against her clit. Both women were rocked by near simultaneous orgasms; once they began to calm down they leaned into one another and kissed, both men continuing their gentle oral manipulations to their respective cunts.
This new development was not lost on ether of the guys, they may have been somewhat preoccupied with the juicy slit right in front of them but they would have to have been deaf, dumb and blind to miss the shift in posture the sounds as their ladies made out.
Dan’s mind was beginning to go into overload. He had enjoyed being the senior partner in this sexual relationship, his ego had been stroked as often as his cock as he led Ginger thru one sexy episode after another; now he felt that he was losing his dominance to this female dynamo and her mature comrade.
Boom! The light bulb in his brain came on and it illuminated a great truth that had been hiding somewhere in the back of his mind.
He didn’t have to be the dominating partner to enjoy this relationship!
Hadn’t he been thrilled as Ginger’s confidence and her capabilities grew right before his eyes?
Didn’t the woman she had become turn him on more than ever?
Hadn’t he encouraged her growth and didn’t he want her to be what she had become?
Didn’t she turn him on every time he looked at her now?
What had he to fear from her; didn’t he know her well enough to trust her as an equal?
What surprises might she have for him if he stepped up his game to play at her new level?
Was he man enough for her?
Hell yes!
With his mind now at rest he concentrated on the task at hand, or on the tip of his tongue. Her pussy was pouring out her nectar at an ever increasing rate and she seemed to be in a constant state of ecstasy as Carol’s hands teased her tits while he sucked at her clit and drank her juices.
Tom found that just having his face buried in Carol’s cunt was not enough and he broke away pulling her down to the sand where he wrapped himself around her to smother her with kisses pulling her top down freeing her tits. At the same time Carol unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out stroking him vigorously as he sucked her nipples and cupped her breasts, pulling them up to his mouth.
Ginger and Dan were soon engaged in a passionate wrestling match of their own. He had her pinned against the seawall, his hands were everywhere at once; one hand he slid up her dress burring three fingers in her open pussy, with the other he had pulled her top away from her tits so that he could suck her hard, long nipples.
She tore at his shirt in an attempt to bare his chest and once that was accomplished she struggled to loosen his belt and drop his pants. They ended up falling onto the sand and after rolling about trying to engage one another they broke into laughter at their predicament. Holding on they looked over at Tom and Carol who had also realized how silly they had been and had stopped pawing to just hold one another and gently kiss in the moonlight.
It took some time for the four to rearrange their clothes in order to look decent enough to walk back up to the street and hail a cab, but they managed with a lot of good natured ribbing and wet kisses. The driver looked repeatedly back at them in his mirror as he drove down the now quiet street.
They were quite a sight; sand was everywhere, buttons were missing and garments gapped at the most interesting places… and they kept breaking into laughter. Someone would giggle then they all would burst out into a roaring laughter and it would stop until there was another giggle.
Finally back at the hotel the gang of four managed to pass thru the lobby without garnering too much attention and disappeared into an elevator that took them to their floor. Tom was a little confused when Carol walked past Dan’s room to the next door and ask for their keycard; his confusion continued as they entered the room only to have Ginger appear beside the window as if by magic.
He finally figured it out when Dan walked thru a door grabbing Ginger while thanking the girls for the surprise. The guys tried to restart the wrestling matches but the girls insisted that they had to wash away the sand before anything important got rubbed the wrong way. Ginger stepped back into their room to begin stripping down for her shower, she was joined by Dan who quickly dropped his clothes; as soon as she was naked he picked her up and hauled her back to Tom and Carol’s side of the door.
Hearing the shower running in the bathroom he carried Ginger there and roaring “Open the door”!
They joined Carol and Tom under the shower.
It could have been very tight if the shower stall was like theirs but this new shower was built for the handicapped and was more than twice the size, with extra nozzles spewing hot water, and a hand held wand too.
Helping hands were everywhere, liquid soap was squeezed on everyone’s front and back and a good lather built up only to be rinsed away when someone turned around. No one paid any attention to whose hands slipped down whose butt crack, whose hand stroked whose dick or whose finger was in what hole. It all had to be cleaned, caressed and fondled.
At one point they found escort service themselves in a tight boy girl, boy girl circle; the boys had their arms on the girls’ shoulders with the girls holding their junk. Carol had each of the men’s cocks in her hands, Ginger held their balls; Carol weighed each carefully giving them each a stroke or two just to keep them at full mast, Ginger squeezed each sack gently and pulled each down until she let them slip from her hands.
While their junk was being manipulated the men busied their eyes with the girl’s tits comparing and complementing each lady on their individual merits. Carol agreed with Ginger on her description of the men’s equipment; saying that their length, width and weight made each one a work of art.
The guys then turned the girls around to better inspect their Fannies. They agreed that while Ginger’s was firmer, Carol’s was rounder and softer and each little puckered ass hole was a delight. Their fingers slid down and into the juicy pusses.
While their behinds were inspected the girls leaned forward bracing their hands on their knees, letting their tits hang and wiggle. Ginger, being younger, had fewer wiggles to her tits than Carol; her breasts hung free and wobbled invitingly as she enjoyed having the men search her rear end.
Now that everyone was clean the girls shooed the men out of the bathroom so they could prepare the next surprise; the guys left reluctantly, their dicks full and their balls tight, to dry themselves off and wait with great anticipation for the next act.
Carol yelled at Tom to hit play on her I pod that sat on the table in the corner; once the music began the two girls came out of the bathroom dancing like strippers. Carol had on a white one piece outfit that revealed more than it covered. The top included support for her generous tits yet it revealed her areola and nipples, the material then tapered down to a strip of cloth that just covered her pussy and since she was so aroused her lips were puffy making a large camel toe.
Ginger’s outfit was emerald green and in two pieces; both top and bottom were lace and essentially they were strips of material just thick enough to obscure her dark nipples and bare pussy. They both had on stiletto heels that made their legs seem impossibly long and shapely.
They each grabbed chairs and placed them in front of their men who were sitting on the foot of a bed; using the chairs as props they caressed themselves, wiggling their bodies as they bent over presenting their ass then they reached between their legs to lewdly caress their crotch; moving close to their man they would lean over to softly whip their tits back and forth on the face of their chosen victim.
Tom and Dan were sitting on the edge of their seat totally captivated by the visions whirling before them, their dicks were as hard as they could be and stuck out angrily from their crotches; as the girls came close each man would reach out in an attempt to catch or at least touch his dancer but the girls would stay one second ahead of them and kept up their dance.
After the music changed Carol moved in behind Ginger wrapping her hands around the younger girl she fondled her tits; Ginger responded with a soft moan and leaning back twisting her head she met Carol’s lips with a lusty kiss.
Carol then dropped her hands to Ginger’s hips and pulled her back grinding the girl’s ass on her pussy. Ginger pulled her top down to her waist and grabbed both her breasts massaging them slowly as Carol pumped her ass as if she had a dick.
Ginger broke the hold after eight bars of the music; whirling around Carol she slid her hands inside the white garment cupping the larger soft tits in her strong hands causing Carol moan as she pinched the little nipples trying to pull them off her tits. Ginger nibbled Carol’s neck making her moan louder while she kept up the pressure on the little pebbles; pulling and rolling them between her fingers.
Carol moved away, spinning to face Ginger she stood tall while she pulled the white cloth from her body pushing one hand down firmly mashing the palm of her hand over her clit while thrusting her hips forward and back.
Ginger watched for just two bars as Carol did the bump and grind then she too stripped herself and they danced closer touching themselves as they looked at the other. The odor of the two overheated pusses permeated the room as they danced on.
Their attention now turned to the two naked men sitting on the beds; dancing over they began rubbing their tits on the men, the guys in turn caressed every inch of skin. They rubbed their hands over the girl’s asses and then up and down between their legs they caressed getting their fingers soaked with the juices that were now pouring from the cunts.
Ginger was the first to sit down on Dan and let his hard cock slip between her legs to rub the shaft up and down the front of her cunt. Dan was half leaning back and held onto her shoulders as he pumped himself in and out of her slick trap. Carol had also assumed the position but was bouncing up and down as Tom held her waist.
Everyone was now breathing hard and fast as the music ended. The girls both got up to the groans of their mates, turning around they shoved the men’s shoulders back to the mattress, moved up and after going to their knees they slid their cunts down completely impaling the hard dicks into their holes. All four groaned again as one.
Dan began with small moves of his hips, his eyes were locked on Ginger’s fiery emerald eyes, and green sparks issued from them as she responded with little movements of her own; his hands were on her hips gripping her hard to signal his passion. He would take her long and deep tonight.
Tom had Carol’s tits in his hands as she leaned over his body bouncing about an inch up and down on his long dick. He watched her as she concentrated on moving with her eyes closed; he was amazed by the total control of her body and he began to meet her thrusts with his own which triggered a larger bounce until they were using the bed as a trampoline.
Dan and Ginger’s movements were building to a heavy grind, Ginger moving up and down, rolling around and then left to right as Dan fought to keep his cock as deep as possible in her now very slick hole.
He suddenly had had enough and threw Ginger off only to catch her and throw her down on the bed on her knees where her impaled himself again and began to pound away at her pussy while he gripped her hips pulling her back to meet his every thrust. Once she began to thrust back on her own he rose up and brought his hand down on her ass with a loud smack; gritting his teeth he lunged forward with a much greater force pushing her off her knees on to a prone position where her lay on her and thrust away as she grunted under his weight.
Tom and Carol’s movements had finally almost bounced them off the bed so Carol had to release him and Tom took the initiative and stood at the side of the bed pulling Carol up to his dick as she lay on her back. Forcing her knees back to a position at her ears he rammed himself deep into her sloppy cunt and he fucked her; standing as he was he could drive his cock viciously in and out making her wail like a siren. He held her calves and split her legs so that he could enjoy watching her tits move in waves at every thrust.
Dan rolled the two of them over until Ginger was on top repositioning her legs she began to move up and down in a reverse cowgirl. With her hands braced on Dan’s shins she had the freedom to take a moment as she rode Dan like a horse to see what else was going on.
She watched Tom as he split Carol with his magnificent tool and was amazed when he withdrew completely only to aim his thrusts to her anal ring; in only three tries he had managed to worm half his dick into her ass and Carol had her right hand over her cunt with her middle finger in her pussy agitating her hand vigorously.
That brought Ginger back to her own situation; she needed to cum badly so she realigned her hips on Dan’s dick grinding it hard into her hole and let go. It was so satisfying to have her body respond to her needs. She shook and her pussy clamped onto Dan in waves as she came hard. She needed someone to hold her so she spun around without letting go of Dan and lay down on his chest renewing her soft grind as Dan’s passion continued unabated.
Dan having felt Gingers orgasm now went on a mission of his own. With his arms around her he rolled them again this time into the missionary position and he began to fuck her with a purpose. He wanted them to cum together; he nuzzled close to her ear and urged her to cum again with him.
He began to chant in time with his thrusts “cum…with…me, cum…with… me… “
Ginger picked up on his pace and soon they were flying as one. His movements became more ragged signaling that he was near his end. She let go again and they were there… together.
Tom had buried himself completely in Carol’s ass and was enduring her heavy grip as he pummeled her; Carol was I another world as she took all this young stud could give, giving back just as much. She too now had to cum so she punched her clit and pulled it away from her body and it came in waves, her climax just went on and on until she was a dish rag and she almost passed out; Tom, when he felt her body shake, released the tidal wave from his balls before collapsing beside Carol.
There was little movement and no sounds from the four for minutes until Ginger finally got Dan to half roll off her so she could relax and breath; in the afterglow she looked over at Carol to see that her cunt, which was pointed at her, glistened with liquids as her distended ass leaked Tom’s Cum.
Ginger felt that she was being pulled toward Carol’s wet center; she was not finished yet, there was more she wanted, no needed, to do. Extricating herself from Dan’s embrace she went to her knees between Carol’s legs and leaned forward to lap at Carol’s wet cunt and ass hole. Gently she gathered the various liquids on her tongue and brought them into her mouth where she rolled them around like she tasted a fine wine.
Once the bulk of the liquids were cleaned away she concentrated on Carol’s clit; the hard bead was blood red and pushed out away from its hood as Ginger nursed on it slipping her tongue in and out of Carol’s hole. Carol finally noticed that her enflamed pussy was getting some gentle attention lifting her head she found that it was Ginger doing her best to bring her back from the dead.
Sitting up she gripped Ginger by escorts in london the ears and moved the both of them back up into the center of the bed where she positioned Ginger into a sixty nine letting the girl again attend to her cunt as she studied Ginger’s pussy positioned just above her head. Finally she extending her tongue and touching Ginger’s clit she triggered Ginger’s hips to descend onto her face mashing the soggy, cum laced hole onto her mouth.
Dan, having recovered his senses when Ginger moved away, now studied the two lovely creatures as they pleasured each other and began to stroke his gooey cock as it began to harden. Tom had a ring side seat as he lay next to the two lusty ladies; their passion had an effect on him too and his cock began to fill with his hot blood. For the moment the two men relaxed and enjoyed the action before them knowing that their time would cum again, so to speak.
Each of the girls shuttered thru another climax yet they stayed locked together but it was Carol who by using a free hand grabbed Tom and communicated to him that he should move around to her head and join in the fun. At first he thought that she wanted him to fuck her mouth but she grabbed him and jammed his dick into Ginger’s hot pussy. He slid right in and Carol rewarded his accuracy by sucking at his balls as they swung back and forth with his efforts in Ginger.
She alternated between sucking his balls and Ginger’s slot as his shaft slid back and forth pulling Ginger’s lips with it. Ginger was in heaven again as she arched her back to purr like a mountain lion. She was surprised when Dan’s dick found her open mouth and slid in; she tried to suck it but Tom’s vigorous pounding at her cunt didn’t allow her to stay attached to Dan’s cock for more than a second at any one time.
Frustrated, Dan motioned for Tom to back off and Tom did just that grabbing Ginger by the waist he picked her up and side stepped to his right depositing her on her knees at Carol’s side as she worked to her left, opened her legs and Dan slid right into her hole.
The four had just exchanged partners and were now fucking side by side. Carol was delighted by the new sensations created by Dan’s thicker dick in her pussy; she looked down between her tits to watch as Dan slipped easily in and out making her tits wobble like Jell-O until he grabbed both firmly to squeeze the nipples up to make points on her chest.
Tom had reestablished his steady rhythm after repositioning Ginger at the foot of the bed; he was taking long slow strokes in and out of her box and Ginger had arched her back to get the most contact on her clit and g-spot.
She was now super sensitive and started having a series of small climaxes about fifteen seconds apart; she felt that he would drive her crazy if he kept his pace as it was so she looked back over her shoulder, got his attention with a smoldering look and ask him to fuck her ass like he had Carol.
Ever the gentleman, he slipped his slick cock out of her pussy and brought it up to bare on her puckered ring. He already had a good grip on her hips so he could have just pushed himself into her with no thought for her comfort but he didn’t, he pressed the head slowly and steadily against her virgin hole until it began to yield. Ginger relaxed as much as she could and visualized that her hole would open to accept his monster and it did.
Once in about two inches he stopped and let her get used to his size then he began his gentle back and forth motion and soon he was entirely buried in her ass up to his balls. Ginger felt the fullness in her belly and the all new sensations of his dick sliding in and out as she adjusted herself a little to be more at ease with the violation of her backside.
She slipped her hand to her pussy and jammed two fingers in her hole and she came again; now she could have some control over her body by removing her fingers or just by stopping their movement she could now cum whenever she wanted. Her head was spinning with new sensations she felt light headed and had to tell herself to breath slower and deeper to keep her sanity.
Tom was about to lose his; even though he had just dumped his load in Carol he was building toward another gusher and the way Ginger’s body was trembling and squeezing his member he knew he could not hold out much longer. He began to pound her ass with more authority and this caused his thighs to slap the cheeks of her ass loudly. At that point Ginger lost control of her pussy and began to cum continuously until Tom rammed himself one last time into her spasming hole and splashed his seed into her bowels.
Dan and Carol had been building to their own big finish as Dan pulled her to a sitting position and after she wrapped her legs around him he stood and continued to fuck her standing near the bed. Carol was being pummeled like a rag doll as she gripped Dan by his hips and shoulders; having experienced several orgasms in the space of a minute her juices were running down Dan’s legs.
Dan was sweating profusely with the strain of fucking and supporting her all at once, the extra tension was bringing on his climax swiftly. At the last moment he flopped the two of them down on the bed with Carol beneath him and he came with a huge grunt and sigh. Having Dan fall on her with his dick embedded in her cunt put Carol over the top too so it was several minutes before she released her death grip on him allowing him to roll away from her.
Tom and Ginger had also ended up on a bed in a tangled mess and it wasn’t until Tom had rolled onto the floor that Ginger could relax.
Tom was the first to move because the floor was cold and unyielding; he got up, picked up Ginger retreating into the other suite where he deposited her in the big bed before he went into the bathroom to pee and clean up. Ginger had curled up in the big bed by the time he returned so he just slid in and spooned with her, holding her tight against his body he too fell asleep.
Dan and Carol somehow maneuvered themselves under some of the covers and passed out with Carol half laying on Dan having thrown one leg over his; he had one arm around her shoulders.
It was not early in the morning when life returned in the two suits; Ginger somehow shipped out of Tom’s grip without awaking him and went into the bathroom to cleanup. Dan woke up with Carol holding his cum encrusted dick while milking it in her sleep; she woke up as he pried her hand from his stick so that he could leave her and take care of business in her bathroom.
She gave him a quick peck on the cheek as they passed one another at the bathroom door and she to used the facilities; Dan just flopped back onto the thrashed bed and stretched out his tired muscles enjoying the quiet time. The sour taste of morning breath and the sound of a shower running made getting off the bed much easier to recover his travel kit then he joined Carol in the bathroom; quickly brushing his teeth he joined Carol under the hot water.
She turned her back to the water and opened her arms to him as he entered the steamy space; he scooped her up in his arms and spun them 180 degrees letting the spray wet his backside as he let his front enjoy the sensations of her body pressed against his. After a bit they began scrubbing one another reacquainting themselves with the other’s body parts, nothing to vigorous though, just luxuriating in the afterglow of the sensual overload that was last night.
Ginger had to finish her shower alone and emerged from the bathroom with one of the soft fluffy robes around her to find Tom still asleep in the big bed. His small tight ass stuck out from the covers that were tangled up in his legs; she sat quietly on the bed and caressed his ass then slipped her hands around to his front and found that he had a morning woody which she stroked.
She stroked him remembering that she had asked him to enter her virgin ass. She stroked him remembering the delicious feelings his dick gave her. She stroked him hard like he stroked her pussy last night, firmly and with passion she was stroking him until he woke up, he looked at her closed eyes and touched her shoulder…then she stopped.
“Don’t stop” he whispered, his eyes begging her to continue.
Ginger withdrew her hand and looked sheepishly at him as he sat up in the bed to kiss her; pushing him away she told him that he should go clean up because he stunk. Tom went off to retrieve his kit and shower his mind totally confused by Ginger’s actions and attitude; wrapping himself in a towel he walked out of the bathroom to find that she had straightened out the sheets and was curled up in the near side of the bed.
She was looking at him in a strange way; as he neared the bed she lifted the bedding exposing her nude form inviting him to join her. He dropped the towel, slid in under the sheets and onto Ginger who wrapped her arms and legs around him, they both sighed a great sigh as he entered her again.
This time it was more like the foreplay they had not engaged in the night before; it was gentle and caring, they spoke to one another in whispers as they rocked gently against one another. He kissed her ears and neck she scratched his back and grabbed his ass as they danced their dance of love; time was of no consequence because they had entered their own little world.
Dan and Carol finished their shower and once wrapped in the bath robes they wondered if the “kids” were awake; starting for the door that connected the two rooms they heard the unmistakable sounds of passion issuing forth. Carol giggled at Dan as he looked at her and shrugged his shoulders; they withdrew to sit at the window retreating into their own memories.
Once the other room had become quiet Dan ventured forth once again to check on the youngsters; finding them cuddled together under the sheets chatting about what they could do to top yesterday. Dan invited them to join Carol and him as soon as they could so they could all put their heads together and figure it out.
They had one more day and a night to fill before they all had to catch their flights home and it seemed that they had done and seen everything there was to do, except they really hadn’t just gone to the beach and relaxed. The nude beach seemed redundant so they decided that a regular beach would do.
That being decided they got dressed and headed out to get something to eat and find a beach. Dan rented a car and got directions to what was described as a world class beach and they were off. The short drive took them over some low hills and back to the ocean where they were treated with a spectacular view overlooking a large crescent shaped beach with huge waves rolling in from the vast pacific.
Tom immediately set up and yelled “Dude! Surf’s up!”

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