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Subject: A HOT HOLIDAY IN EUROPE – PART 13 A HOT HOLIDAY IN EUROPE – PART 13 Milan Friday night 20 I went downstairs just after 11pm and walked the short distance to the Turkish caf�. The street was very quiet with no-one about but it was at least well lit. When I got to the caf�, Berat was just pulling down the shutters over the doors and windows, closing up for the night. He gave me a beaming smile when he saw me. I waited until he finished and then he took me around the corner and two blocks away to a late night bar. We sat at the bar on high stools and ordered beers. Looking around the dimly lit room, there were only men in the bar. I wondered if it was a gay bar. ‘These are workmen’, he said as if reading my mind. ‘Many are labourers from my country’. Some of them looked quite hot. It might have been my imagination, but I thought a couple of them seated close by were looking me over with interest. Berat proved to be a very nice guy. He was 39 and had studied philosophy at University but could not get a job in that field back home. Working in Milan was OK, he told me, but he hoped to return to Turkey as soon as he could. He was interested to hear about my life in Australia. While we talked, he kept his hand lightly against mine on the bar. When we finished our drink, he suggested we walk back. He lived above the shop with his friends. As we were leaving, one of the men who had been looking at me came over and spoke briefly with Berat in what I assumed was Turkish. Berat shook his head and patted the guy’s shoulder. The guy looked sad and went back to his seat. Berat and I stepped out onto the footpath. Back at the shop, we went in through a doorway on the side and up kaynarca escort some steep stairs. The smell of kebabs from downstairs was quite noticeable. In the living room, the television was on and both of his friends were there. One was reading a newspaper while the other was watching Clint Eastwood in ‘Unforgiven’, dubbed into Italian. I was introduced to them and they smiled, shook my hand and then went back to what they were doing. Berat took me along the corridor to his room, which was quite spacious and very tidy but it had only a single bed. He shut the door and embraced me in a strong bear hug. We stayed locked together like that for about a minute. I thought he might kiss me but he just held me, rocking back and forth. He felt nice and warm and there was strength in his arms. I waited for his next move. He relaxed his grip finally and stepped back. ‘You like me?’ he asked. I nodded and he smiled and grabbed me in a bear hug again. I ran my hands down his back and over the curve of his ass. He then held me at arm’s length and stared at me for a moment. I felt a bit unsure of what to do and just waited. ‘I can fuck you?’ he asked, looking anxious. ‘Yes, I would like that’, I said. ‘Do everything you like to me’. He whistled and raised his eyebrows as though relieved and fumbled at the buttons on my shirt. His fingers were shaking and I helped him, taking my shirt off and undoing the belt on my pants and pulling the zipper down. He ran his hands over my chest, squeezing my nipples quite hard. Then he leaned forward and sniffed my chest and starting licking it. It felt very sexy. While licking me, he put one hand down inside my pants and squeezed my cock. orhanlı escort Then he stepped back and quickly took all his clothes off. I did the same. He had a strong muscular body and looked quite athletic. He was only lightly hairy and his cock was hard and thick, about seven inches or so and cut. It had a nice big head on it. I reached for it and he groaned with pleasure. I crouched down and sucked him and he started fucking my face quite strongly. After only about a minute, he pulled out and indicated I should turn around and bend over. He stuck a finger deeply into my ass, which made me gasp. Then he crouched down and, pulling my cheeks open, licked my asshole greedily. I had to brace myself against a chair. Next, he guided me to the bed and got me to lie on my back. He lifted my legs and continued eating my ass. It felt great. Then, without any lube, he suddenly shoved his cock into me, taking my breath away. He started fucking slowly but soon gathered speed. His cock was very hot and felt great inside me. He was concentrating very hard, staring at me as he fucked. He was muttering words in Turkish that sounded very sexy and I was glad I was experienced enough to take a fucking that was quite rough. He wasn’t trying to hurt me – he was just overwhelmed with lust. His breathing got harder and I could tell he was about to cum. Suddenly he pulled out of my ass and his cum shot out of his cock in big spurts all over my chest and some made it onto my face. I could taste it on my lips. Then he collapsed on top and kissed me, moaning softly while his cock kept jerking between us. He was a very warm kisser and I kissed him back strongly. Eventually he rolled off me and tepeören escort I moved over on the bed to give him some room. I was covered in cum and he picked up a towel on a table next to the bed and wiped it off me. ‘Sorry, sorry’, he said. ‘I should have used a condom’. I told him I was on PrEP and I would have let him cum inside me if he wanted to. ‘Really?’ he said. ‘Then, next one I will cum inside you, ok?’ It looked like I was going to be there for a while! We lay there kissing and he touched me all over. His cock stayed hard and it was only a short time before he got back on top of me and shoved it back into my ass. Again he fucked hard and this time kissed me at the same time. I found his level of excitement quite thrilling. I liked the feeling that he was almost out of control but I felt no danger. This time he shot his load inside me and kissed me in a frenzy for some time afterwards. It was like he had not had anyone for a long time. Then we lay quietly on the bed together. He held my hand and kept sighing. It almost sounded sad but I think he was just feeling an incredible physical release. Eventually he got up and offered me a shower but I said I would do that back at my hotel. ‘Please come to me again’, he said. I replied that I was in Milan only a few days but I would try to see him again. He was rough in bed but there was something rather innocent about him that was very appealing. I would do it with him again, if I could. He insisted on walking back with me to my hotel which was only a block away. At the hotel entrance, he shook my hand and looked at me with great warmth and what seemed to be gratitude as well. Then he turned and walked back the way we had come. It was almost 1am and, after a quick shower, I was asleep in no time. To be continued…. Comments welcome at ail. Readers, enjoy the stories here but remember that Nifty needs your donations to keep providing them — fty/donate.html

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