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Subject: A HOT HOLIDAY IN AUSTRALIA – PART 25 A HOT HOLIDAY IN AUSTRALIA – PART 25 Tuesday Port Augusta – Evening I drove to Des’s house at 6.30pm. He was delighted to see me and shook my hand warmly when he opened his front door. Once inside, and with the door closed, he backed me up against it and kissed me very intensely. ‘I’ve been counting the days until I heard from you’, he said, breaking away and walking down the passage ahead of me to the kitchen. Something smelled really good from the oven. He told me to sit down at the kitchen table and handed me a beer. He continued with dinner preparations while we chatted. ‘I thought I’d roast a chicken tonight’, he said. ‘Hope that’s OK with you?’ It sure was! He started preparing some vegetables and put them in the microwave to steam. Then he sat down at the table and opened a beer for himself. ‘So tell me what – or who – you’ve been up to since you left here’, he said. I told him I’d met some tourists along the way. I didn’t want to go into details about the contacts I’d made in the various towns, to preserve their privacy. Des pressed me for more details, so I gave him a blow by blow description of the meeting with the two young guys, Geoff and Cody, in their Kombi van from Melbourne. As they were from interstate, I decided there was no harm in talking about them. ‘You lucky bugger!’ said Des. ‘You certainly get that beautiful ass fucked a lot’. There was one encounter that I decided was important he should know about. I told him what had happened with Matty and Roger this afternoon here in Port Augusta. ‘You’re joking!’ he said. ‘I haven’t come across the aboriginal guy, Eddie, so far. He sounds hot. And Matty actually kissed you?’ I nodded. ‘Well, well, well’, said Des. ‘Who would have guessed? He must have seen me online in the gay dating app, too. So much for pretending we were straight.’ Des got up from the table and took the cooked vegetables out of the microwave oven. Getting cutlery and plates out, he set the table and then took the roast chicken and delicious looking perfectly browned roast potatoes out of the oven. It looked great and the smell made my mouth water. Dinner was really nice with everything cooked perfectly. I told Des he would make someone a wonderful wife. ‘I’m too much of a top for that’, he said, laughing. ‘But I’d cook for you every night if I got to fuck you forever’. After dinner, I helped clean up and then we went into the lounge room. ‘I have some bad news’, said Des. ‘Our soldier boy, Steve, is out of town all week on army exercises. He won’t be back until next weekend.’ That was certainly disappointing but at least we’d had one good session with him. ‘However, I do have a backup plan’, he said. ‘How does a hairy, hung Serbian opal miner sound to you?’ ‘Tell me more’, I said, feeling definitely curious. ‘I haven’t actually met him, but I’ve been chatting to him for a while’, replied Des. The Serbian guy was an opal miner at Coober Pedy, the famous opal fields north of Port Augusta. Apparently this guy was visiting Port Augusta at the moment and had expressed interest in meeting up tonight. ‘I haven’t even seen a photo of him’, said Des. ‘He’s married and wasn’t keen on sending me one. That’s usually a deal-breaker but he sounds quite interesting. He says he’s hung and versatile and I’ve told him you’re bottom and he’s cool with that. I’ll probably fuck him as well as fucking you. What do you think?’ ‘I’m game if you are’, I said. ‘I like the thrill of the unknown’. ‘If he’s too hideous, we can always make some excuse and get out of it’, said Des. ‘I’ll message him and get him to come over here, OK?’ He picked up his phone and messaged the guy straight away. There was a brief exchange between them. ‘He’s on his way,’ said Des, putting his phone down and rubbing his hands together. ‘Baby, you are going to get fucked!’ We did not have to wait long. There was a knock on the front door only fifteen minutes later. Des went down the passage and opened the door. I could hear voices but I couldn’t make out what was being said. Then I heard footsteps approaching. Des appeared first, followed by a short, solidly built guy with thick and longish black hair and a rather nice black moustache. I would have thought he was from the Arab part of the world if I hadn’t been told he was Serbian. Des introduced us and we shook hands. ‘This is Dejan’, said Des. ‘Want to fuck with him?’ Dejan gave a wide toothy grin at this, so it looked like he was happy about it. I laughed and said it was all fine with me, too. He was rather hot-looking in an exotic kind of way. ‘I’m just making coffee’, said Des. ‘Both of you go up to the lounge room and I’ll bring it when it’s ready’. Dejan followed me to the lounge room. I kocaeli escort went to sit in a chair but he surprised me by wrapping his arms around my waist from behind and feverishly kissing me on my neck. It was unexpected and rather exciting. He turned me around and stuck his tongue down my throat. His hands were everywhere all over me. He could certainly kiss. I got hard instantly. Grabbing my cock through my jeans, he used his other hand to put my hand on his cock, too. It felt very hard and large. There was a lot of heat coming through his pants. The door opened and Des brought the coffees in on a tray. ‘I see you couldn’t wait for me’, he said. Spying the bulge in Dejan’s pants, he whistled. ‘That looks pretty challenging’, he said. ‘I fuck one speed only’, said Dejan. ‘Very fast. You are experienced for fucking with big dick, yes?’ he said to Des. ‘No’, said Des. ‘I’m the top. He’s your bottom and he’s fine with big cocks. You can fuck him as hard and deep as you like’. ‘This is good’, said Dejan. ‘I want to fuck him. He is good looking’. Well, that was nice to hear! We all sat down and drank our coffees. Dejan seemed to be drinking very fast. There was an intensity about him that was very interesting. His black eyes were studying both of us very intently as he drank. Originally from Serbia, he told us he had been opal mining in Coober Pedy for six years and was doing fine with it, money-wise. His wife, who lived in Rockhampton in Queensland, had visited Coober Pedy once and refused to live there, so he visited her twice a year. The arrangement had worked fine for them. ‘She does not like sex much and my dick is too big for her’, he said, grinning. ‘I prefer the asshole to the cunt, so I fuck guys instead’. Des gave me a wide-eyed look. I returned one of my own. ‘How big are you?’ asked Des. ‘I show you’, said Dejan, standing up and undoing his belt. He pulled his pants and underpants down in one movement and a very thick and hard cock about eight inches long sprang out. It was uncut with a thick foreskin still over the head. It looked thick enough to be a challenge to get your hand around, let alone your mouth. He was also showing a huge amount of black pubic hair and I noticed that his belly was also very hairy. I was looking forward to seeing him completely naked. ‘Think you can deep-throat that?’ Des asked me. ‘Well, I’ll give it my best shot’, I replied. Dejan grinned again. He looked really hot standing there with his big cock throbbing and his pants around his ankles. ‘Let’s go into the bedroom’, said Des. Dejan lifted his pants up enough to be able to waddle after Des out of the room. I followed behind Dejan, noticing with mounting excitement his very hairy ass cheeks. Once inside the bedroom, we all undressed. Naked, Dejan looked great. Although only a short guy, he had a very muscular body, due to hard physical labour, I supposed. I estimated his age at about 45. His chest was as hairy as his belly and even his shoulders had hair on them. I couldn’t wait to touch him. Dejan looked Des and me over critically. ‘You are both hot men’, he said. ‘I am happy. I suck you first’, he said to Des. He squatted down in front of Des and started sucking his cock. Des smiled at me and then closed his eyes, emitting a long groan. It seemed Dejan was doing a good job. After a few minutes, Dejan told me to join them. He had Des’s cock in his right hand and he took my cock in his left hand. Holding them as close as possible together, he started licking the heads. It felt awesome. Then he alternated from one cock to the other, sucking them with deep long strokes. He was really very good at it. While he was sucking us, Des leaned over and started kissing me. We continued in this position for some time. Eventually, Dejan stood up. ‘My knees hurt’, he said. ‘I am getting old’. I reached for his thick cock and started stroking it. It was very hot and precum was oozing out of the head. His foreskin had now retracted, revealing a very red head. ‘You can suck it now’, Dejan said to me. I squatted down and started to work on it. I soon realized that deep-throating this monster would not be possible, but I’d give it my best shot. Dejan started moaning and clutched at Des to steady himself. Des winked down at me. ‘I think I should help you’, said Des, squatting down next to me. For the next five minutes or so, we passed the cock back and forth between us, both of us sucking it greedily. ‘You look like the vampires’, said Dejan, looking down. Des had his cock in his mouth at that time and nearly choked on it with laughter. He stood up. ‘Ready to fuck?’ asked Des. ‘Oh yes’, said Dejan. ‘I want his ass now’, he said, indicating me. The thrill of what was about to happen went through kocaeli escort bayan me. Des got the lube and put some on Dejan’s cock. I was very happy he didn’t ask to use a condom. I really wanted this guy to cum in me. ‘On your back first, please’, said Dejan. I lay back in the middle of the bed but Dejan indicated he wanted to do me while he was standing at the edge of the bed. I moved closer to him until he indicated I was now in the right position and lifted my legs back, exposing my hole. He wiped some of the lube on his cock onto his fingers and smeared it onto my asshole, gently pushing one finger deep up inside me. He groaned a little while he did this. ‘Do you want more lube?’ Des asked us both. ‘No, he has enough’, replied Dejan. ‘I prefer it a little dry’. I decided to let him do it as he wanted to. His cock’s precum should be all the additional lube I would need. Dejan grasped both of my ankles and positioned the head of his cock on my hole. The heat coming off it was considerable. He wasn’t able to get the cock to go in by itself. After a second go, he asked Des to push it into me. Des moved in and pushed the head into my hole. ‘You should see that’, said Des. ‘Fucking awesome!’ Dejan then pushed a few inches more of his cock into me and paused. The thickness took a bit of getting used to and I was glad that he had stopped for a moment. I tensed and relaxed my asshole on it and then I felt it slipping further into me. It was stretching me quite wide open and felt really good. Then I could feel his coarse pubic hair right up against my hole. He was all the way in. Again he paused, and looked questioningly at me. I nodded and he grinned. ‘You have beautiful asshole’, he said. ‘Now I wreck it’. He withdrew his cock almost to the head and plunged it back in again. It took my breath away. He immediately pulled it out again and rammed it right up me. I groaned. ‘You are OK?’ asked Jedan. Oh, yes’, I said. ‘I’m fine. Fuck me every way you like now’. From that moment, he fucked me deep and hard at a constant and fast speed for over five minutes. Each thrust went as deep as he could go. I could feel the hot head of his cock right up me. It was thrilling to be fucked like that by such a big cock. I noticed Des watching intently, stroking his hard cock all the while. He caught my eye at one point and grinned. He was clearly enjoying watching Dejan pounding me. After a while, Dejan pulled his cock right out of me and stepped back. ‘You will fuck him now?’ he asked Des. ‘Yes, but I prefer doggie style’, said Des. I turned over for him and moved up into the centre of the bed. Des climbed onto the bed behind me and rammed his cock full length up into me and started fucking quite hard. Suddenly, Jedan’s cock appeared in front of me. ‘You will suck it’, he said. I was happy to oblige. For the next ten minutes I was being fucked at both ends. Des was going very deep into my ass and, somehow, I was now managing to deep throat Jedan’s cock. It must have been the position that was working for me. Eventually Des stopped and pulled out. ‘You will fuck me, too?’ Jedan asked Des. ‘Certainly’, replied Des. ‘How do you want it?’ ‘I like it on my back. Very hard fucking, please. Harder than you give him’, he said, indicating me. I got off the bed and Jedan lay down on his back and lifted his legs. His asshole was very hairy. ‘I’ll do the lube, if you like’, I said. I was keen to have a feel of that hairy hole. I put some lube on my fingers and massaged it into his hole which felt quite tight. The hair around it was very sexy. Des got onto the bed slapped his cock onto Jedan’s hole. Then he pushed his cock right in up to his balls in one movement. Jedan’s head flew back and he closed his eyes and gave a loud ‘Oooof!’ sound. Des winked at me and started moving. As Jedan had asked, Des pounded his ass very hard right from the start. Jedan moaned constantly and jerked off while being fucked. I reached in to help but Jedan brushed my hand away. He didn’t need any help. Des fucked him on his back for quite some time. These two hairy men fucking looked superb together and Jedan could really take a heavy fucking. After a while, he signalled for Des to stop. ‘Are you OK?’ asked Des. ‘Yes, but I want to fuck him again’, he said, pointing at me. Des pulled his cock out of him and got off the bed. ‘You sit on my cock’, Jedan told me. I climbed on board and let his beautiful thick cock slide up to his balls inside me. He pulled me down towards him and started kissing me. I moved steadily up and down on his cock. In that position, I could feel the shape of the head of his cock moving inside me. I imagined he was dribbling precum everywhere in there. ‘Shall I stick yahya kaptan escort mine in, too?’ asked Des. I nodded. “I think this one of mine is almost too much’, said Jedan, ‘but you can try’. I could feel Des’s fingers exploring my hole above Jedan’s cock to see if sticking his cock in, too, would be possible. ‘I think there’s enough give there’, said Des. ‘I’ll try it. Jedan and I stopped moving and I leaned forward, kissing him again. His moustache was quite prickly. I felt Des’s cock pushing at my hole so I concentrated on relaxing it as much as possible. The head of his cock slipped in easily. Then I felt the pressure of Des pushing his cock in deeper. My asshole starting stretching some more and suddenly Des was all the way in. ‘That was easy’, he said. ‘But it’s fucking tight now’. ‘It’s good’, said Jedan, starting to move his cock inside me. At the same time, Des timed his movement to be the opposite of Jedan’s. As Des pushed in, Jedan was pulling out. They kept this seesawing motion up for about five minutes. I could hear myself moaning throughout. It really felt good. Suddenly, without touching my cock, I shot my load. It was like I had no control over it. It felt like a big load, too. ‘I can feel you cumming’, said Des. ‘Fuck, that’s going to set me off, too, if I’m not careful’. He pulled his cock quickly out of my ass and stood back, panting. I finished cumming and fell forward towards Jedan. He reached up and put his arms around me and kissed me while I recovered. I lifted myself off his cock and looked own. The hair on his belly was covered in my cum and his navel had been filled as well. ‘Let me taste it’, said Jedan. I straddled his chest and put my cock in his mouth. He sucked it greedily, squeezing the last drops of cum out of it with his hand. ‘You can fuck me now’, he said to Des. I got off Jedan and lay next to him on the bed and watched Des slide into Jedan’s asshole again and start pounding him. ‘I think I’ll be cumming soon, I think’, said Des, gasping. ‘That double fuck really turned me on’. Jedan pumped his own cock and moaned quietly as Des fucked him. With a shout, Des gave a very deep lunge and stopped moving. He was shooting his load deep into Jedan. It looked incredibly hot. Jedan started frantically jerking himself off and, within a minute, shot a huge squirt of cum up over his own chest and, unexpectedly, in my direction. I was not able to get out of the way in time and the first spurt landed on my right cheek. It was followed by an even stronger one that hit my face and neck. I could taste it. It was hot and thick and smelled very sexy. Jedan shot another few spurts onto his belly and relaxed. Des started laughing. ‘You looked so surprised’, he said to me. ‘He got you perfectly’. When Jedan realized what had happened, he started apologising. ‘It’s fine’, I said, reaching for a hand towel on the bedside table. ‘I enjoy having guys cum on my face’. ‘You want to suck me?’ asked Jedan. ‘Yes, love to’, I said. His cock was still hard and oozing big blobs of thick cum. I licked all the cum off the head first. Jedan nearly levitated off the bed and moaned. His cock head was still sensitive after cumming. His cum tasted great. I then squeezed his cock and sucked all the remaining cum out of it. Jedan shut his eyes, moaned again and squeezed his hands into fists. I showed him no mercy! Afterwards we took turns in the shower. I was towelling myself dry while he was soaping himself up in the shower stall. Watching the water and soap run over his muscular, hairy body was a sexy treat. He was a hot man. Des offered more coffee. I agreed but Jedan said he had to go. He kissed us both goodbye, thanked Des profusely for organizing the session and was gone. Des and I took our time over coffee. He was a really nice guy to be with. I was glad I had taken opportunity to meet and get to know him. ‘Can you stay one more night and have dinner here again with me. Just us?’ he asked. ‘Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer to go out for dinner rather than have to cook for me?’ I said. ‘I’d love to treat you to a meal’. ‘No, I love to cook and it would be good to spend some more time with you here, not in a noisy restaurant’, he replied. I agreed to come to dinner at 6.30 tomorrow night. Then I picked up my keys and my bag and headed for my car. He grabbed me in a strong embrace at the kerb and kissed me very intensely. Then he let me go, grinned and waved me off back to my motel. I got into bed as soon as I got back. Even though it was only 11.15pm, it had been a very full day. I squeezed my buttocks. I could tell I had had enough sex for one day! To be continued…. Comments welcome at ail. You might also enjoy my previous stories ‘A Hot Holiday In Pakistan'(scroll down to September 04 2020) and ‘A Hot Holiday in Europe’ (scroll down to February 19 2021) in the ‘Encounters’ section of Nifty. 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