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Subject: a cumdumps journey part 9 Chapter 9: Cruising at the beach It was a pretty last-minute decision after what I could only describe as a full weekend. Friday evening I had been the bottom in my first gang-bang. Three well-hung tops on one eager bottom. Adama’s girth had opened me up so much, I could still feel the sensation of him inside me on Sunday evening. Of course, I had indulged my thirst for cum on the Saturday night anyway – taking my usual tour of the woods and servicing anyone in need, but I had fought off the desire to give up my hole again. In a flash of spontaneity, I’d booked a ticket to get out of town for the rest of my week-off. It was not yet the school holidays, and I figured a vacation now would be the perfect chance to see some of France before everywhere was packed with tourists. Sunday morning while lying in bed touching my ass and feeling it’s progress to becoming a well-used cum hole, I booked a ticket for a long weekend away later in the week. Then I rolled over and started searching for the porn that was my new obsession; gaping asses. The next few days was a lazy mix of long days in bed, casually cruising – both on and offline – and planning my trip to the sun. I decided Nice on a whim, but the more I researched the town, the more I began looking forward to my little get-away. My first point of reference was gay bars. I looked up to see where the main locales were and booked my hotel accordingly. When I arrived, I soon realised that the downtown area of the city is compact enough that a central hotel is ideal no matter where it’s based. Nonetheless, I was glad to have a bit of action close by. After everything was booked, I began some more research; a museum, maybe a gallery. It wasn’t long though ’til I had started to search for cruising spots. I was happy to learn that there was an LGBT film festival on and there were plenty of listings in the local cruise spot directory, chiefly among them a nudist beach. Hopefully with the festival, it would be busy. Two days later I was on the road. It was a 5-hour journey, but in the high-speed train the journey flew by, especially after I found myself a little entertainment. The moment I sat down on the train, my phone came out and I loaded up Grindr; out of habit more than anything. There were several guys close by, many of whose taglines told which train they were on. “Damn!” I thought to myself, “none are on my train – the 2671”. I updated my own tagline with my train number and waited to leave. After going down the train to check out the food cart, I’d almost forgotten to check in on the app, so I was pleasantly surprised upon returning to my seat that I had a message from a guy on the same train. It was a German guy, he was only travelling half-way to Lyon, but that still gave us plenty of time. I didn’t waste a moment finding out if he was up for being drained in the toilet. Bingo! He sent me a cock picture. “Not bad,” I thought to myself nodding, trying to keep my phone screen out of view of my immediate neighbour. His cock was a nice girth and about 6 or 7 inches long, with a long foreskin. The train was busy though so I was anxious to see how we would figure it out without being caught. The German suggested I walk down the train (the full length was at upwards of 10 long carriages), because he had seen a set of two toilets close by where there were lots of empty seats. When it came the action, I wasn’t sure though – that was until he sent me a picture of his cumshot. Oh shit! I had rarely seen that big of a load, and immediately it got me fired up. I had the image in my mind as I marched down the train to the end carriage. When I arrived, he was standing there and I was impressed at his obviously great body under his clothes. He nodded an acknowledgement of recognition and went into the toilet, I followed swiftly behind him. It was a door directly into the train aisle, so on the way back out I was concerned that anyone would spot us if they were standing outside, but he already had his cock out in his hand so I quikly overcame my heistation. I knelt down and took his fleshy, pale cock into my mouth. It was warm and moist in my mouth and it took a moment of my tongue’s attention before I felt his cock begin to swell. I reached up and felt his hard abs. He had strong thighs too, and they felt nice to put my hands up against. He was thrusting now, in and out of my mouth and admittedly we both felt the urge to get things done as quickly as possible. To that end, he suddenly pulled out and began jerking himself off with his hand. I felt a little disappointed because I had just really been getting into the swing of it. Fortunately though, he ordered me to look at him and open my mouth wide. I was staring him right in the eyes with my mouth open and tongue out waiting patiently for his thick nut to arrive; he didn’t disappoint. With a grunt the first jet shot over my face, I moved myself slightly to reposition my mouth, as he shot gush after gush of his copious cumload into my mouth. After the 6th or 7th jet, he calmed a little but he still had a few smaller shots in him. Finally he took his thumb and rubbed it around my face collecting up any that had splashed on my cheeks and drew it down into my mouth too. I swished it around with my tongue, amazed at the full mouthful of sperm I had received from just one guy; I savoured the taste for as long as possible then swallowed it all down in one gulp. It was heaven. Before I knew it, he was zipped up and ready to go. Fortunately, no one was standing outside, and I was able to return to my seat in peace, feeling content with myself. I wondered how many seemingly ordinary situations men found to get their nut. Had I been missing out on a world pleasure and seediness? Now I knew, I would be able to find men to please at any time, if I was motivated enough. Unfortunately, during the rest of the train ride no more opportunities arose. By evening though I was checked into my hotel and went out to check out the town. There was a gay bar just down the street and I fancied a beer to start my vacation. It was still the middle of the week though, so when I arrived it was quiet. I sat outside on the terrace and made the most of the warm, humid air. There were a few guys around but it seemed to be couples or a few groups of friends, no-one that was really paying me any attention. I continued drinking my beer. My phone battery had died after a long day of being on the go, and using it to cruise for men. So I thought why not have a night off. I wasn’t paying much attention myself either, but I realised after a while there was one other lonesome guy sat on the decking outside the bar, drinking alone. When I finally noticed him, I became aware that he was looking at me and staring even. I glanced over but just a moment to catch his eye and look away again. He was older than me, not much but his face looked worn. His skin was dark, both from his natural complexion and it looked like he had been out in the sun a lot. His skin was pockmarked with acne scars and a few other scars of unknown origin. He had stubble like he hadn’t bothered to shave the past few days and unkempt dark hair. Definitely Arabic origin, I thought to myself. I continued to enjoy my beer without looking over to him, yet sensed his eyes on me. I tried discreetly to get a look at him without catching his eye. He had a loose vest on, and he was skinny, his arms were long, slim and hairy. I could see there were patches of hair on his chest too. “Eugh,” I thought to myself, “not at all my type”. He was definitely what I would describe as ugly. I did my best to ignore him, as I finished my beer and felt relaxed about the slow pace of the evening. Eventually, I could see the ugly, Arabic guy shifting about in the corner of eye, readying himself to leave. He stood up facing away from me and I saw that even as he stood he seemed to be unattractive, tall but crouched over almost with a hunch in his back. His shorts were high and they clearly showed his legs; long and skinny too. He stepped around to push his chair in as he was leaving and swung back around to face me. That’s when I saw it; in his shorts there was a huge bulge; obscenely large, and I could tell immediately that he was wearing nothing underneath his shorts. His dick was flaccid and it hung low and large in front of him. Something in me clicked, and I looked up at him in the eyes, smiled and gave him a brief wave as he was leaving. I couldn’t believe it and I felt a little guilty, but knowing he was hung so big totally changed my perception of him; I now found him extremely attractive, and couldn’t get the image of his bulge out of my mind. I followed him with my eyes as he walked off down the street, quickly finishing my beer and darting off in the same direction. Damn, why hadn’t I bought a charger for my phone; I was sure he would be on Grindr. I walked around the small streets, searching for a trace bursa escort of him but to no avail. Finally I admitted defeat and headed back to the hotel. I checked out Grindr when I got back but was only interested in the super-hung Arab who’d left me alone at the terrace. The following morning, I promised myself I had to do something cultural and set about looking for a museum, so at least I could justify spending the rest of my trip hunting for cock. Shortly before lunch I climbed up the rock face at the end of the promenade to get a good view of the town and waterfront. It gave stunning views out to the Mediterranean, and after taking a few photos, I felt like I had earned the rest of the day to relax. I had read about a nudist area “Coco Beach” popular with gay men that was walking distance along the coast from the main beach and from up here I’d hoped I could get a look, but no such luck. I descended back down to grab some lunch before dedicating my whole afternoon to Coco Beach. As I set off, I first tried to walk along the seafront, but it was too rocky and I came across several points that where it wasn’t possible to pass. I saw that I could follow the main road and then climb down to the beach, so I set off in this way. The Cote d’Azur doesn’t have the best beaches in my opinion and I was a little disappointed arriving at Coco Beach to discover a flat, rocky area rather than sandy alcove. I looked around though and tried to get a sense of the layout. It wasn’t large, but there were several flat areas, and a number of large boulders and areas where the rocks jutted out into the sea. There were also a few areas which you could hide away in for some privacy. Behind the beach, the land rose steeply with some bushy areas and dirt paths. There were a number of naked men sunbathing on the rocks, and I began climbing down looking out for a flat area with a good spot to overlook the crowd. The men perked up to inspect who the new person was among them. I could feel the eyes on me, and I knew that from my sport routine and age, I was an attractive guy. There were several couples and one or two men sunbathing alone. Mostly older men, some much older than me. When I got myself a spot, I began to undress and for the first time got naked on a beach. I was slightly anxious, but felt surprisingly liberated once I lay naked on my towel enjoying the warm sun beating down on my body.. I had decided not to bring my phone just in case I wanted to go swimming or otherwise had to leave my stuff. I had sunglasses on and perched my bag behind my head so I could discreetly look at the men without obviously starring. It was hard to get a sense of what was going on, but by observing I began to see that some men were definitely checking out the goods available. Touching themselves discreetly, but overall it wasn’t a seedy atmosphere. I swam some and generally enjoyed the hot weather. Men came and went over the afternoon, and finally a young muscular guy caught my attention, he was sitting a little over to the opposite side and was super hot. His body was defined and nicely tanned, with a nice bush of hair surrounding a tidy, and average-sized dick and balls. He was looking over and we continued to flirt this way for a while. Sometimes I stood up to give him a look at my ass, or to jump into the water, and he did the same. I had the sense he definitely wanted something to happen here between us. I began looking for a secluded spot. While distracted, I didn’t notice another man descending from the road behind me until he was up close and passed within a meter or so of where I was sitting. I saw the shadow first and then looked up to see the humongous bulge pass before my eyes, my heart jumped and I was excited to see the ugly Arab grinning down at me as he walked past. His teeth were crooked I noticed, but at least they were clean. He was smoking, he lay down his towel and sat down a few meters from me in a small alcove of the rock. I watched him, his crooked, skinny, tanned body as he undressed in front of me, waiting patiently and longingly for him to expose himself to me. Finally he reached down to the waistband of his shorts, pulled them down and stepped out of them standing totally naked in the sun. His skinniness would otherwise have been unattractive, but I didn’t care anymore. My eyes were fixated on an extremely plump, long, cut cock hanging between his legs. It was breath-taking. It stuck out by the sheer volume against his skinny-frame, probably the largest flaccid cock I had ever seen. I raised my head until our eyes met and he stared at me for a long moment, before sitting down with his back on the rocks facing me. I broke from his gaze and looked around. No one else seemed to be paying attention, except for the guy from opposite I had been flirting with moments before. He was motioning with his head to head over to a small cover beside him. I hesitated. “Do I go with the hot guy with the average size cock or the ugly guy with the enormous cock?” I thought to myself, but there was no contest. I couldn’t take my eyes off the guy in front of me. I smiled over at the ugly, Arabic guy and lay back down on the rock facing him. He was sat with one knee up to his chest and the other leg out in front of him. His fat meat hung between his legs and the bell-end rested invitingly on the rock. Fuck! I wanted so much to go over and take it into my mouth. I reached down and began to discreetly touch myself, but was anxious that it would make me hard. The Arab didn’t have the same hesitation. Hidden from view, except from my hungry gaze, he was slowly stroking his massive member, grinning in my direction. I lowered my sunglasses, to demonstrate my interest. I was now oblivious to anything going on around us. Gradually his large meat began to harden and thicken in his hand. He swung it around and played with it, as I slowly felt my own, relatively small penis stiffen at this sight. I was licking my lips showing every intention of what I so desperately wanted. He stood up and left his dick swing free. It was so large it hung down and swung like a pendulum between his legs, rather than sticking up right. A comfortable 10 inches and girth that would require more than one hand to reach a round; it was a real porn-star penis. He shamelessly walked down the rocks and dived into the water. I told myself that I couldn’t miss this opportunity and that I would have to be bold if I was to get what I wanted. When he emerged from the water and took his place, we carried on our flirting from a distance for the next couple of hours while we sunbathed. I turned on my side so I could give myself an erection and not be too obvious, between dips in the ocean. His dick was all the time exposed and he knew very well what his best asset was, putting it on display for the world to see. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore, I got up and walked over with intent. “Got a light,” I asked, hoping he would respond to my advance. “Here,” he replied, holding up a small lighter to my hand. I had brought a spliff with my and wasn’t sure if I should be offering him, but I took a chance. “Fancy sharing this?” I asked, holding it up to him. I sat down beside him on the jagged and uncomfortable rocks as I lit up the spliff. It was only a small one and it wouldn’t take long for us to finish it. I handed it to him and waited ’til he took a drag, then I dared to reach out and stoke his imposing man-meat with my hand. He smiled and so I took it in my hand. It was flaccid again, but even in this state my hand didn’t reach around the whole girth. I began to squeeze him and stroke gently. We continued like this for the next few minutes until the spliff was finished and I felt relaxed enough to lean forward and lick the tip of his big dick. It would certainly be a mouthful, just the gland alone would fill me up. Finally he suggested that we take a walk. I grabbed my stuff and threw on my t-shirt and shorts, and followed as he led us up the rocks to the road. We immediately crossed over and started ascending further up into the bushes which opened out onto a plateau, hidden from the road. As I walked along the dry, dusty paths between dried shrubbery, I noticed my first hints of excitement. Old, used condoms were strewn around the ground, under bushes, just at the side of the path, everywhere I looked I could see at least one worn piece of rubber. I began to get hard again at the thought of what was to come. As the bushes grew denser, the Arab eventually turned off the path into a small opening where a turned-over stump formed a kind of natural bench on the ground. He stood and turned waiting for me to catch up, his cock literally bulging out of his small shorts. I came up opposite him, looking up to his eyes – he was around 6′ 6″ – and I realised how lanky he was. My hand reached out in front of me and immediately was drawn to his cock. I still couldn’t believe how large his meat was. His wasn’t bursa escort bayan even fully engorged, yet it totally filled my hand with its heavy girth. I squeezed it and slowly pulled down his shorts, to reveal it in all its glory. The contrast of this dark horsecock, attached to this slim, spindly man only served to emphasize what a large member he had, and I wanted nothing more than to have him inside my mouth. His hands grabbed me, spinning us around, as he walked me backwards to the stump and guided me to sit down. As I sat back, my head lined up perfectly with his crotch, my eyes bulged as they devoured the sight of this beautiful python. I took out my poppers and began licking all around his crotch, starting with the balls and massaging and giving as much pleasure to this man as I could. I wasn’t in a rush to end this experience. At this point his cock was throbbing and I could tell he was fully erect, but the weight of his meat dragged it downwards, until finally he stepped forward and taking the large pipe in his hand entered my mouth. He was gentle but firm, ensuring that progress was steady and his cockhead was soon pushing on the back of my mouth, trying to gain entrance to my throat. It was nowhere near the thickest part of the base and I could already feel my jaw was stretched as wide as possible. The pressure was building and becoming ever more painful, until I had no choice but to reach for the poppers. I withdrew my head and took 2 long inhales in each nostril then waited a moment for the effects to take hold. I opened my mouth and he entered me again, this time pushing the head well into the entrance to my throat. This was his chance to open me up and he didn’t waste any time. At first my throat seemed able to accommodate his large girth, but as he began to thrust he was stretching me open wider and going deeper than any cock had been before. I could feel the pain building in my throat, but the poppers suppressed my gag reflex for now. This went on for a while and tears were streaming down my cheeks as I took the forceful facefuck. Soon though the poppers began to wear off and I could feel a retch coming up from my stomach with each deep thrust. I couldn’t take it anymore and wanted him to pull out, instead he held himself deep inside me and took charge of the poppers, holding one of my nostrils closed and putting the poppers up to the other nostril. For the next 30 minutes, he kept me poppered-up as his large pole made itself a new home in my esophagus. He alternated between periods of long thrusts and short, sharp ones. Then he would hold himself deep inside me, blocking my airway until I was gasping for air. He would slowly withdraw just enough for me to get a breath, but immediately hit me with another round of poppers and then re-enter my throat when he felt my resistance melt away. It was during one of these long pauses where his cock was buried the full 10 inches inside me, that I felt his body tense up and a slight moan as his cock pulsed in my mouth. The poppers heightened my senses and I could feel 12 consecutive throbs of his cock inside my throat; I knew he was unloading his sperm directly into my stomach. I didn’t taste anything, but when he finally pulled out, I knew he had been satisfied. I put in extra effort at small talk with him, talking briefly about my trip and trying to get to know a little about him; I wanted him to believe I was genuinely interested in him and not just his massive manhood. Karim was his name and he lived not far away on the coast, so he often came into Nice to go out and meet guys. It was dusk now and I decided I didn’t want to let this magnificent cock get away; I insisted that Karim come back to the hotel with me and we could eat and get a drink together. As we walked down the hill, he stood beside me and stroked his hand against my ass and ran his finger into my shorts and along my hole. When we reached the main road, I presumed he would stop, but as shamelessly as he had been walking around with the large bulge in his pants, he continued groping me as we came off the promenade and entered the old town again. I led him this way back to my hotel room. We showered and headed out to grab something to eat, hoping I could entice him in for round two, but he said he had to go home and had something to do the following morning. We agreed to meet at the beach the following afternoon where he assured me he would be “better prepared” this time. I wondered what he meant, and agreed giddily to meet him there. Despite all that excitement, that night I managed to suck off another guy from Grindr, and organised to suck off another the following morning before lunch. My appetite for cock and cum was becoming insatiable. The following day continued on the same with Karim, no big surprises. I arrived before him at the beach and spent some time looking at the offerings on the Coco Beach, wondering if I had time to entice someone in for a blowjob in the bushes, but before anything came to fruition, Karim arrived and headed straight for me. Just like the previous days, his oversized appendage hung obscenely in the front of his shorts, and he was carrying a bag over his shoulder. He stripped and sat down beside me on the rocks, looking me in the face and slowly stroking his cock. He oozed sex, and it excited me so much. Before France, I would have been too embarrassed to get naked on a nudist beach like this, let alone openly sit beside a guy clearly who had the largest cock on offer. Now though it turned me on; I wanted all the guys to know that I was a slut for this huge dick. That I had taken him inside me. I really wanted to suck him, and stole strokes and licks at opportune moments, but otherwise we just enjoyed being naked and could have been mistaken for any intimate couple spending the day at the beach. When it was time to go, I suggest a repeat of the previous evening, but Karim wanted to go back to the hotel. He had been fingering my hole throughout the day discreetly, and I had an inkling what was in store for my pussy that night; total annihilation. We showered at the hotel, and he told me I should get myself cleaned up for the night; meaning I should douche. I gladly obliged. Douching had become a thrill for me – and I loved the feeling of fullness and anticipation that came with it. When I got out of the shower the foreplay started immediately. I sucked him for a while and took some hits on the poppers, as he fingered me gently. I asked him if he wanted to stay the night in my hotel, and he agreed excitedly saying he had a fun night in store for us. It took the pressure off and I no longer felt rushed; we smoked a spliff to relax a little while I sucked on his bell-end like a baby calf on a teat for milk. He was fingering my hole and I told him I wanted him to fuck me. He turned to me grinning: “I like it loose and sloppy,” he said, looking me in the eyes – his fingers rubbed at my ass, and they gradually pushed open my slit. “You need to REALLY want it, or you won’t manage it.” “I REALLY want it,” I told him, shifting myself up so I could begin stroking his cock now. “I have something to help,” he said, reaching over to bring his bag closer. He rummaged around with his free hand and pulled out a butt plug. I was a little shocked, only because it was so unexpected, but I went with the flow, and told him I would do anything he wanted; my eyes fixated on his growing boner. “Perfect,” he grinned, “let’s get started.” I obviously knew what a butt plug was, but I had never indulged in sex toys; not seriously anyway. My old boyfriend had bought a novelty dildo once and used it on me a few times, but it was small and cheap, so I didn’t really enjoy the sensation. Butt plugs – I later discovered – were more about the power exchange and control. Karim’s was imposing, probably a little thicker than his cock but smaller in length. Nonetheless, it was definitely the girthiest object I had ever taken in my hole. He lay me down and handed me the poppers, lubing up the large, black plug he had in his hand. I was glad then that he had ordered me to douche my hole so deeply. He was slow, gentle and methodical, bringing the plug inside my hole until he felt the resistance build too strong to go any further; he held in place a moment, then withdrew, doing this over and over again. For my part, the anal massage felt incredible and when the pressure built he only held it a moment, so it was ok. In my mind, I was sure he must have reached close to the thickest part, although I couldn’t see anything. “OK, let’s try to go to two-thirds,” he declared and he held it up to show me. “How far did you go so far?” I asked, a little anxious, and he put his finger about half way along the length of the large butt plug. “BREATHE!” he demanded, and began to push hard into me. This time the pressure on my anus was uncomfortable, and I could tell this was not going to be as easy as I had thought. escort bursa He held it in place, until I found myself pulling away when the pressure on my sphincter grew to be too much. We continued like this for a while until I requested a break. I thought about backing out, but when I looked down at him crouched on the bed, the huge meat between his legs made me push on. “OK, I can take it all,” I said, determined to move on to the real thing. He told me to take a long hit of the poppers and he pushed the plug inside me anew; this time the pressure was a burning pain that grew and grew until it was unbearable. I pulled away. He ordered me to take a hit on the poppers and before the pain had subsided he re-applied the pressure. I had never felt something so large inside my anal passage, and as I felt my hole stretch I thought I might faint; my anus was on fire. “ARGHHGHG!” I yelled out involuntarily, as he forced the widest part inside me. “HHHMMM,” I moaned as my sphincter closed around the neck of the plug, and I finally had some relief. I held it inside me. It felt snug and beautifully full. Karim was anticipating everything and he held the poppers up for me to take another hit. “Push it out”, he demanded. I began to push like I was taking a shit. Oh god! The pain was as bad again, then POP!, out it came. I was relieved to have this massive object out of me. Karim quickly lined it back up though and soon pushed it inside me again. He gave me another hit of the poppers, as my asshole adjusted to the size again. Then I pushed it out again. This went on 5 or 6 times, until I resisted him pushing it back in again: “Shh shhh, last time,” he said, applying pressure and I felt it pop into place. He pulled out his phone and set a timer. “OK, keep it inside for 20 minutes,” he smiled, lying down beside me and hugging me tightly in a bearhug so I couldn’t move. With the poppers rushing through me I thought that 20 minutes would be fine, I could do that easily. After a few minutes though – maybe not even 2 minutes – the pressure inside me was building and becoming unbearable. “I need to shit!”, I said, trying to roll free of his grip, but he held me tight. “Take a hit of the poppers,” he insisted. I knew that he wasn’t going to let me go easily. We continued like this for the next 20 minutes. Every time I felt an uncontrollable urge to empty my bowels, he insisted I just needed another hit of the poppers. “You’re just not used to it,” he explained to me, holding me tightly still, “you have to learn to enjoy the sensation.” He was right, and when I took the poppers and allowed myself to embrace the feeling of fullness in my colon, the sensation felt amazing, and I was able to resist the temptation to push the plug out of my hole. When his timer sounded, he told me I could push it out, but I held it another minute longer, telling myself that I should show him how keen I was. When finally I pushed it out, I reached around and felt my hole; it gaped and the lips felt beautiful to touch. I got up and sat on the toilet to shit, but nothing came out. “See! It’s just the feeling you have to enjoy.” he wasn’t wrong and I appreciated this lesson. When I lay back down on the bed, I took a hit on the poppers and asked him if he would use the plug on my hole again. He pushed it in and out another few times with little resistance, and I was amazed at the difference from only half an hour before. He pulled it out one last time and sat it down on the bedside table. Then he turned me onto my front and lifted up my hips so my ass was in the air. He shoved a pillow under my waist and started stroking his cock as it swelled to its full, eye-watering size. “You have to really want it,” he leaned forward and whispered in my ear, rubbing his massive weapon against my exposed and now gaping hole. “Show me you want it.” he whispered. I’d never been good at talking dirty, but my hole was so wide open, I couldn’t imagine him not putting his large girth inside me. “Please!” I begged, ” I want you to fuck me…I want you inside me!” I moaned, pushing my ass up to meet his cock. He thrust against me and I felt the girth of his wide load rubbing against my hole. It felt so thick and it wasn’t even inside yet. “What do you want?”, he moaned in my ear, as I became more desperate to feel him penetrate me. “I need you in my pussy, I want you to wreck my cunt!” I groaned, begging him in as vulgar language as I could muster. “Fuck! I love a sloppy cunt!”, he moaned, finally pushing his bell-end into my waiting sphincter. At first, he seemed to enter me easily, and I felt my anus expand to welcome the initial few inches of his monstercock. He drew out and thrust back in and allowed my hole – that he had already gaped with the butt plug – to get used to being open again. Gradually, as he thrusts became deeper and he penetrated me far past the point of the butt plug, I knew that was not going to be comfortable for me. I had the poppers in my hand, and every few thrusts I was taking fresh hits, and focusing on pushing out my sphincter to open myself up as much as possible. “I’m half way!” he declared, and I wanted to pull myself off, but I knew I had to show him I wanted it. I kept pushing back and allowing him to penetrate me even further; imagining my hole be filled up in my mind’s eye. The feeling deep-inside my colon became unbearable. With each thrust he was rearranging my guts and while I moaned in ecstasy, I also had to try to overcome the discomfort. I couldn’t help myself and I eventually began to beg him to go more gently, but he was balls-deep now and he had no intention of pulling out. He put his full weight down on top of me and grinded his hips into me so his cock was right in to the hilt. He held himself there, groaning and moaning; enjoying the intense feeling. My colon was so full, I felt like I desperately needed to take a shit. “Let’s take a quick break,” I finally suggested, hoping he would pull out and give my sphincter some relief. “This is the break,” he said, continuing to grind himself into me so I felt every last millimetre in my gut. “The sooner you get used to it, the sooner you learn to enjoy the feeling, the better for you,” he reached up with his hand to my chin, and turned me to face him, “because I’m not pulling out until the morning!” He said, staring me sharply and menacingly in the eyes. He grabbed the poppers and pushed them into my hand, indicating that he was serious. Then he began to thrust again before I was even able to take a hit. He fucked me like this for the next several hours and gradually, with the constant poppers hits, my hole became accustomed to the large, foreign presence of his meat and subconsciously I was able to let my sphincter completely let go. Karim was right, and after some time the feeling of fullness and pressure inside me became pleasurable. Depending on the many positions he was fucking me in, I could feel his cock massaging my prostate, and on several occasions I came close to shooting a load. I begged him in those moments to fuck me harder and as deep as he could, and he was turned on to see my body completely accept his full 10 inches. After several hours and numerous breaks where he remained buried deep inside me between fucking sessions, he eventually declared that he wanted to cum. To tell the truth, by this stage my anus walls and sphincter were now numb, and all I felt was the pleasurable pressure building in my gut as he thrust in and out. There was no discomfort; my hole had become completely accustomed to being a cunt and he probably could have continued like that for the next few hours too. Nonetheless, he grabbed the poppers and took a hit and soon after his body started to spasm as he seeded me deeply. I couldn’t believe his endurance, and I felt that most likely his intention had been to last as long he could, in order to open me up as much as possible. In fact, he told me as much during the last few strokes. “Fuck! This hole is sloppy…there’s no going back now…” he moaned, “…this cunt is past the point of no return.” He groaned in my ear with each thrust. “I’ve ruined it!” Then he bred me, marking me as the bitch and him the alpha. I had no idea what time it was when he finally withdrew himself from my anus; I just knew that I was exhausted and could sleep contently. It was daylight and I wanted Karim to stay, but he made some excuses about having to go home, assuring me that we would see each other again before I left. We swapped numbers but the next few days he was busy and we didn’t manage to go for a second round. I got the impression that he had done what he wanted and then the interest had dwindled for him. Maybe I was wrong, but I sensed that once he had turned my asshole out in that way, it lost its allure for him. Certainly my hole was never the same again after the night; he had taught me through force how my pussy could accommodate such a large cock, and I am forever thankful for that. Karim had pushed me another step down the path that I had been unwittingly following over the past several weeks. My hole – in fact my entire life – was becoming ever more focused on one thing; beautiful, big cock.

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