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Subject: A Call to Worship 3 Disclaimer: the following is fiction. It is a fantasy of a world that doesn’t exist in which men are encouraged to copulate with young boys. If you can’t read this type of thing, please move on. Thanks to anyone who has written, I really appreciate the encouragement and dick pics. I savor any and all messages, it lets me know that there is someone out there reading. I have had some email issues, so I have a second account now. You can reach me at [email protected] or peterholder on Wickr. Father’s Day is coming up, consider an honorary donation to the archive. What a great tribute to dear old dad: fty (the proceeding was a joke, but please give to the archive). Enjoy chapter 3, thanks for following! Peter A Call to Worship 3 (m/b(12) oral anal (and pretty much everything else)) by Peter Holder Two hours later, I was guiding Preston and his thirteen year old brother out the door. Under the younger boy’s watchful eye, I had deflowered his older sibling, letting him suck my cock clean off any remnants of his brother’s asshole before doing him doggystyle over the arm of the couch. As with Preston, it was smooth sailing. William, that was his name, was just as drawn to me as his brother and even hornier. The pubescent boy was wailing as I fucked him, begging for more, pleading for me to fuck him harder and cum so deep. Who was I to deny a boy his wish? So I pounded him for a good thirty minutes before another tremendous load washed his rectum. My rediscovered virility was a thing of beauty. I felt like I could fuck all day long. Before we said goodbye, I imparted some wisdom. Admonishing William to fuck Preston at every opportunity. For both boys, they should be on the lookout for interested men, then give themselves to them. I thought that it was my imagination, post-sex bliss most likely, but both of the boys seemed to have a glow to them as we kissed goodbye. Walking on air, I decided to take a long walk out to the mall. As I strolled, it was impossible not to notice the attention paid to me by any boy that crossed my path. Passing an elementary school, there seemed to be some sort of afterschool program and even the kindergarteners on the playground turned toward me. The same was true of many of the men that I encountered. One sitting on a park bench seemed familiar in some way. When he felt me looking, he turned to me without surprise and gave me a knowing wink. It wasn’t everyone, the boys, for sure, but the men were fewer. Most of them were hustling about their day, worried about work and obligations. But a select few seemed to give off an air of casual confidence that was engaging and most of these men seemed to have boys surrounding them. I began to wish that Scout would appear, giving me some answers to what was going on. All that I had to go on was to look for a Tim at a table in the food court of the mall. It really had the feel of a set-up, but again, what did I have to lose? My heart was racing a bit as I walked into the bland relic of days gone by. There was still a sizable crowd, most of them here just to eat and then leave, one of the last places that you could grab a quick bite. The rest of the mall, like so many others, was a ghost town. Doing a quick scan of the large room, I saw them immediately. There were three young guys, maybe twenty to twenty-five years old at a table with four absolutely gorgeous boys who looked to be anywhere from about eight to thirteen. Mustering up my recently acquired courage, I walked across the room and right to them. They watched me approach with smiles that made them seem like old friends. When I was close enough, I said, “Hi, I’m Julian and I was told to talk to Tim.” Two of the men looked right at the third, a rugged looking guy with a beard and strong body. Being a boylover, he wasn’t really my type. For obvious reasons I prefer smaller guys, skinny and petite, and definitely ones that preferred to bottom. This guy was none of those things, but if you liked manly men, he was going to be right up your alley. “Hi, Julian,” he responded cheerfully, “I’m Tim,” then he gestured to an empty chair, “please join us.” After I sat down, he said, “Let me guess, you’ve had a very enlightening twenty-four hours, right?” “I’ll say,” I answered, “enlightening and confusing all at once,” then laid the craziest part out, “I went to bed a seventy-five year old man.” He laughed, “Believe it or not, I’ve got you beat, I’ll be 87 in June. Curtis there,” he gestured to an attractive black guy who gave a wave and smile, “he’s in his sixties. Bobby, on the other hand,” now he put his hand on the shoulder of the young, long-haired guy next to him, “he’s all natural; 27 years, lucky bastard,” Tim said with a laugh. “Nice to meet you,” I said to the other two, then glanced around at the boys, all absolutely beautiful and engaged in conversation with each other. When I focused on their chatter, I realized that they weren’t talking about video games but instead were discussing math. Glancing down in front of a cute 11 year-old I saw a Calculus text. When I looked back, Tim seemed to understand what I was thinking. “Advanced, right?” “Um, yeah, I took calc in college, what’s he, in sixth grade?” I guessed. “He is, but the enlightened boys don’t study in regular classrooms,” he told me, “the regular curriculum just doesn’t make sense for enlightened boys.” “Enlightened?” I asked. “Well, you may have guessed that these are all boys who regularly receive offerings from men. Taking part in that sacrament makes them prettier, smarter and hornier,” he finished with a chuckle. “How is this possible?” I asked, “although I probably need to stop being shocked.” “I’ll tell you what I tell all of the new guys; you have to completely forget what you thought you knew about life and religion. Everything that you’ve been taught is ‘good’,” he said with air quotes, “is actually a waste of time. And even though you probably knew it deep down, you were taught that being with boys was a horrible sin,” he fixed my eyes, “but it’s the opposite. You fulfill the wishes of the universe by taking part in the coupling of boys and the deposit of your seed inside of them.” Still looking right in my eyes and pointing for emphasis, “This thing that we do, it’s sacred, it’s the sole purpose of the universe and if we don’t cultivate that worship, the world will end.” I chuckled a little, looked both ways to check if anyone was listening, then joked, “If we don’t fuck a bunch of boys we all go to hell? Yeah, that’s a little different than they told us on Sunday school.” “Yes, and there isn’t a god, but the universe is sort of the same thing. That’s what runs things.” He shrugged, “I’ve know about it for years and it still doesn’t make sense. The Scouts say that we’ll know in the next place, but I’m in bursa escort no hurry.” Then he added a last thought, “It’s really kind of a half-assed way of things, but I’m not complaining.” Most of the boys were too engrossed in their surprisingly intellectual discussions, but one pretty guy (ok, they were all pretty, but there was something special about this one) kept looking up from his work and eyeing me. It wasn’t suspicious either, it was interest. He was definitely seeing what I was all about and was giving me the warmest smile that I’d ever seen. Long, parted hair required lots of attention to keep from hanging in his eyes. So much so that he gave up at times, letting it hang like a curtain over his face while he peered between the strands. The boy was about twelve, truly my favorite age, with a slim build, sexy features, the long, dark hair and full, sensual lips. While Tim spoke, I kept glancing down to that end of the table and repeatedly caught the captivating child staring. “Oscar, you don’t have to stare, come down and say ‘Hi’,” Tim called down to the boy. The child sprung to his feet and moved around the table. “I hope that you’re a cuddler,” the man warned as the boy approached. Oscar walked up to me and extended his hand, “Hi, I’m Oscar,” he announced as we shook. “I’m Julian,” I responded, “nice to meet you, Oscar.” He then caught me off guard by letting go of my hand and leaning over to hug me. “I warned you,” Tim announced when Oscar turned around and plopped down into my lap. I couldn’t help but look around to see if anyone was staring at us, Oscar being way too old to be innocently sitting on a grown man’s lap, especially when he affectionately draped an arm around my shoulder. “They don’t notice,” Tim told me. “I’m sorry, what?” “What you’re doing won’t seem odd to people, they won’t even think about it,” he explained, “because it’s the natural way of things, it subconsciously feels right to other people, even though they aren’t enlightened.” “Oh,” I nodded, “I see,” still doubtful, but recognizing that he may be right, we seemed to draw little attention. Although I began to realize that men were looking at our table frequently. “Yes, they don’t know why they’re looking,” Tim seemed to know my every thought, “the men, I mean. That’s what you were looking at, correct?” “You’re a mind reader,” I complimented. “On this topic, we share one mind. And we all know the urges of the uninitiated,” then something caught his attention, “Ah, see, this poor fellow doesn’t know what hit him.” Looking in the direction that he was pointing, I saw a man in a suit, adjusting his tie and frantically scanning the room as he walked out of a door that looked like it was intended for employees. As he walked, his attention was drawn when the same door opened loudly, the bar that unlatched it echoing when it was released. Emerging was a young boy, he could have been anywhere from seven to nine, who saw the man’s attention and gave a small wave. The man ignored it and turned around, ducked his head and scurried away. The child, again, cute as a button, leaving me little doubt that he would soon be sitting with us, took a finger as he walked and seemed to drag something from the corner of him mouth before sticking the finger between his lips and quickly sucking it clean. “Full belly, I take it?” Curtis asked as the boy approached. Plopping down, the new sweetie answered, “Overfull! I don’t think that he’d jizzed in a decade,” then closed his eyes as if he was reliving the moment, “Mmm, mmm!” he announced and contentedly rubbed his own stomach. “No recruitment, I see,” Tim seemed to admonish, causing the happy look to sink from the boy’s face. “No sir, I just couldn’t bring him around, he was too nervous,” the boy responded in a sad voice. “Daddy,” Oscar said from my lap, looking at Tim, “you’re taking all of the fun away from Eric.” “Daddy?” I asked. “Weren’t you admonished to fuck all of the boys, tell the older brothers to fuck their siblings, tell all of the fathers to fuck their sons?” he asked me rhetorically. I smiled at the understanding and nodded, “And you’re right, baby,” Tim said to Oscar, “Eric should enjoy his offering. I’m glad that it was satisfying,” he added to Eric, “you’re a very good boy to find that man on your own, I’m proud of you.” The younger boy was beaming now and it gave me some idea of Tim’s authority in the group. “So are you the leader?” I asked. “No,” he answered, “but the closest would be maybe a priest. I help to guide people and organize our local enlightened men and boys.” “Daddy, can I take Mr. Julian to the storeroom since it’s empty?” Oscar asked. “Sure, buddy, I’ll take you guys back there,” Tim offered and Oscar jumped up excitedly. “No one cares,” Tim reminded me, catching me looking around worried as we walked across the food court and entered the same, unmarked, door where Eric and his conquest had emerged. As soon as we were behind the door in a brightly lit, industrial looking hallway, I felt a small hand slide into mine and another hand hold my upper arm. I looked down at Oscar and saw him pulling me close, holding my arm against his torso as we walked a little clumsily. “I warned you about the cuddling,” Tim joked, walking a few steps ahead of us, “and by the way, maybe no one notices us, but we don’t throw things in their face. So the hand-holding, kissing etc., that stays private,” he cautioned me. We had walked most of the hallway when we got to a door that was actually marked, “Storage Room”. “The guy who manages the mall is enlightened, so he gives us a space that’s just ours,” Tim said while he opened the door. We walked into a dimly lit, serene room, rather large with a couple of couches and a king-sized bed. As soon as we walked in the door I was hit with a pungent, yet familiar, scent. Again reading my thoughts, he said, “The smell? It’s familiar, right? Do you know what it is?” I wrinkled my nose and tried to place it but couldn’t. When I didn’t answer Tim let me off the hook, “That’s man cum and boy ass,” he revealed and I instantly recognized those delightful, nasty smells. “A lot of the guys burn incense or spray air freshener,” Tim admitted, “but I love it. It reminds me of all the kinky shit that goes on in here. Nothin’ makes my dick harder than walking in here and imagining the last deposit made deep in the last kid’s bowels.” “I’m right with you,” I responded before looking down at the boy still clinging to me. He was looking right back and I felt him lift up to me. It was completely natural to lean down and press my lips to his full, kissable, cocksucker’s lips. Our tongues darted out to lick lips. Not the passionate attempts at each other’s tonsils. I’m sure that wasn’t far away, but for now it was gaining familiarity and it was the sweetest little make-out I’d bursa escort bayan had in a long time. “Oscar, why don’t you bring Julian to the couch?” the man offered and his son obeyed, pulling me behind him and plopping down on the cushions and dragging me on top of him. “I like you,” he blurted out, touching my face all over as if he were a blind person analyzing my face. “I like you too, Oscar,” I added cheerfully, and truthfully. “Hey kiddo,” Tim addressed his son, “I know that you want to get right to it, but you should practice your seduction,” then turned to me, “I’m sure that Julian will be happy to play along.” Oscar looked at me and I looked back at Tim, “I have a feeling that you’re right,” I offered, liking the sound of a twelve year-old doing his best to entice me. “Show him what you’ve got, sweetie,” the man encouraged. Oscar giggled and jumped up from the couch. He was dressed in simple shorts and a polo. His floppy hair and the nice shirt gave him a preppy look that did a lot for me. I loved getting in the pants of those hot kids who seemed so off-limits. “Can you play some music?” Oscar asked his dad, who found a sensual-sounding song on his phone that Oscar immediately responded to, swaying his slim hips to the slow beat. “That’s great,” he told Tim, then ran his hands up to the only button that was fastened on his shirt. Looking me in the eye as his body slithered to the music, he popped the single button, then grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it inside out, over his head, his smooth chest bared to me. “You’ve got an incredible body,” I gushed, “my god, kid, you’ve got me hard as a rock,” I admitted, something that I never could imagine saying to a child minutes after meeting him. “That means that you’re doing well,” Tim told Oscar, “keep it up, sexy.” Oscar never stopped, shaking his hips as he twirled the shirt on a finger and let it fly in my direction. Reflexively I put it to my nose and inhaled deeply, the musk of boy making all of my circuits fire. When I tossed it aside, Oscar was already at work on his shorts. They were elastic waisted, so no real effort was required to shimmy them down, but he did it slowly, gaining bits of ground in time to the music. First his completely bald pubic area started to appear. I’m in love with this part of a boy. Any time that I see the sagging shorts, or, even better, wet bathing suit, showing me too much skin in public, I’m ready to grab him and have my way with the beautiful creature. That’s how I felt when he stopped just short of his cock-root, I wanted to dive toward him and lick that newly revealed real estate for an hour. And I knew that it was at his cock root because his shorts were now tented, straight out from his groin. It was hard enough that he had to lift the waistband to go any further, giving a naughty look and asking, “Are you ready?” I almost shot a load in my pants in anticipation. “Hell, yes!” I answered, and the cute tween pulled down, catching the top of his dick, taking it downward with the shorts, uncovering the base of his shaft first. It was just starting to grow, I could tell immediately that it was bigger than Preston’s from that morning, but nowhere near an adolescent and equally as bare as the younger boy. When it reached critical mass and sprung free, slapping his skin and bouncing with his pulse, I groaned loudly. When he wriggled his hips to make the garments fall down his legs, past his knees and to the ground before kicking them away, I couldn’t wait anymore, “Come here, sexy,” I ordered and Oscar walked to me with his hips swaying like a prostitute trying to pick up tricks. When he got to the couch I stayed seated but reached behind his head, pulling him to me. We resumed our lip lock while I stroked away at his beautiful, uncircumcised dick. When we broke away, Oscar sighed and pulled me to his chest, wrapping his arms around my head for stability. I couldn’t help seeking out his little nipples on his flat chest. Kissing my way down, I quickly reached his perfect little spike, bouncing in front of my eyes like a conductor’s wand. I loved uncircumcised cocks, I’d had so few living in the United States, but Oscar’s foreskin retracted beautifully with the slightest pull of my fingers, exposing his slick, clean glans to my eager lips. He was so clean, in fact, that when my tongue touched the boy’s little piss-hole, I tasted nothing but soap. After a minute of slurping the solid three incher inside of me, I finally washed away enough of the clean to get to the boy’s natural flavor. For me, it’s an aphrodisiac, the groin of a boy giving off some kind of pheromones that make me want to consume them. I was just beginning to run my tongue down to his loose ballsack when I heard Tim say, “Ok, you can do that anytime, you have to move on, sweet boy.” “I know, I know,” I heard Oscar say over my slurping lips, “but he’s really good at sucking,” he pleaded. “I have a feeling that you’ll get lots of that from Julian,” Tim joked, “but you need to get yourself seeded.” With a groan of protest, Oscar pushed me away, his cock still so hard it looked like it would shatter like glass, and then pushed me farther back by my shoulders so that I was leaned back on the couch, “Let’s see who wants to play,” Oscar leered as he pawed at my cock through my pants. “That’s good, Oscar,” Tim instructed, “guys like lots of dirty talk.” “I bet it’s going to feel so good in my mouth,” the boy added as he felt for my zipper, “it seems big, I wonder if it will fit in my throat?” he pondered, then told me, “I know that it’ll fit in my bottom hole.” “That’s a good one,” Tim interrupted, “guys like the little boy talk.” “Daaaaddd,” Oscar groaned, “you’re ruining the mood,” he scolded, “I really do want to taste his big cock. I really like him. You be quiet if you’re staying, otherwise let me be, I know what I’m doing.” It was at this moment that Oscar had unceremoniously dropped my zipper and, with a side-to-side wiggle, removed my pants. “Ok, kiddo, I’m sorry,” Tim apologized, “I know that you’re a big boy. I’ll shut up,” he promised and sat opposite us, continuing to watch carefully as his son reached into my underwear to haul out my erect penis. “I knew that it’d be nice,” Oscar said triumphantly, “Oh, yeah…so nice…” he whispered as his head dropped to my lap as if he was in a trance, “MMMMMM, look at all that precum,” he pointed out, “you really like me. You’re super excited.” “Hell yes, I’m excited,” I responded, “Well, then buckle up, it’ll be quite a ride,” the little boy warned, just before his lips wrapped around my cockhead, his tongue swiping the precum off of my glans, a motion that he repeated every few seconds, the flow of the goopy stuff almost too much for him to keep up with. “I like the taste of precum too,” I offered, telling escort bursa the truth, ‘It’s sweeter than cum.” “I never get to taste the cum,” Oscar complained, “It has to go right into my belly,” then he added cryptically, “unless I get a boyfriend.” Not explaining the significance of this, he dropped down and took half of my dick inside his wet mouth, his full lips wrapping around my circumference, the ring massaging me as he bobbed his head. “Fuck that’s good,” I groaned. “He’s about the best cocksucker there is,” Tim said, my mind no longer registering how weird it was for a father to say this as if he had just been named valedictorian. Of course, he was right; as soon as he had me inside, he was everywhere. One second I was getting a long lick, the next I was embedded in his throat, then he would suddenly be sucking my balls while I ran my fingers through his long hair, which he seemed to enjoy because I was rewarded with as much of a smile as possible with a large dick in you mouth. My head was back, basking in the pleasure of this twelve year-old’s expert tongue, when I felt as much as heard a groan from the child. Looking down, I saw Tim, kneeling behind his son, one hand on each buttcheek, spreading him apart so that he could access his asshole. And he was accessing it, with his tongue! The father was licking his son like he was the last piece of food in the desert, and Oscar was writhing under the apparently magical ministrations of his daddy. With a gasp he pulled my cock from his lips and announced, “You need to fuck me, now!” Tim immediately let him go and the boy stood up, climbed onto the couch and got on his knees next to me, facing the back, his hands on the backrest. “Come on, pleeeeaaase,” he begged, “I need it now,” and he was wriggling his butt at me. Tim slapped my bare thigh to get my attention, since I was in shock at this sudden need, “You better do as he says or you’ll lose your chance,” he advised. “Something tells me that would be a big loss,” I mused as I stood up, “I’ll do what the boy says.” Tim handed me a small bottle of lube, which I used liberally on my cock. Taking the opportunity to do a once-over of Oscar’s backside, something that I hadn’t been able to accomplish up to this point, I found him to be unsurprisingly perfect. He had a bubble butt, silky smooth, clean skin and, with him bent forward like this, a pink, gaping hole. Thinking that it probably wasn’t required, I still applied a bit of lube to his ring and plunged a finger into the heat of his rectum. “Oh Julian, yeah,” he moaned, “you’ve got to take me, right now, no more teasing.” I didn’t think that anyone was being teased, but I could tell this boy was in heat and ready for me. Stepping up behind him, I placed my cockhead at his puckered entrance and put a small bit of weight behind it. Oscar parted like the Red Sea, groaning as my entire length slowly but steadily disappeared into him. No stops and starts like I was used to, this was one, glorious, luxurious stroke into his little body. When I found myself fully imbedded in the cute boy, I looked down in fascination at the juncture of our bodies. His cheeks were flattened against me, the only thing to see from between his cheeks was the sparse bit of hair that was left untrimmed above my prick. Rocking my hips and pushing him forward, Oscar gasped and cried out before I pulled back and began to fuck the boy. “Oh…yeah that’s a nice dick,” the preteen moaned, “I love it, you’re so deep, you’re going to cum so deep. I hope that it makes me cum,” he threw in, almost to himself. I felt a hand run along my hip to when I met the child, then watched as Tim continued up Oscar’s side and up his body. “A lot of the boys think that they get more benefit if they orgasm right after the man does,” he told me, “they think that it makes their body absorb the cum.” “It does, daddy,” Oscar protested, struggling against my ever-increasing thrusts, “you don’t know because you’re a man,” he accused. Tim had moved around the couch so that he was in front of his son while he was given a talking to by the youngster. He held the boy’s head and leaned down for a kiss. “You are absolutely right,” Tim told him, “I have no idea how it is to be on the other side.” Then he started fiddling with his belt, “But, I do know what will make my boy cum a little easier,” he offered with a leer, “getting spitroasted.” Tim had reached into his pants and pulled out a large cock, equal to my seven inches and larger around. No formalities as the boy did exactly as nature intended, leaned down and gobbled down his father’s dick. “Fuck, baby, you suck that big dick and have a good little cum while Julian breeds you.” “Yes, daddy,” Oscar managed to say before going back to work. For may part, I just kept going faster and faster, slapping harder into his diminutive body with each thrust. Hearing the groans and grunts of the boy while he was still able to keep his attention divided enough to pleasure his father was incredible. Such a talented little fucker, the depravity and pleasure of the whole thing was quickly sending me to the edge. That’s when I was caught off guard by a cry from Tim. “Oh…baby boy! Swallow my cum!” I had been staring at my own cock as it appeared like a pole out of Oscar’s tunnel then disappeared again. When I looked up, I saw that Oscar’s lips were buried in Tim’s pubes, the man roughly holding his son to him while he spasmed, emptying his cum straight into the boy’s receptive belly. While he twitched and grunted through his shocking climax, I pounded the other end even harder. When Tim pulled his wilting cock from Oscar’s lips, the boy let out a huge gasp, but then began to cry out under my thrusts, each one higher pitched than the next. “I’m almost…ugh…almost there…” I said softly. “Yes! Yes, do it!” he shouted in response, “you’re gonna give me the tingles, oh!” Oscar cried and I was done. The surge was like a Mack truck hitting me at a hundred miles an hour. An unstoppable rush of pleasure coursed through me and all of that energy and desire and lust balled up in my midsection before shooting out, straight into the small boy’s colon. I was pressed hard against his ass, knowing that they wanted the cum to go deep as I grunted through possibly the best orgasm of my life. The first two volleys were thrown when I heard the cry come from Oscar. “Oh…” and a catch of breath, a squeezing of his anus around me, then a release, “Oh! Fuck!” he shouted and I felt his tunnel clutch and release me as he began pushing back against my empty cock to force himself over the cliff. After several spasms, I finally felt him relax around me. When he was down from the edge I leaned over the cum-filled boy and gave him a quick kiss on his earlobe. “That was incredible,” I told him, then looked at Tim, who was still recovering from his own climax. “That was a good one,” he admitted, which helped me believe the things that he’d said, because there was no way that people were having sex that good all day long. Or maybe thy were…

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