3 Is a Magic Number Ch. 01

Voyeur Sex


All Characters are 18+


This is not a short story. It is not always a happy story either. There will be some laughter, some tears, and a whole lot of sex. In other words, it’s about real life. It’s about the choices young people make, and how those choices affect their lives. My name is Jackson King and this is my story.

I guess I should start at the beginning, since that’s where all good stories start. I’ll skip the “once upon a time” bullshit, though. I was eighteen years old, and I’d just graduated from high school. I lived with my parents, and my little sister, Katie. I call her my little sister, but she was actually eighteen too; my mom had her ten months after having me. I guess my parents liked sex a lot. Katie and I were always thrown together in everything. We were always in the same grade, sometimes even the same class.

Katie and I were always close. Sometimes we fought like all siblings do, especially those who are close in age. When we were kids, most of our fights used to be about toys. But as we grew up, we occasionally argued about the bathroom, and such; but nothing major. The only big fight we ever had was a couple of years ago when her good friend Jenny tried to date me. Apparently she was good enough to be Katie’s friend, but too much of a skank to date me. I guess I understand, because I really didn’t want my little sister dating any of my friends. I know exactly what those guys had on their minds, and every one of those horny bastards hit on her, but all were unsuccessful.

I guess I’d say that Katie was beautiful. After all, I’ve seen the way all my friends have been panting after her since she was twelve. That’s about the time she started developing her womanly curves. When Katie stood with her back to the morning sun, it lit her wild red curls like a newly struck match. She’s extremely curvy in all the right places. It’s not that I’m checking out my sister or anything, but I’m not fucking blind. I mean, when she parades around the pool in a bathing suit, with her big bubble butt half hanging out, you have to be blind not to notice. She and Julia were always wrestling with me when we swim, so I often got a close up view.

I have one secret that I’d never tell my friends, because they’d be so damn jealous: Katie is a back rub-aholic. Every night, for the past few years, she has come into my room, wearing all types of skimpy clothing for her nightly backrub. She would lay down next to me, and stare at me with her big green eyes; and then turn over. I’d then rub her back slowly and softly, scratching her back with my nails, which would elicit the cutest little purrs of satisfaction. Ok, I’ll admit it, my ex-girlfriend used to make some of those same noises during sex. But Katie always said that it helped her to relax and took away her stress. So even if it felt a little awkward sometimes, I did it anyway. I’d do anything for my little sis.

I mentioned my sister’s best friend, Julia, earlier. Not only are they best friends, but she is our cousin. They were born two days apart in the same hospital, and frequently even shared birthday parties. I guess this explains why they are always attached at the hip.

Julia is everything most little girls want to be. She is tall, lithe, and beautiful. She was a straight A student, captain of the cheerleading squad, and president of the student council. She also aced the SAT, and has been accepted into UCLA with a full academic scholarship. She was the most popular girl in school, and everybody loved her. She was inordinately blunt for a teenage girl, but when a girl is as breathtaking as Julia is, she tends to get away with being outspoken. She also had a cliché nickname for everyone: like champ, princess, or cowpoke. They were totally random, and it was entertaining in a way that was the polar opposite of the way your elementary gym teacher called you “sport.”

She was also tons of fun to be around. Almost every straight guy I knew had a crush on her at one time or another. I think that even some of our teachers would have married her after graduation. I have to admit, I wasn’t immune to her charms. I remember singing Bryan Adams’ “I Do It for You” to her when I was eleven. Unfortunately, I was shot down brutally, and I forgot about my crush on her by the time I turned twelve.

My life was going perfectly fine, until Julia went on a two-week vacation with my family to our vacation house in Northern Michigan after senior year. It would be two weeks of hiking, swimming and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Or so I thought…


After what seemed like months of waiting, the day finally came for our vacation. We’ve been going up North since I was a little kid; some of my earliest and happiest memories took place at that vacation house. I’ll bet some of my dad’s do also because it originally belonged to his parents and he’s been coming up here since he was a little boy.

My mom and dad were pretty cool, as far as parents go. My dad worked as a city planner izmir escort bayan for the city of Detroit. We tease him mercilessly about his job, but he really enjoys it, and he makes pretty good money. He usually works a ton of hours every week. I guess Detroit has a lot of planning to do.

My mom is a freelance garden and landscaping designer. She basically designs outdoor layouts for businesses or homeowners. Much of her job involves creating 3D mock ups of her designs on the computer, so her clients have a better idea what the layouts will look like on their property. Even though she doesn’t work for a big design firm, she works a lot. When she is at home, she’s usually locked away in her office designing away on her Mac Pro.

Due to our parent’s hectic work schedules, Katie and I learned to take care of ourselves from an early age. We weren’t neglected, by any means. It’s just that we never had a real stay at home mom to take care of us. This has actually been a blessing in disguise. While we were jealous of our friends who had doting parents when we were small children, we laughed at those same kids later on. Those parents seem to have a hard time accepting the fact that their children are growing up, and those kids would probably kill for the amount of freedom that my sister and I take for granted. This had also uniquely prepared us for adulthood. Both of us knew how to cook better than our mom, do laundry, and many other household tasks that young people have to learn when they leave the nest. I think our parent’s work schedules also brought us closer than normal siblings, due to the fact that we’ve had to depend on each other for so much.

Julia came over the night before and spent the night so we could all leave bright and early. Well, it was bright alright; but the early part didn’t happen. It was about ten o’clock when we started loading up my mom’s Cadillac Escalade Hybrid for the four hour ride up I-75 North.

“Hi, Jack.” Julia smirked crookedly at me, distracting me from my dad’s fluent cursing at the stubborn back hatch of the SUV that was blocked by overstuffed suitcases. Why is she looking at me like that? I wondered.

“Hey, Jules. Are you ready for the trip up North?”

“Sure she is,” Katie interjected. “Why wouldn’t she be?”

I was dumbfounded at the question. Actually, I was a little distracted by Julia; she was simply stunning with her shoulder length, light brown hair streaked with light blond highlights. Her light blue tank top and dark blue shorts clung tightly to her young body. I use the word ‘shorts’ loosely. There really wasn’t much fabric to them. Not only were they tiny, but they were painted on her tight teenage ass. The seam divided her ass cheeks, and highlighted her awesome cheerleader’s body. I thought I even saw a little camel toe in the front, when she turned just right.

My eyes gazed down her slim body, and back up to her face. Her eyes had widened, and I realized that I had been staring at her like I had never seen a girl before. What’s more, she realized I had been staring at her like an idiot. What the hell was I doing? Instead of being grossed out, or offended by my lewd leering, she seemed to think that it was funny.

“Do you like what you see?” She twirled slowly in a tight circle, slowing and posing at strategic intervals to highlight her gorgeous body.

“Ahh…” I mouthed. She and Katie just giggled. Sometimes I fucking hate girls. I am never usually comfortable around them, except maybe my sister; occasionally. Instead of belatedly trying to make up a witty comeback, I just shut my trap, and not-so-gracefully made my retreat. Katie seemed to really get a kick out of my reaction to Julia’s shorts. After closer examination, Katie’s shorts weren’t any more modest. I guess that since they were on my sister, I just didn’t notice, at first. Wow, her bubble butt looked really nice in those little pink shorts. I just shook my head, because now I was thinking about my sister’s ass as well.

Thankfully, we piled in the car a few minutes later, and set out on the long drive from the Detroit area. My mom was listening to her oldies on Sirius satellite radio, dad was ignoring all of us, and Katie and Julia were giggling about some guy who tried to talk to Katie, and got shot down mercilessly. I knew the guy, and he was an asshole, so I didn’t feel sorry for him in the least; but I wasn’t going to laugh along with them.

I quickly emulated my dad by ignoring everyone. I leaned back, closed my eyes, and soon the rhythmic flow of the freeway put me out like a light. I awoke a couple of hours later, after the most incredible dream. Sandy Curry from the girls track team was in bed next to me, giving me a hand job. She was a tiny dark-haired beauty with soft brown eyes. She tickled and stroked my cock lightly with a crooked smirk on her face.

A crooked smirk? What the hell?

I awoke with a start, and I felt someone running their fingers lightly over my engorged head. This was no izmir escort dream. I looked down into my lap, and saw a small hand, with hot pink nail polish. It was Julia’s hand; Julia, who was sitting in between Katie and me in the backseat. I looked at her face, and she didn’t even blush. She just winked at me, and kept running her fingers over my engorged manhood.

“So you really are Katie’s BIG brother?” She smiled crookedly at me again, and withdrew her hand from my shlong. The places where her fingers had stroked me seemed to burn with desire. Instantly, my face flushed brilliantly. Only two women had ever touched me there before, and now I was fully erect from my cousin’s caress. My head was spinning. I knew how Katie had overreacted when her friend Jenny just asked permission to date me. What the fuck would she do if it was her best friend in the world; and our cousin? Somehow, it would all be my fault. I just fucking knew it.

Katie hadn’t been paying attention to Julia’s antics; she had been looking out the window blankly. Julia leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“Don’t you wish that you could have slept just a couple more minutes?” I hated to admit it, but I really did wish that my dream could have had a happy ending. She tapped my sister on the shoulder to get her attention. Katie was staring out the window, like she had been in her own little world.

“What?” she said breathlessly.

“Aren’t you glad that Jack’s not with Amy any longer?” My ex-girlfriend and I had broken up a little over a month ago. It was kind of a mutual thing. There wasn’t any infidelity or anything like that. Truthfully, our relationship just sort of fell apart, and we both decided that we shouldn’t be together any longer.

“Thank god. I hated that fucking skank.” Katie had never liked Amy. I don’t know why, but they never got along. They argued constantly, and had almost gotten into a fist fight several times.

“I think that we should have just beaten the shit out of her, and then maybe she would have left Jack alone.” Neither of the girls were usually inclined toward physical violence, but if anyone could have goaded them into a brawl, it was my ex.

“I wish that we could have held her down and kicked her in the cunt: repeatedly.” I was a little shocked to hear my sister say the “C” word.

“Watch your language, young lady.” It was my mother who spoke. She tolerated a small amount of profanity from my sister, but never really commented too much on my language. Maybe it was because I usually had enough sense not to curse like a sailor in front of her. Katie on the other hand, had little self-control when something aroused her passions. To me, it was an endearing trait. True to her parenting style, my mother turned the radio up, so that she wouldn’t have to hear the girls’ foul mouths.

“Can I ask you a question, Jack?” Julia had lowered her voice, so I knew that what she was going to say wouldn’t be pleasant. One good thing, with all this talk about Amy, my erection had vanished. It was like reverse Viagra, one mention of her name, and it was an instant soft-on. “How did you ever get that stupid twat to shut up long enough to have sex with her?”

My ex was a very pretty girl. She was almost perfect in every way: perfect white teeth, perfect skin, and perfect blonde hair. If you didn’t know her, you would probably think that her only flaw was the slight limp that she acquired after a near fatal skiing accident in her sophomore year. She was hospitalized for two months, and had to repeat a year of school, which allowed us to be classmates. It also gave rise her one of Katie and Julia’s not so flattering nicknames for her: Limpy.

Like I said, that was if you didn’t know her. Once you hung around her for any length of time, her one major flaw would readily become apparent; she talked non-stop. There were no such things as “comfortable silences.” If she didn’t have anything important to talk about, she’d babble on about stuff that nobody cared about; as if you would forget she existed if she didn’t speak.

To be honest, sex with Amy was less than satisfying. When I lost my virginity to her, I was afraid that my inexperience would make me ejaculate prematurely. I might have fallen victim to this unfortunate condition if I had been able to concentrate at all during sex. She talked the entire time about the most inane subjects. I just tried to ignore her as best I could, and concentrated on the sensations that I was finally experiencing. I finally came after forty minutes of intense concentration and arduous conversation. It was definitely not the experience that I had hoped it would be.


My harassment continued off and on for rest of the ride. I was teased mercilessly about Limpy, and asked the kind of embarrassing questions that I would normally just walk away from. But since I was cornered, I resorted to man’s oldest defense; and started ignoring the girls. After repeated attempts to get me to speak, they relented, and just escort izmir left me alone. Unfortunately, we were only about ten minutes from our destination.

I can tell that the vacation house was built with children in mind. The master bedroom is at the far end of the house. It has its own bathroom, and is next to the living room. At the opposite end of the house are the other two bedrooms, which shared a single bath. One of the rooms has two twin beds, and the other has a single queen sized bed. I unpacked a week’s worth of clothes, and put them away in my dresser. It was nice to finally be alone. I thought back to the way that Julia had continued to stroke me, even after she plainly knew that I was no longer sleeping. Why did she have to look so damn sexy in those tight, little shorts? My erection had subsided, but the pent up excitement that I had experienced still begged to be let out. I had just started looking for my rattiest t-shirt, when a knock sounded on my bedroom door.

“Jack, get your swimming trunks on, the girls are dying to go to the beach.” It was my mom. Damn. A great orgasm would have got me in better spirits, but that would have to wait.

“Give me a couple of minutes, Mom. I need to change.” I heard my mother’s footsteps move down the hall. I pulled my shirt over my head, slid off my shorts and boxers, and searched around in my drawers for my green cargo-style swim trunks. My balls hung heavy with unreleased semen. My cock refused to shrink all the way, instead remaining just excited enough stay thick and full, but not enough to be erect. I thought about how that cold lake water would feel when it splashed up over my crotch, and I almost changed my mind about going. But I was here to have fun this week, and maybe I could pay Julia back for getting me so excited by dunking the shit out of her.

I still needed a towel, so I went out into the hall to the linen closet. That’s when I caught sight of Katie and Julia. Julia was bent over at the waist, rummaging through a lower shelf, looking at the beach towels. She wore a transparent red wrap over a tiny yellow bikini. These wraps are supposed to be used to modestly cover up a swimsuit, but the clingy one that she wore had the exact opposite effect. It had ridden up over her hips when she had bent over, so I had a perfect view of her tight, teenaged ass. The fabric of her swimsuit was some kind of latex material, and it looked as if it were spray painted on. It was wedged tightly up into her ass crack. To make matters even worse, she had spread her legs a tiny bit, clearly revealing every line and curve of her pussy. I was instantly hard in my shorts. She glanced over her shoulder at me casually, and Katie giggled. I flushed spectacularly at being busted; again.

“See you in the car, big guy.” Julia smiled coyly as she flipped her towel over her shoulder. She paused to smooth her wrap over her hips, and glided past me and out of the room with all the regality of the queen of England.

Katie paused, her eyes lingering first on my erectness, then on my blazing face. She imitated her friend by smoothing one of my t-shirts that she had somehow acquired to wear over her suit, and stalked out of the room after her best friend.

I was left alone with just the towels and my hard on. I strategically placed a beach towel in front of my boner, so that I could go out to the car without embarrassment. I tried getting in front, but the front passenger seat was taken up by a cooler, and my mom’s latest trashy romance novel. I purposely walked over to the side that Katie was sitting on, and opened the door.

“Scoot over!” I ordered my sister. Her smile positively beamed at me.

“Get in on the other side, dork.” Katie pulled her door shut in my face, and pushed down the lock. My mom looked at me like I had lost my goddamned mind, so I walked around the other side of the car, and got in.

Julia smiled. This time her grin wasn’t crooked at all. It looked hungry; predatory, like how a tiger might smile at the sight of its next meal. I smiled back, but there was no confidence behind it. All this fucking smiling was making me nervous. When I looked back, Katie was smiling too: a big shit-eating grin. I could have cried.

The drive to the lake was uneventful. We parked, and the girls hurried down to the water, flip-flops flipping and flopping on their feet. I carried our cooler down to a picnic table where the girls had laid out their towels. I slipped my towel from my crotch, glad that my erection had subsided some on the ten mile drive. My mom, who wasn’t swimming, settled in at the picnic table with a book that she had been reading.

Katie and Julia were both noisily splashing around in the water; Katie in her tight blue one-piece, and Julia in her tiny yellow bikini. I walked down and put a toe in the water, and I found out why the girls were squealing; it was freezing fucking cold. Damn, I knew that it was going to hurt when it splashed around my full ball sack. I started moving slowly into the water, but submerging myself inch by inch was torture. The girls paused in their frolicking to watch my discomfort. Fuck it. I stepped quickly into the water, and as soon as the water was deep enough, I dove in.

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